Saturday 1 October 2011

Judge a fish

Love this!!

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    • Barbara Hughes I mean really, a fish was never mean't to climb a tree... find what you were mean't to do and do it!! :))
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    • Cliff Gableman Great quote Barbara!
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    • Rich Novek Yes!
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    • Chris Welch One of my stated goals is to make mysticism absolutely non mystic like John Crowder is doing.The ever such a doddle of a problem that prophetic /creative/artists have in a Fallen world, is that since the Fall SHAME has created this incredible CRUST around our normal functions, and we, particularly in the West have constructed a life based IN,ON,Around a tiny eency weency portion of our brains called the leftbrain frontal lobe...which is ONLY a vehicle for articulation and step by step administrative management. Well, just about every other type of human is kitted out to survive in such a loony selfmade goldfish bowl like this apart from (to use gospel terms) Mark type figures, who are all about serving and not great talkers or readers, and Creative types like John figures who speak almost entirely in rightbrain terms. So unless you are extremely fluky like Elton John, who is by no means the only musician on the planet to have his skills, or Bear Grylls who made a TV programme about "extreme DOING skills", the ones who suffer the most in our cultures are DOERS (lowly paid workers) and struggling creatives who were BUILT to do what they DO.In our current "I only base my thinking on what I actually see now 4 foot in front of me on the table" creative gets reduced to serving at Macdonalds, or some other inane outlet...unless he too gets within an inch of the advertising community.So , briefly, the reason we are preaching REFORMATION too on top of everything else is that if simply believing that Salvation was by faith kickstarted all the main trends in history since Martin Luther....initially known as the Reformation.....WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME will be the outcome of KNOWING JESUS in and through ALL PERSONALITY TYPES,ALL RACES, ALL MENTAL DISPOSITIONS. We may just start receiving each other for the human being we were intended to be...instead of the poxy, boxy,MATRIX style existence that living a non Christ life maintains as some sort of sticking plaster over what is actually a corporate dysfunctionality of TITANIC proportions. And the name of the ship was chosen carefully.

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