Tuesday 31 January 2012

I'd like you to meet Rosie Esseveld

I have been tuning piano for Rosie for years. Both she and I have had music in us. I've threatened her with my double CD, and she has been threatening me for nearly 20 years with hers.

Well here is a Youtube sampler of her CD entitled "I Saw Your Face".

First up you will notice between her and Ross Gill over at Ross's Lee-on -Solent studio, they have done some crafted material. These are all Rosie's songs,and I have to be honest, I don't think there is an also ran track on here. In their different ways, all the tracks are strong, and quite a few have strong hooks  that encourage replay. Others are classic songs...FULL STOP.

Some of the songs have a brittleness about them which usually only really confident professionals like Kate Bush can pull off. So considering most of Rosie's exposure is leading in worship, where it is not always appropriate to present certain kinds of songs, she has pulled off some of the crafted "songwriter songs" as though she's been touring clubs for years.

Since Emsworth days I've been looking for Kingdom Edge in music. U2 have almost come from the other direction, having made it in the pop scene. But many testify to the incredible communication at a spiritual level that takes place in a U2 concert.   I really did appreciate Delirious when they began at Southampton and Littlehampton . We had to do something, because this rather insipid charismatic culture just couldn't continue as it was.

But you know, just putting on a hoodie or two, or writing in a grunge style to appear hard-edged, might fool people for a while, but the "edginess" of the Kingdom is spiritual. It comes from engrafted Word. Engrafted Word simply means you've eaten it. It's moved from being intellectual posture, to something you've chosen against the tide, against the odds, to go for, trusting Jesus to flesh it out in you.

The "Christ as me, in my form " subject matter in this blog, is gritty, and if anything is likely to produce music and worship to match, it will be this message. When King David returned to Jerusalem having been hunted high and low in deserts, he didnt do the evangelical nervous shuffle (they really should get out more), or the charismatic dainty or not so dainty male dances....I get the impression this was something full-on like a Cossack dance. David was jubilant. Certainly drove Michal his wife up the wall. "How could you be so undignified?"  "I'll get more undignified than this." he said.
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The music gets under your skin!!!  I am not joking. Listen, like me, she's paid for everything herself. I am not on commission here, I bought her CD for £10 before I even heard it, because I know her heart ..... but this is the real stuff on every level. Even top artists have filler tracks. This CD has none.
1.I will run
2 Days of Glory
4 Not Gonna Hold Me
5Holding On
6 I saw Your face
7 Praise to the Holy one
8 Heavenly Father
9 One Everlasting
10 To the One Who is Holy
11 Hold it in your heart
12 I'm Calling
13 Reign


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    • Carol Lucas Winkler Loooooooooooovvvvvvvvve her!!!!!
      Thanks Chris! :)

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    • Chris Welch
      Rosie's got in the same problem a lot of us have which is knowing there is some sort of sound that is original to us, so we weren't happy with all of the classical training....that is we wanted the skill, but we didn't want to be frogmarched down someone else's alley. But if people asked well,what is it you do want then, because it is essentially the "sound of heaven itself" and the Kingdom, without actually doing it and showing people, we couldn't explain.

      35 minutes ago ·

    • Chris Welch
      I have a song on my CD called the Blood Song, and I spent ages trying to recreate what I was hearing inside me to do with the Book of Revelation when no one is found worthy....but the Lamb Himself.I think why I am so excited about Rosie's CD is it mirrors my personal biography and double CD. Oh and it has passion. I am pig sick of the charismatic movement which is like Hallal or Kosher meat, it is bloodless.The charismatic movement is like the first commandment rewritten with the word "some" and "when it suits you" and "minus the heart" instead of all of everything.

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Mark Purves said...

My wife and I met Rosie in January and she kindly gave us a copy of this CD. As has already been said there isn't a dud track on this. These songs are infused with Spirit and Life. Spirit because they capture both the longing of Rosie's own spirit for Jesus and the beauty of who He is to us. Life because these lyrics are born out of some deep and painful things one senses she has been through, the kind of things you have to go through to know the amazing covenant faithful love Jesus has for us. They also carry a prophetic edge of where the church is going to be in these last days. An awful to pack into a CD and I highly recommend this.

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