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FAITH IS THE LANGUAGE OF GOD by Nancy Fitzpatrick Gilmore and Chris Welch

FAITH IS THE LANGUAGE OF GOD by Nancy Fitzpatrick Gilmore

In regard to being sensitive to how others ‘take’ what we say; we need to recognize…- ‘since deception makes you think you are something you are not’ – the Holy Spirit, who IS love, must ‘definitely’ be a disturbance in other peoples lives. I’m never concerned about that because in this life we say what we hear the Spirit saying, and know He is reaching His objective. SO.. when we know someone says they ‘believe,’ but do not “speak faith” …- we address that. And we too will be a disturbance in others lives as the Lord uses us.
Faith is a language of the Spirit we learn. It’s the language of God. It is from another dimension; the invisible. The faith that speaks is generated in us by Christ; The Invisible One.
Abraham believed and it was counted as righteousness unto him. So Abraham’s believing was real faith. It was the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not see. We can learn this language of faith directly by God’s revelation to Abraham. It’s recorded in Romans 4:13-25. It’s telling us that Abraham ‘caught on’ to how God operates. It says Abraham saw in God’s promise that God called those things that be not as though they were!
Abraham copied God’s method, and with everything out of Abraham’s reach physically, against hope, he believed! And Abraham was credited by God – God’s-substance! It is the evidence that is in the promise. Abraham had his son! The promise was as good as the boy! And being not weak in faith, Abraham considered NOT his own body dead when it was about 100 years old, neither the deadness of Sarah’s womb. He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.
Now we do the same thing! Abraham is the ‘father of our faith.’ Abraham gave us this pattern. Abraham teaches us the ‘know-how’ of faith. He learned how to operate in faith. SO it says, Abraham being fully persuaded that what God promised, He was able also to perform. In other words this is a sure thing! And he said so! For 25 years he said so. Do you suppose he got some persecution? Or do you suppose they made fun of him? You see his name got change when he got faith. Names back then truly meant certain things to others, and Abraham means “I’m a daddy!”
Now this is the language of the Spirit of God. It operates on a higher level than rational  or reason, and it has nothing to do with ‘sense-knowledge!’ It requires a leap into a different form of operation than we are accustom to at first. But we soon learn we are in union with God, who CANNOT LIE!Unionmeans we co-operate with God in the way He does things.
Unionputs life in gear for us. Union is the required positive / negative connection for operation with God. The ‘whole’ of life is union with God as us. We operate in this life by the faith of God. It’s HIS FAITH! Let us make sure our union is with Christ. This negative / positive connection is how things happen AS we speak the language of faith.

Chris Welch says:

Faith is the cornerstone of the language of God. The language of God is not like our language.The “Conversation” of God ,where conversation takes the Old English form to mean considerably more than speech, more to do with a complete way of being…..
the conversation of God has to do with
  • connection with God and man,whereas before I presumed myself an alone-I,
  • revelation and understanding of who God is
  • of how He behaves : His ways
  • of strange unknown things that exist in their own right in heaven but here on earth are but represented by shadows and incomplete forms.
God’s “method” for imparting this new “Conversation” to people who were totally blind
is Firstly and Most importantly
which includes BOTH the fear/awe and the love of God.
And it is by His chosen means. Which is the Holy Spirit.
“Not by Might ,Nor by power, but by My Holy Spirit ” says the Lord.
Most of the 9 gifts of the Spirit rely on spoken faith speech. Speech birthed in the heavenly conversation that is faith.
The most fantastic genius idea that is a perfect example of God’s wisdom being foolishness to men, is, having divided everyone by language, God grants the gift of other tongues. Tongues of men and angels. Languages of both men and angels.Only in the late 20th Century could we begin to even get the tiniest glimpse of how much of a master coup this gift was.
Our whole lives are driven by the “left-brain” control of our speech centres. This is where our surface thinking, philosophies,paradigms start and end. It is the last edge of the cliff promontery that fear has pushed our brains to in the Fall, in the total delusion that things are run from here.
The truth is in the 20 th Century Two World Wars, Chairman Mao,Stalin and many others committed management errors purposefully and mistakenly from precisely this ludicrous headquarters perched at the edge of the clifftop, where no one with any sense would make a single decision ever.
So in just 2 seconds, the Holy Spirit bypasses the entire faulty “dependency” area of the brain and creates a connection “unfiltered” between our Spirit straight through to God.
Through this means a balance begins to be restored, whereby we begin thinking from our spirit, not forever making God work round our treacherous and prepostorous position on a nervous clifftop tower lookout.
Man shall not live by Bread alone, that which he hears speaks sees touches and tastes.But by every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of God. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, do not rely on your own insight, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall make straight your paths.
Faith then is a way of being. Founded in heaven, not on earth. We simply obey when it comes to the 9 gifts of the Spirit, without realising the precious loving Spirit is teaching us,weaving in us a totally new form of “Conversation”, a very real KNOWHOW of the mechanics of this alien place to us grasshoppers crawling around earth’s cabbage leaves….that of Heaven itself.

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