Friday 23 October 2015

Third Eye or Just Dancing Funny?

Forgive me if this is offending you. Forgive me if it looks like I am publicising Satanism and other religions, giving him free publicity.
I am going to trust you on this.
Normally addressing two sides of an issue at once is too much for folk, but I want you to understand what the Kingdom is exactly and not just in half measures.

People are beginning to ask me to preach over Skype into their churches, so on Facebook today I wanted to make sure people knew what message I preach.
I wrote:
You are Not your own you were bought with a price. You are Not Your Own.
You have identity. A unique identity. But not as a self run being. Life is consciousness and life is spirit. I know how you'd like to think creation is.....but it isn' the sooner you wake up from your dreamworld the quicker we can all get on. I watched a famous Hindu guru teach last night. He and I are doing the same thing....except He teaches one set of deities I teach the Sole Life and original Life in the Universe....The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
My primary call is to share what others are not yet sharing.....other wise I will get sucked in to doing what any others preach and there are thousands in the West that can preach the evangelical and charismatic message. The actual message of what the Cross is is so divisive it divides all existing churches because they are not founded properly on Grace and then if that isn't bad enough.....upon our unique new identity and union hidden within Christ within God. Every single other church believes in the lie of Genesis 3.....that my identity and consciousness is my own and God has come into me as a second pea in the pod and we rattle around together. This is still Genesis 3 but with a Christian cassock on.

I believe in the general trend of the third video, that as the Bible says, the whole world is being deceived, and there is much interesting information and visual substance. At least SOME of the charismatic clips will be fine and nothing to do with Satan.....anything can be made look bogus if you lump it in with other stuff. A harmless clip of kids dancing around at a birthday party can be made to look Satanic if you edit it in with other videos. I think the compiler of the video probably doesn't like dancing....which is a real problem in the soon as your heart gets filled with God just try and keep those feet nailed to the floor!!!!!
Anthony Robbins videos also feature, and I just refuse to comment here,because this is in the "grey soul area" of  the entrepreneurial.   As some of you know, I am a person who believes in network marketing. Now you can be a Christian , Muslim, atheist or Hindu network marketer but whatever your believing ...your inward believing HAS TO BECOME entrepreneurial even if you weren't by nature very entrepreneurial.   GOD IS VERY ENTREPRENEURIAL.....He is selling free of charge  His Product of OTHER LOVE....or SELF FOR OTHERS LOVE....or  His LOVE which has the Cross running through its centre.
ONLY GOD would dream of selling this product to be reproduced in the beings of a selfish world. Everybody else would consider it  impossible. But God just laughs at impossibilities and sends His Holy Spirit. This is how He did the first Creation, you recall!!!!! We are now the NEW CREATION in Him.

The third video gives the impression that we just make the decision to follow God but nothing much changes. This is more of an evangelical belief.
The BIBLE is a middle Eastern religion in two sections describing a worshipping people. It cannot be compared to the Western world brought up to function like leftbrain clocks in a materialist society.
The Greek word meta noia is used for repentance. Now western preople use re in repentance to be the same as Meta in metanoia....but meta doesn't just mean going back on your opinion or doing a 180 degree turn. META is a prepostion that has 5 meanings. One of the others is to joint together that would be rising up a level to join with God in the MIND OF CHRIST....which isn't bad.
This too is favoured by Christian leftbrains. But another meaning of META is coming out from the confines of the NOUS.   (Have you heard of the English saying ...he  or she has a lot of nous....for quite intelligent?)
This last one is better for the way the Holy Spirit when He baptises us in the Spirit restores thewhole of our being, and makes His Power available through the whole of us. Listen! I didn't realise I was a musician until the Holy Spirit started pouring songs out of me.  I have laid hands on the sick and they were healed instantly. I have known things that were humanly impossible to know. I have commanded things into being that were not happening at all before.....but you can do none of this without sensing this is what Jesus is doing through you and in you now....and this all comes through the Holy Spirit.....and is actually normal church if you read the actual Bible itself and ignore the pig's ear that most people call church.

This first video is I believe someone receiving the help of fallen spirits to do things which are not possible.  I include it to show you the reality of these powers. People whose paradigms do not allow for these things will think up some ear piece or trick photography ruse and there is no shifting them.

The second video is a famous Hindu guru who tells a mixture of truths and falsehoods. Again the powers he is in touch with are his Hindu gods, but really they are demonic principalities and powers.
There is a COST to getting involved with demonic power. It's easy to initiate, but humanly impossible to leave. Jesus can break every chain.

That said.....the guru is right about inner seeing controlling all.
All life is consciousness.

Once we are sure who we are now as Christians at our inner centre
the Blessings of Deuteronomy 28 are ours....because Christ is also the Fulfiller of the Law in us.
Most Christians are still locked in their leftbrain and into step by step processes. It's a great tool to explore further....but true LIFE flows from the heart. Out of the heart flow the issues of life.
There is a flow to life.

When we gather as Christians there is a FLOW to the gathering in the Holy Spirit.
We do not access the Holy Spirit to chase after demonic abilites....we seek God and see what He wants to do and use.  Demons use astral projection, the Holy Spirit transports people bodily.
Demons use clairvoyance, we prophesy.Prophecy actually speaks things into being.

Some of the guru's talk is in Tamil and some in English.
I would guess as friendly and nice and smiley as he looks, demons will be getting him to do some really ugly stuff behind the scenes.  My impression also is while they are spending theor lives getting more and more filled with demon power, they wouldn't be that practical to live with.

Christ promises fulness of life and the only way to operate in this is to carry the Galatians 2.20 consciousness with you through everything you do and are.
I wouldn't think this guy would be anything at all in Richard Branson's Virgin Flight Offices.
I can't tell for sure, but I assume he doesn't live at all what any of us would consider a normal life because people are paying him such extortionate sums of money he would have no need for normal life.  But in Christ like Paul, we know how to be abased and how to abound.

Compared to a normal western discourse it is very interesting that he only speaks as he is moved to do from within. This is much more how ministry is in the Spirit, and we learned this off the thirdlevel ministries of Ed Miller and to a certain extent Jorge Pradas both in Argentina. (Ed was an American Pentecostal missionary originally)

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