Saturday 12 November 2011

This month...

Just so you all know, this month I am restoring a grand piano for somebody. Although I began in October, with halfterm and having some kind of virus, i was effectively wiped out for a week.The job must be completed by end of November.

This is the joblist:
Strip the whole piano down to bare wood, and stain medium brown, and french polish  (Shellac laquer).
Send away all white keys to be recovered in grained celluloid ivory lookalikes....(no elephants, right!)
Strip of all the old string set and tuning pins
Respray the metal frame (see picture)
Restore soundboard
Send away all bass string rubbing to get a bespoke set made for the piano from a stringmaker
Replace all treble wire strings and tuning pins (pegs)   and all bass strings and pins.
Replace all string felts, cut to measure
Replace all the damper felts
Tune gazillions of times until stable
Set up the piano action to all the new parts
Repair loose flapping bits of veneer

So you can time at the moment is limited

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