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Briars 14 - Water - Fritz Springmeier and various

Reissue with important new material
GOING WITH THE FLOW by Fritz Springmeier

Global water shortages. The goal of my posts is to provide edifying topics to benefit my friends. But what can you do about future global crises over shortages of fresh water? Pray? Make sure you don’t invest in property in Phoenix, AZ or buy a farm in California?? Let’s pray…Help deliver us Father of Truth, from faint-heartedness that fears new truth, from laziness that’s content with half truths, & from pompousness that thinks it knows all truth; Help us Father of Compassion to remember those who are suffering, & to remember not to take pure life-giving water for granted…. This post is about the approaching crises around the world as fresh water supplies dry up. While the earth is the water planet, much less than 1% percent is available fresh water, & it is being used up quickly at unsustainable rates all over the globe. Most rain (fresh water unless polluted) falls on the ocean…perhaps the Weather Modification people can do something about that. The catalyst behind me as a watchman on the wall warning about water shortages is the statewide water rationing that California has enacted.
CONSUMPTION. Several sources give the average water use per person per day in the U.S. as 100 gal. But some places are above that…San Francisco has typically used 152 gal./day/person, and Philadelphia is up there with a whopping 185 gal./day/person consumption. San Franciscans will have to cut back because the new indoor use limit in California/per day/person is 50 gal. Since the use of “rationing” & “fines” is not popular, the CA govt. is calling rationing “allocation-based rate structure” & fines are called “strong price signals”!! CA is also paying people to rip out their lawns w/ the IRWD Turf Removal Program. The basic problem is that California’s cities are built on deserts that have populations which are too big to sustain w/ the water that is available. California’s industry & ag have been consuming water at unsustainable rates. California grows rice. It takes from 250-650 gal. of water to grow just a pound of rice. Most of CA’s rice fields are now laying unplanted (fallow). It takes 650 gal. of water to make a pound of cheddar cheese. A dairy cow drinks/uses an incredible amount of water in a short time—up to 2,000 gallons a day. On the big dairy where I milked 200 head of cows, it was vital to have lots of water for them. The alfalfa they eat is a water hog. A glass of milk runs about 270 gallons of water to produce. Agriculture is perhaps the largest user of water, next is industry, & then people. One third of the world’s food is grown with irrigation, & the shortage of water will first & foremost affect agriculture….which it has started to do globally.
HOW THE WEST WAS LOST….SW U.S. WATER USE– Phoenix, built in the desert, covers about 400 sq. miles with over 3 million people. It has nice green golf courses & plenty of swimming pools. They have had the world’s highest squirting fountain…its shoots 600’ up. Phoenix survives by using one of the world’s largest & most expensive canal systems to bring 1.6 million acre-feet of water from the Colorado River to central AZ. That was about 1/5 of the river’s flow. Almost no water reaches the Pacific, the Colorado River delta is mostly dry. When construction of dams began in the 1920’s on the Colorado River there was 16.5 million acre-feet flowing, so they divided it up 7.5 million to CO, UT, WY & NM and 7.5 million to CA, AZ & NV. Mexico was given 1.5 million. In 2002, there was only 3 million acre-feet flowing—not enough to give much to anyone. Lake Powell & Lake Mead are quite low. These dams were built to save water from wet years for dry years. (By the way, I have been dealing w/ a case of someone who was in control of all the dams in NW U.S. who was a programmed multiple. One can see from this article why it would be important to have the person who is in control of numerous dams & the water that the dams release be under Illum. mind-control! Not only that, but there has been insider trading based on the secret data of the amt. of water released, which affects elec. prices. Amazing how the big boys cook up all these money-making tricks.) The various parties who are to receive Colorado River water have armies of lawyers fighting over the trickles of water in court. Meanwhile the entire water distribution system is also distributing large amounts of dissolved salt over the land. If the shortage of water doesn’t stop ag, the 10 million tons of salt per year that is laid over the top of the irrigated farmland will kill it. These same dynamics—destroying irrigated land w/ salt, & siphoning off water from large rivers to the point they don’t flow to the ocean is going on worldwide, examples incl. the Indus River, the Jordan River & the Rio Grande.
UNICEF TO THE RESCUE…The thinking in the 1980’s went like this…tens of millions don’t have good drinking water—their river sources are polluted, so the UN (helped by the World Bank) will drill wells & rescue tens of millions of people. “Mother Gaia” was not benevolent to her worshippers. Nature had a natural pollution in the bedrock worse than the surface water! The UN was so sure about how wonderful the well water would be for the villagers, no one tested the well water. 900,000 wells were drilled in India, and it took yrs. for people to discover that the wells across the board produce water with fluoride which derives from the fluoride in India’s deep bedrock. Perhaps 60 million people in India are suffering fluoride poisoning…which causes the legs to become bow legged & lame. The elderly become hunchback. As far as I know, nothing has been done to rectify this massive poisoning of tens of millions of Indians. And Bangladesh just to the east of India has a different natural poison coming out of its UNICEF wells: arsenic. At least half of Bangladesh’s 12 million wells have water contaminated with arsenic. WHO called it “the largest mass poisoning of a population in history.” Scientific Amer. did an article on it in their Aug. 04 issue: “Arsenic Crisis in Bangladesh”. Arsenic, like fluoride, is a cumulative poison. You don’t die from one cup, but over time you develop melanosis (black skin spots), skin lesions, warts & cancer…although at some pt. it will kill you. (It’s how the British secretly assassinated Napoleon.) Although people are now aware of the arsenic & fluoride poisoning in Asia, the problem has been difficult to turn around…as the people need to drink water. Argentina, Chile, China, & CA, AZ & NV also have problems with arsenic in their water.
COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION. In one good yr. western USA produced 3/4s of the wheat traded on the world’s markets, & western Canada was also right in there. Much of it was grown in western KS. As a freshman in high school in western KS, it was common knowledge that the aquifer providing irrigation water was going down many feet per yr. & would run out. My uncle at that time irrigated, & now his son dryland farms. The predictions were straightforward, & yet the mind wants to resist believing the obvious. India, China, Israel and many other nations are pumping their ground water out at rates that one can easily predict disaster in 20 yrs. When one obtains a house loan, the deciding factor is one’s income, not one’s bank account. Likewise, the same kind of thinking should be applied to pumping water out of the ground…what is the rate that incoming new fresh water replaces ground water…but that kind of thinking has never been applied. What happens is everyone pumps as much as they can as fast as they can use or perhaps even waste it. They reason that if they don’t someone else will! No one conserves. In a few decades the aquifers are used up. Underground water provides irrigation water for perhaps a tenth of the world’s food. While the irrigated crops have been a great help to prevent world hunger…what happens when area after area runs out of water!?
ZIONISM & WATER. Israel has stolen water from Jordan & the Palestinians, & ignored their howls. First Israel used up their coastal underground water. Then they captured the Golan Heights; the most important reason was to gain control over the Jordan River’s water. Without the Jordan flowing into the Dead Sea, at least a third of the Sea has disappeared. Living in the Palestinian Gaza strip is the world’s worst place as far as water. 35 gallons of horrible yucky “water” is available per person/day. The aquifer under Gaza is filling up with salt water from the Med. Sea. The reason Israel doesn’t want to give back the Golan Heights to Syria is actually water control. A large % of Israel’s water use is agriculture & their modern style of life. When the water runs out, as it soon will, how will Israel maintain its standard of living & the other things it wants to do, like exporting irrigated oranges & tomatoes?? Will it look to conquer more territory? When Lebanese villages were taking water from the springs at the head of the Hasbani, water that Israel wanted, they threatened war. As if the Middle East did not have enough problems…water shortages are fast approaching various areas of the Mid East.
DREAMS & NIGHTMARES. Russia dreamed of taking Siberian water for its parched areas. Americans have wondered if some of the excess water in Canada’s large rivers could be siphoned off to help western US. When that idea is raised w/ Canadians they are not pleased. Will new ideas take the edge off the coming disaster & its tribulations?? Will crop production collapse & food prices soar? Will towns that run out of water in SW US return to the desert? As I mentioned in a previous post, if there is an EMP, which recently came very close to hitting us, the lack of electricity would mean the water pumps that provide us drinking water would stop. We are vulnerable…much more than people realize. One thing is for sure: Water is going to be a global issue in the 21st century, some say the biggest issue.

Compare this to the BBC REPORT which is surprisingly backward.
It would be similar to BBC doing a "balanced report on Nazi Germany"" Some say Hitler was right to put fluoride in the water to pacify the people and make them easier to control"

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