Tuesday 13 October 2015

New Bike

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Intellectually as I wrote before all the world's faiths are irreconcilable. You can't have no God....one God....or a million of them. One or.other is a false statement. Unless....Unless....the millions of God's are just demons and principalities in a secondheaven principality and power system and the no God issue among Buddhists is solved by seeing into the One who is all and in all but not having refined enough binoculars to see He is Dad as well. Put everybody in a room including Richard Dawkins crowd and something goes on which you wouldn't expect.....what Dawkins calls basic humanity going on....well until people.start their intellectual hot air that is.....But normally speaking get them all in a room sipping coffee....and people are amenable. For short periods. Ish. What I am saying is there is a dual edge to the human condition. There is enough still there in man of God's own Person that there is a subterranean understanding and comfort being together. But there is a second reason. Everything that is not specifically in Christ shares another spirit however crazy that is when the top coat
of paint is Christian by name....or atheist or Muslim or Buddhist. Privately you must realise a Muslim likes the Buddhist religion less than what He perceives Christianity to be. I was raised a Methodist but I never changed spirit until I personally had an encounter with the Cross....in my case through Billy Graham. At a secular level I would have been fine with a Buddhist or an atheist. Methodists used to like.me until I became a real Christian. The Methodism I grew up.with made me atheist. I thought.....cut out the middle.man Christ....and get to the bottom line Methodism is atheist secularism with Christ as fairy icing on top. I was.wrong. But I.discovered what John. Wesley did having been a vicar and missionary in America.....on the boat back he met some born again Moravians and like.me realised what he was in before was garbage..... Jesus actually was alive and in His believing people....rather than in his intellectual assenting Anglican co breed. Christianity is a change at spirit level....But then non Christians expect you to be perfect over night.....this pressure helps push you forward. But the reality is you have your new Spirit bike and it takes time to learn to ride.....otherwise you remain in default....which is the independent self that secular people live in anyway. So you know the phrase.....oh says he's a Christian but he's just the same....or.worse. Well congratulations non Christian you have just spotted a secret that Christians don't know.....yes....a Christian that hasn't got much good at his bike riding yet is just the same because that's what life is.....either Christ living our life....But masquerades in one of His new forms.....or Satan masquerading as US and we tell by the slugslime people leave behind them. By their fruit you shall know them. Which is very embarrassing for the young Romans 3 to 5 community who haven't really learnt much about their new bikes yet. In Little Britains airport sketch I cannot work out if that lying thieving Pentecostal is meant to be a cultural Pentecostal.....i.e. born of parents who.came here....or.whether born again but a complete mess....like a greasy graAcer but one thing is clear she ain't riding no Spirit bike.

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