Friday 11 November 2011

Using Scriptures as a club..... By Stephanie McEntire


Using scriptures as a club to beat into submission

by The Free Believers Network on Thursday, 10 November 2011 at 15:29
By Stephanie McEntire

This person and her Son are having major conflict and the conflict doesn't matter but the abuse involved and how it is affecting this kid is horrible.

The Mother, who is exactly that "parrot" you describe uses scripture that she has no idea the spirit twist into a club to beat this kid into some kind of submissive state using "God' as the club which really is a testimony to her lack of love and compassion and poor parenting skills. BUT...because it is "scripture" it's O.K. to steal the life and joy from this child and make him feel ashamed and fearful about everything. The sad part is that her abuse gains mass support from the "church"....who encourage her to continue to "use" the word of God because it does not return "void" if the abuse is going to change him into something other than who he this present moment.

Want to know something funny? Her "child" is actually a grown man. But because of her abuse for so many years, he remains a child, vacillating between "good and evil" serving a "lesser" God... who doesn't love him or care... or have compassion...and he remains almost paralyzed in his soul due to the "beatings" with scripture. No matter how much I work with him on how God loves him, his God has the face of his abusive Mother. And because of this, he is killing himself slowly with drugs and alcohol to kill the pain of not ever being able to measure up in "THIS WORLD" because of the "word of God..." that is spouted at him with every move he makes. And this lady wonders why he wants nothing to do with her...and struggles so ...taking no responsibility for the guilt and shame he lives with daily...hourly. It makes me sick.

We all know what the "Church" does collectively to the "sheeple"...creating cultish type zombies who who can't think for themselves without "hearing" the word of God which usually comes out of someone else's mouth weekly at their interpretation. We have all been there. However, what is usually not spoken of and I see it dealing with addicts ...that these folks have such a hard time (me included) thinking for themselves that "God is love" really means "God hates your very prove to him that you are worthy of love and then he MIGHT give it to you..."

It's the standard M.O. at the core of most every single addict I work with. So if you want to create a "Christian" out of your kids, perhaps you might want to talk to me about what that really looks like outside of the Utopia of perfection you are trying to create in a child. It looks like "me" and most every addict I work with. Folks who have struggled for the last 30 and some even more with the love of God. And sit with me while I try to encourage and drag someone like the "son" I mentioned from the depths of "hell" because every time a scripture is mentioned it feels like "stones" to his soul...and suicide sounds better than continuing on living with that kind of pain.

What has been posted here is no laughing matter in reality. And so right on that the opposite is "anti Christ". I'm very passionate about speaking out on using the scriptures as a club. I see what it does to people in the privacy of their own "soul" struggling to find a reason for there existence. And most times it is "sin" focused. How can that not be abusive if you think you're O.K. but everyone else is not...including your own children.

I love the Bible. I couldn't ever grasp it though until I grasped that God is love. And there is a shit load of baggage you have to work through to get there. And you CAN get there without a Bible. God can do what God does perfectly fine without any of us speaking for him. My thing is: Take notice of what you are doing to your kids with that crap.

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