Saturday 10 October 2015

Does Universalism have an on switch?

Jeff Turner made a comment that nothing less than total inclusion excludes Jesus. And you see this spirit in Jonah's story...that is not in Jonah who was sulking but in the Lord who gently reminded him that He had made all the inhabitants of Nineveh.
I got perturbed by the spirit intent of what Jeff was Jesus forces Himself on everybody whatever their desire. I said a kettle can be used by everybody but you have to switch it on.
WE have to engage with the Lord. I didn't go into this with Jeff....but the mystery is unveiled in a kind of Union Dance in Psalm 85 at the end.
The God bits are springing up from the ground in us to meet the God bits coming down from heaven. It's all God and nothing of ourselves.
But there is a mystery surrounding "inclusion".
And "inclusion" has to answer this mystery.....Jeff didn't like or respond to it..... but
if the VEIL was torn at the point that Christ died ie Passover
surely you would think the DAY of ATONEMENT would be in Passover, no? But it is during Tabernacles as we shall see.
And the mystery is something to do with what is NOW true in the timeless Eternal Now of us in Christ.....which incidentally doesn't even refer to 2000 years ago.....that's when the Cross manifested in our time space world.....
but as for us in 2015......our spirit can freely enjoy the finished work whenever
but the Tabernacle is about a complete work of salvation in us....spirit soul and body......and the mystery of Matthew 5 is how all those nasty nasty outer things get to rip through our flesh, like circumcision and skilfully reveal
Christ in us the hope of glory.
To others and many times ourselves....we what bad stuff....
but you never see old and mature saints only see them glowing, and their eyes twinkling more and more....
Are they satisfied? Do they think it's all been worth it? Would they go again? You bet. You don't find mature thirdlevellers going:
well I thought getting Jesus was going to be worth it....but it turned out to be pretty tacky cheap and nasty....
NOPE....not one mature twinkling saint that i have ever heard hasn't been full of absolute insistence....time is short....Go for God....He will pack you out with stuff....nothing that we experience can in any way compare with the weight of the glory to be's just embarrassing!!!! The exchange rate...of a little present suffering....doesn't even the glory....we have short changed God big time!!!!!

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