Friday 28 October 2011

There's not too many prizes given out in Water Parks

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Friday, 28 October 2011 at 23:50

Every few years the Body of Christ relaxes. The various things that have been "seen" and "called" as if they ARE, take on material form.

As the Bible says, whatsoever begins in the secret place as a whisper, some time down the road is declared with the same sort of clarity as a megaphone blasting through a Muslim City calling Muslims to prayer.

It's not subtle anymore.
It's not spoken nervously between saints for fear of what believers who are still following something 40 or a 100 years old might say.

Like Daniel's rock from the mountain, the momentum rush it has gathered is frankly frightening, there is little humans can do about it. And rather like jumping into a swimming pool, a lot of the rest of the Body actually accustom themselves to the new situation. The water is by now warm. There are more in this current pool than are out. People sigh and lean back into the stream which carries them like those global water parks. (I love them).

Are you sensing a but?
Well the but is simply this. You've caught something of the temporary outer form of the church....the particular new wineskin. Maybe that is commendable...especially because the older we are, the more myopic generally our vision. We forget that teenagers and young adults, in order to function for another fifty years or so, have to receive a corresponding vision blueprint for their generation. seems to be growing exponentially each generation! the see, all of Africa have already switched off because they are thinking Jesus is coming back for the church in its current state. They dont need vision.

They only need faith for Jesus to come back the way He went.

Anyone think that that kind of faith which calls Jesus back is somewhere at the end of Revelation after every last page?

No ofcourse not, because pastors and teachers working out of their minds and with no Holy Spirit confirmation going right across all the streams worldwide have concocted stories and meanings which push any of faith for today out into the dustbin.

They say..."but it says, by this hope we purify ourselves?" Well two things. Do you have a clue about what purification is in the Spirit and in grace?

And two. Both America and Africa have been thinking this stuff for several centuries now and in Africa there has been more corruption than ever, and in the USA Christians equally as well as non Christians have co-engineered with globalists more or less the whole of their framework for them.

The Rothschild family banks, apparently, are behind 50% of all the world's capital.

Anybody think that has anything to do with purification?

In Britain we have sourced the whole plan because as you may or may not know, the only nation in Europe who knows about Bible prophecy seems to be Norway. Which is why Death metal is so accurate in their lyrics. Everyone learned it from their grandmas. Since Darwin and before, Anglicans couldn't give a hamster's shopping bag for Bible Prophecy, so the English blithely whistle there way right into it, actually being one of the main global orchestrators.
I didn't mean to say that...... My main point is this.

As you relax again, in a short while, as we see another of the great materializations of the Kingdom take place, and you settle into your yellow WaterPark dinghy and let your cute pastor manhandle the circular whirlpool of your 5000 or 50 strong church, remember this:

"Getting the outer stuff"- as in," understanding it once it has arrived" is not really what we are doing here on earth.

You may have noticed how quickly the Ark suddenly looked quite useful once the rain storm began, but Noah's family were all inside and God had shut the door.

I'm not saying whether the Kingdom will be completely like that because there are loads and loads of pictures for our instruction throughout the Bible and more recent history too.

So what am I saying? I'm saying we have a choice.

To believe the unseen that our heart is saying, and the ideas and plans that the Holy Spirit gets us to read from God's book. Or believe what we see with our eyes.

Let's talk real history. An enormous amount of very clear prophetic stuff based on the Reality in our space and time of a Living working Body of Christ was pouring forth through countless people worldwide.

Yet the hearers I meet 40 years on have that glazed cynical look I know so well from people my age and ten or 20 years older. And in that tired weariness they run their churches and networks like a Magic Roundabout for the faithful every Sunday....a bit like waiting for the Angel to stir the waters at Bethesda.

How tired they are?

They dont have any time for me, well not unless I talk pianos. In fact many of us have learned to read these guys in about 2 seconds, and in that 2 seconds we are deciding three things.1. Pianos. 2.Do I struggle to waken them up a bit and shake their crocodile glazed eyes? Or 3. if they respond to breeziness, llightness of spirit, I have already made a decision by the time my mouth opens.I'll go for it.

Most of the UK Apostolic Network people have long ceased from believing anything from our generation. They are all reading "safe" evangelical literature again. Dunstable, get this, Dunstable Church, the pastor that used to drive Ern Baxter round Britain and must surely been at his key anointed messages....the guy preaches every Sunday how there ARE NO GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT. Whaaaaat!

That's very similar to Einstein saying "Hmmm...I think all that we can ever know about the universe is Newton's truth : Apples on trees fall downwards!" It almost makes you want to become a nun in the Mary Sisterhood in Darmstadt where I stayed.

I dont look right in the dresses though!

Do you know? I have never once had to try and encourage Francois DuToit? Yet he is that same generation. You dont look at his eyes and sad and tired? I'll get my bicycle pump out.

Check him out!

So the main point is, there really aren't fabulous prizes for people that only believe the outside things when they happen.

You  know what I mean -  the things that are safe enough for New Wine Conferences and Spring Harvest.because most people are ready for that message now.

Everyone is deceived into thinking they are part of the process, because Bill Johnson has chatted everything he has learned the hard way over 25 years. No. You havent learned a thing!

You've learned what came from the Father's heart direct to someone else's heart usually a generation or two ago and momentarily you are stepping on their cloak tail as they walk through the hall.

You havent learned anything about receiving in faith and not dropping the ball. Actually most of us have dropped the ball a gazillion times, but we figured...nothing else is nearly as worth even thinking about as if I'm only just an empty-headed dreamer, I am going to pick up the ball again.

You see, let's be frank. I didn't leave university in the precise timing of God with nothing after my name to be fobbed off with churches like Andy Elmes or Havant locally, or Emsworth either.

Yes I'll name them. Because they are in our patch.
I left university for churches that can hold an anointing like Ern Baxter ministering in Kansas City. Or for many frankly supernatural  things that happened in the Dales Bible Week.

And you know something. You know something. I almost got it!

Emsworth in the early 80s,
and some of the churches Daniel Yordy was with.

It's just NOT ONE OF US KNEW how the 3rd level God's cloud came and went. But it's real! And like the dove that tried to settle on the new Earth off of Noah's boat,'s bloomin well on it's way, like it or lump it crocodile faced glazed eyed leaders of my generation.

Actually....want to really see some glazed sad hopeless eyes go to a Christian bookseller's convention. Especially since most of us are now writing daily to each other and getting instant worldwide response online...they have made crocodile faces into an institution. It's probably the second most defunct trade to my one : Piano-s

Just the week or so after Andy Elmes got converted , his guru Vaughan Jarrold brought down a container load of prophets from Reading University. (Aah, you didn't expect that?) Vaughan set them all loose on Elim Church in Portsmouth. One looked at me and said "Titanic". Then he asked what my profession was?


So maybe some of you need to start listening to

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