Saturday 26 November 2011

Jesus Ministry "seemed"to totally fail - A Brief History of 3rd level Church

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  • Colin Lagerwall
    Jesus said on the night before He died....All of you will desert Me........His ministry seemed to totally suave looks..... no building or feeding schemes left......He even had no clothes left to preserve some form of image.........
    Yet in giving up every part of His image of natural birth and means, He successfully redeemed the Image and likeness of God in us .....
    Mission Impossible Complete !
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    • Colin Lagerwall The thing with image....when we know the image and likeness of God in us, any 'image' outside of this fades in if I have much or little, fast cars or a bicycle, a suit or just shorts and sandals (shorts and sandals please :), my 'image' is not affected because His glory in me (who I am) is the real deal...II can enjoy the others, but they are not my image, just something I can enjoy if I want to..
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    • Chris Welch As He is so are we in the world. If Jesus' ministry fell apart like this (but Hey,the Holy Spirit put it together again) then we shouldn't be surprised if our "ministry" looks at times no different.Ed Miller said,"Beware the church that looks great.There is probably nothing happening."
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    • Chris Welch Folks,the "third level message" at first appearances to outsiders appears like DOOM. "Best stay clear". Think about it, the first ever appearance of the third level message on earth was in John 6. Everything had been trundling along quite happily in Jesus ministry, give or take Nazareth.He'd been functioning pretty Benny Hinn like, gathering crowds and closer disciples, on the shores of Galilee, with strong accompanying miracles. Then in John 6 He introduces the third level message for the first time..." all know that you do have to eat my flesh, and drink my blood , right?" You couldn't see anything for clouds of dust. After a while the air cleared and there were just 12, just 12 left.Not even enough for a sattellite TV show!
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    • Chris Welch The next big presentation, kind of shoe horned in before Jesus had to leave was in John's chapters 13 through 17 in the Upper Room. Within 12 hours His whole ministry had blown apart, and He was being carted off to a false trial and death. So how is the third level message looking so far? have we got tons of advertisers queuing up for placing ads in the intermission? Nope. Just clouds of dust. We move to England. 1980. Ed Miller. Conference of Two related UK churches: Emsworth and Brentwood. Ed starts to lay out the 3rd level (he didn't use that phrase,neither did Jesus.Jesus was far more insensitive.His term sounded like cannibalism.) In the middle of the conference a demon spirit gets one of our "members" to confess to something "on behalf of our pastor" who had made the innocent remark that Dr Michael Reid used to be a policeman, so he was perhaps a bit more Law based in his approach to things. Well in the mouth of the woman it didnt sound like this, it sounded like Jack The Ripper's fourth murder. The two churches blasted apart, and Ed nolonger visited either much after this.Are you getting the picture?
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    • Chris Welch ‎1980 Part Two. Norman Grubb goes to Romford. he starts sharing the third level. Maurice Smith and a load of others pick it up. Maurice is led to do something a bit radical, which nobody else believes is God. Next thing, he is ostracised from what were then some of the most cutting edge churches in Britain. Is anyone catching this?
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    • Chris Welch ‎1980 Part Three. Sam Fife and the multitude of brethren that ministered alongside him, that both Daniel Yordy and I know, held conferences in a "3rd level" community in Colden Common near Southampton. Great conference.I received so much in my spirit.Some of the London people I have told you about, namely John Noble, were there. But totally unimpressed. As if to confirm "their Holy Spirit discernment", within a very short while, days or weeks, the whole community "blew skyhigh" with incredibly bitter fall-out, since all had contributed much financially, but only a few received any money from the proceeds. This just confirmed everything to Tony Morton's Southampton "Apostolic pyramid", that the third level was in fact total baloney.And they bought the community house for their own network school. What I would say to everyone reading scripture, and everyone honestly pursuing Jesus....
    • "Look beneath the foliage." 
    • "Look after the dustcloud has cleared, for the 12 left." 
    • "Understand that the 3rd level message is both the message of the Cross at our core, and ACTUALLY the Cross as the message is then worked out. " In other words it sets in process spiritual definition that just won't look nice and happy clappy....but the end result is fresh spiritual cycles of reproduced Jesus Christs going around bringing in fresh harvests.

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