Thursday 15 October 2015

Matthew 5 as an area of the Bible built into a " high speculation"

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Our job as Spirit people is to bring down high speculation.
High speculation is to the one side or to the other side of Spirit Truth. You can see Jesus doing this all the time in the gospels.
eg John came fasting and you wouldn't play ball, we come feasting and celebrating and you won't do that are as children playing in the playground saying.....
The Child state is funnily enough....the leftbrain and being locked in leftbrain "sides".
I say funnily enough, because to a goldfish in a bowl the free person looks very strange in deed and they will tell you so, but you ignore them, because you have been through all these things years ago. You left the bowl when you were born again and baptised in the Spirit.
Look at Matthew 5. Oh the denominations love Matthew 5 and the suffering. Oh doesn't it just make them look holy every week!!!!!
Blessed are you when these bad things happen.
Kenneth Copeland is going to be such a target for denominations because his message is believe for better.
Rich Novek has Matthew 5 really clearly but he can't stand Kenneth Copeland or Joel Osteen and has posted such.
The Kingdom isn't "any state".
The Kingdom is speaking to a state and making the Valley of Achor a door of hope.
The Kingdom is giving your nephew the glorious valley of Sodom and Gomorrah (swearing to his own hurt) and watching both go bad and go up in flames, while your own parched ground becomes fertile and a paradise.

Just remaining in the Matthew 5 original states isn't a blessing, what is a blessing is the clean slate you have for the Power of God. Just remaining in the mess makes you a religious idiot like in all the denominations that don't obey and move with the Holy Spirit. The Israelites practiced Matthew 5 the beginning part perfectly, but refused to believe for the blessings. They all died in the desert, much like most of the Word ofFaith movement. A bunch of 70 year olds who still go to conferences every year, get older and older, but never possess the Land.

So, do something for me. Apply this check.
Next time you hear a single person extolling the verses of the beatitudes in Matthew 5 ask yourself this?
is the spirit behind their words extolling the beattitudinous state of being bankrupt for Jesus, being poor for Jesus so you have no money to give to the poor,
so that you don't stick out in God's poverty brigade and make them jealous.....
so you don't have to actually exercise any faith because....why are going to be poor broke and humble for the rest of your days like Jesus on the Cross.....
or when that person says the BLESSED word does it impart Spirit energy, like they know how to move things around in the Spirit a bit.????
Notice the Cross was only 1 day in 33 years of Jesus life, where first as a carpenter, then, not doing a day job at all,but in His ministry He was believing for 12 people (one was a thief) and their families and His own needs, and on crazy occasions when the multitudes turned up....for them to have sandwiches as well....!!!!
Don't give me that religious poverty crap....go out and help somebody....move things around in the Spirit ....start changing your environment according to your innards and Romans 8.
Jesus only faced the Cross because He had built up sufficient faith....the last most crazy faithbuilding excercise was the strange incident of having to believe for somebody 3 days dead!!!! Now why would that turn out to be useful later on?
Jesus said the Kingdom would be filled with crap but at the end because of it, the sons of the Kingdom would be strong and do exploits....and the angels would help gather the crap into the barn. Let's begin to give these religious people a run for their money!!!!

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