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The Truth about Jesus - Oghenakheranimoh Seann Enigimi-Julius

The truth about Jesus

by Oghenakheranimoh Seann Enigimi-Julius on Wednesday, 16 November 2011 at 11:06
i think i would be walking to work daily cos i get so inspired thinking about stuff as i walk to work...maybe i shud be paid for walking to work and not actually getting there, life would be a breeze lol...

okay so here is the truth about Jesus that i have come to learn recently. Jesus isnt our mentor, no the Bible says in Colossians 3 v 3 and  that our life is hid with Christ in God and let me not go back to telling us that that isnt our doing but God. That is, we didnt do anything to hide our lives with Christ in God no the Bible says repeatedly that concerning us and who we have become "All things are of God" eg 2 corinthians 5 v 18 and 1 corinthians 1 v 30...God did it for us. Yes so Jesus is our life source...Colossians 1 calls him the one from whom we originated...John 1 v 1-5 supports this claim...

Jesus is more than one that we should be like. I wrote a song 3 weeks ago, a little bit crappy but i love what it says and i think I've heard it before that Jesus is the truth about us. We were place and found in Jesus ever befre we were lost in Adam. Jesus is much more to us than a distant saviour we have to believe in to be saved or sons or God and get connected to others called the church and preay and hear the word on sundays and all. No, Jesus is the trutha bout us. We are intricately wired with him and thru him and for him...see Acts 17 v 28...this also blew my erstwhile carnal mind that Paul speaking and called men who were worshipping idols sons of God...every Pastor needs to see this really!

Jesus is the truth about us.He is our perfect representation and we are all in him. Paul said in 2 corinthians 5 v 14 that when he died we were all dead. Jesus is us all (Colossians 3 v 11). In verse 16 of 2 corinthians 5, it tells us that Jesus was more than a man, no he was us all. When he walked the earth we were living our genesis life in him, thats why he healed as he was the progenitor of man's life. His purpose for coming was more than to show us the way. No its was to live our life for us the way it was to be lived from the beginning. I love Jesus not cos its a commandment but cos i see myself in him. This is what 2 corinthians 5 v 17 says, it didnt just say "all things have become new" it says to "behold all things have become new". why? Our lives change when we begin to see Jesus as more than one man but someone that we are all included in...our source and life...he said "if any man is in christ Jesus he is a new creation and all men are in Christ Jesus cos he died for all...

Hope ure are not tired of reading cos its just getting better. What then is the gospel? the gospel isnt some very unconnected story to us that we gotta believe in to be sons of God or to be saved ( do i see eye brows raised?) yes, the gospel is what happened to you...Yes, what happened to you. It is a message about you. It tells you about your life, what happened to you unknown to you. Glory! That gives you its power. That it is real even before we believe it. James said that hearing the word which is the gospel is akin to seeing your face in the mirror. the mirror doesnt show us our potential. No, it shows us our real selves, well as far as bodies or the physical goes cos we are much more than we can see in the mirror.

John 1 v 12, i battled with this scripture in light of our inclusion in all he did but here's what ive found out. as many as received him (who is him? the truth about themselves) to them gave he the power...its not as though he made only these sons of God cos i said in my first note that we do not believe or receive unto sonship, no we are born sons by our parents so it wasnt saying he made only those who received sons.  So what was he saying then? those who received this truth were empowered by the truth to live as sons of God that they were...who are sons of God? verse 13 answered it...sosn of God are born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh  nor of the will of man but of God....God gave birth to us verse 12 was talking about those who grasped that they were more than mere men cos they originated from God and this is the truth about us all...

An analogy came to me today, when we look in the mirror and see someone other than ourselves we are not free to be ourselves, it spurs or inspires evil works and sins of all types...this gets better as you can sense. how many of us can remember the cartoon "Snow white", the witch therein that said "mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?" She then saw snow white and then she set out to kill her...not seeing ourselves in the morror of the gospel inspires us to live under a false not God-given identity where we try to do to be (law and the law brings knowledge of sin and death) but if she the witch had seen herself in the mirror, she would have been free to be herself and carry a good opinion of herself which would have led to good works but then again, she is a witch so what should we expect from a witch, lol.

the truth we hear about us, empowers our God given nature to be experienced...we dont believe to be...we are so we believe...hence, the gospel we hear should reveal who we have become not who we should be. when we see that, our actions would line up with who we see that we are. Eg wearing a white suit i wouldnt wanna get it dirty repairing your car no matter how much you pay me, except its worth my while lol...Just kidding but you catch my drip. The truth we hear empowers us to be ourselves and really the truth we hear really is empowered by what we already are. That is, its cos we already are that hearing that we are empowers us to be.

i really hope that i have confused anyone cos i said a lot. it was fresher than this on my way to work but i had to get settled to type it. please pardon its somehowness. Jesus is much more than news about mankind that we cant, he is all that is, was and is to come for us all mankind.
  • Mia Den Hertog Wow Eramoh, what a wonderful note!!
    I love your explanation of John 1:12 and the 'parable of Snow white'...LOL
    Wow: 'We don't believe to be ... we are, so we believe'!!
    Thanks for sharing brother! ♥

    28 minutes ago

  • Chris Welch You got it bro.The bit about "seeing someone else in the mirror", gets you onto Rich Novek and Fred Pruitt and Cindi Estep who all talk about seeing One soon as we see two...or more....we're back to our original troubles. The other thing i'd say as a piano if we are seeing the One...this is like tuning my first string exactly exactly to Jesus. I cannot tell you how exactly you have to tune if you are a piano tuner. You tune an A note to 440 beats per second. Not 441. Not 439. God has blessed our creation so that when you play two notes together , one at 440, one at will hear the difference. 1 beat vibrating slowly over the duration of a second. I am so glad i do not have to count 440 individual beats persecond.
    In the same way when you put loads of "mirror watchers" who are seeing "mostly" only Jesus.....the things that are not quite Jesus show up pretty quickly. And this is the genius behind Body Living, or as John puts it "Walking in the Light". how come if I walk into a normal church that it doesn't help me. This again is very simple to answer according to piano tuning. Normal (abnormal) churches are NOT tuned to Jesus Christ.
    They are tuned to Jesus Plus Tithing.
    Jesus Plus One man Pastor.
    Jesus plus the Song List.
    Jesus plus Hillsongs
    Jesus plus the Mass
    Jesus Plus the correct clothes
    Jesus plus the Thursday night Bible Study
    Jesus plus one particular Apostolic Network

    Psalm 19 says "Day to Day pours forth speech...." This is what we tune to. Not "plus " anything. Churches that are founded on seeing God only....and I haven't yet met one...begin by having a series of individuals training themselves in the Holy Spirit to believe in the authenticity which God originally planned.....Looking in the mirror and seeing only Jesus in your "vessel format". As soon as a bunch of people , like the disciples, can be established in this way of walking in the Spirit....when we meet as "ekklesia" we will behave much more like we see in the New Testament.

    There are two main types of churches of people who are born again.

    8 minutes ago ·

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