Tuesday 15 November 2011

Righteousness by works...666

John Solomon:How would you define or describe self righteousness    ?
from Facebook Group: The Mystery Revealed

    • John Solomon Seeing the innocence within yourself, without seeing the same innocence in others?
      Yesterday at 16:51 ·

    • Francois Du Toit law righteousness has to fake it to try and impress others: grace righteousness sees the perfect work on the cross and realizes that all are equally valued and declared innocent by God's doing
      11 hours ago · · 9Loading...

    • Keith Rogers Bad!
      5 hours ago via Mobile ·

    • Pearl Michelle Anti Christ
      4 hours ago via Mobile ·

    • Dana Kequom Agaapii Neyome yeah, what Francois said!
      3 hours ago ·
      Chris Welch Here's some interesting stuff.666 is not the number of the angel Satan,it is the number of man. So why is it an evil number? Because it's using 6 to mean not just man, the glory of God created on the sixth day, but man in the delusion that he has self-empowered life, without reference to God's life. In fact a god in his own right.In other words self-righteousness.The Tree of Good. You see the earth was not given to angels.That's why 666 does not relate to an angel, but the "fulness" (if it can ever be called that) of a deluded man, thinking he can live apart from God for one instant. Now here's another point.The unholy trinity which 666 represents are just forms of unregenerate man, in whom Satan's life is active, taken to the nth degree.In other words Satan has to create nothing new,(he never could)he just has to work with his lying default existence. Christ, unlike the antichrist, had to penetrate human lineage and set up a new one. it had to be supernatural. God had to overshadow Mary.It was a NEW LIFE entirely, but in the lineage of the people of the Promise.It has nothing to do with works.It is pure undiluted Life, unmarred,and lived out to perfection by this Son of Man.Who.....also....had to be man.The earth was given to men. But instead of marrying and having kids, this new life was made inaccessible to self-righteousness, to human lineage, to human will,to human anything...either to access or to mar it.....but there is one sure way we can access it....by faith. The whole thing is locked up in faith. This is why works of any kind cannot access the life. And those who live in the righteousness by works spirit, the spirit of antichrist, MUST always be at war with those who are of the Spirit. We are of a totally different life form entirely.

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