Sunday 11 October 2015

2 Building Techniques

Corporate living as Christians or anyone for that matter(read about the New Age community at Findhorn, and see the faces of your average nuns and monks) doesn't work without Norman Grubb's message, which is Paul's message and Jesus message....but Jesus wasn't in a situation to be able to explain it He carried on lecturing through Paul.
So I always tell the Union folk there are two Biblical models and the Church....the proper God's real method in Rev 12
1. Method 1....most saints so far
The Hewn out secretly in the quarry method
Then at the right time the Holy Spirit glides you together and you function seamlessly..... we saw protoypes in Fort Lauderdale bunch (to begin with).....and here in the 1970s London housechurch leaders...(to begin with). (The picture of stone slabs cut perfectly away from the Temple site then put together with no noise)
Method 2.
The Jesus and the disciples method.
The rattling of bones for 3 years
Painful....but quick
Has to be a thirdlevel church.....because first and secondlevel churches don't "get" the depth of the Romans 6 and 7 excavations
They are far too Peter's statement
I will never betray you Jesus
Jesus said you will.....and all before the cock other won't even make the night out!!!!!!

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