Monday 12 October 2015

Epistemology-How do we know Truth?

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I am interested in Truth. I am not interested in My Truth.
Epistemology is the study of how I know things to be true.
This ology was thought up by a leftbrain person with a Western or greek mindset. It wasn't invented by a Buddhist. So epistemology in all the American and English universities immediately loses any relevance at all to most of the rest of the earth which recognise spirit, and not just two hemispheres rattling around in a cranium.
I am not a Buddhist, but i am grateful to the Holy Spirit for waking up my innards to be able to at least talk with them for as a normal Brit,I was destined for total non communication.
Perhaps it was through Christ on the Jewish Road by Richard Wurmbrand that I suddenly sensed Romans 12 full on and that I nolonger had to fear a world that seems all the time to prove my spiritual ideas bogus.
Romans 12.2 says that our Christianity is PROVABLE but only through laid down bodies, prepared to totally let go and let God.
God also says Come let' s reason together...but nobody continues with the says Let us reason together about your sin
which like leprosy (BobMumford told us) begins like a red inflammation but ends white as snow and DEAD. So these are the matters which we reason with God about, before it is too late.
Real TRUTH is about WHO we really are, which is vessels for spirit.
And if we live from the wrong spirit then what begins as corruption ends as a total leprous waste....until all life is gone.
Jesus says He is the way the Truth and the Life.
The Holy Spirit has been given to lead us into all Truth
All scripture is profitable....all the 66 Books of the Bible come with the warranty that no man composed any of the books out of their own ideas.
Anybody familiar with prophecy knows the truth of this. You will find yourself saying things you don't know. Jeremiah and Isaiah and John in Revelation could only have some notions of the meanings of their words. Other portions of scripture, namely the histories are easier to understand. But every detail was recorded....down to a woman using the time of the month as an excuse for stealing an idol, and down to Elijah accusing the Baal gods of the pagan priests of going off to the loo. They are Holy Scriptures but absolutely rooted in the human events of life.
Only when you begin to understand the cross threads of the Psalms of Ascent, the events of the disciples with Jesus, the arc of God's unfolding revelation to the Hebrews and then through to us, the pattern of the Song of Songs,the way Romans unfolds, the way Ephesians catches the same material in corporate form, the meaning of the 12 Gates of Jerusalem, the message the apostles were preaching in Acts which causes the throwing of stones, as opposed to the limited Truth of the way the gospel is now preached, and nobody even throws Coke cans.....ALL is a unity but we have to get caught up in Christ to see it.
The falsification of evidence becomes increasingly clear the more we continue. In Ministry terms in the military, MI5 is the secret operations MI6 is to cover the tracks and say they never happened. So the devil has operations of Darkness and then bunches of people employed to tell lies.
The Mafia and Illuminati invent and plan all the badstuff. One of their other departments lie to say they never did it and they usually blame it on the people of God instead so people curse God. For example missionaries to West Africa and the slave trade.

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