Friday 16 October 2015


Norman Grubb states we are egotists with a wink.
We are the I AM in our forms.
Not trying to be anything....we spent decades or however long doing that.
We just do the next thing.
We are humility...not in the Charles Dickens ever so umble way
but in the servant saying I did what my Master said to more no less.
Adam and Eve were living quite happily
Satan's not enough. If you want to be gods you have to DO THIS ONE THING...."But that one thing we must not do, for we will die"
"You surely will not die"
OK then....said Adam and Eve.....and died.
Satan said to Jesus in the desert....just do this one thing
get some lunch from that stone.....NOPE my food is what God says and that only
OK just do this one need are you going to get known? Chuck yourself off from the Temple......Nope....not into testing things out to see if they work...unless God says
OK just worship me. I'm the ruler here. Just that one thing for me? are NOT the ruler around here
And Jesus left the wilderness full of the power of the Holy Spirit and went into Galilee.
But He didn't DO anything.
Then He started to DO

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