Wednesday 12 November 2014

Mind Control....Inuring....Bringer of Light-ism

Mind Control ...posh phrase for spells....Inuring,,,,Infiltration into Light Systems.....and humor
Rothschild hates the term Satanist.He worships Lucifer or the other name Apollo.He is quite open about it and he has a Temple to Apollo in his Waddesdon Garden, where you and I would have a jacuzzi.
The current Luciferian drive is to get all Facebookers to understand Shatan as something quite different. (which means Resistor/adversary) Well, don't you think the Bringer of Light would say that? (meaning of Lucifer)
The gospel of John is about Light. Light for those brought up in the West, is inner seeing. If you think of yourself as upperclass you will move in those realms. Noel Coward was a London boy from a normal background whose "inner guiding Light" was that he was a toff. He learned to speak as one and the rest is more or less history. Other people think of themselves as "white trash" or UK chavs and that is their inner Light and that is where they stay.
If you have quite a "posh" inner Light somewhere up the extreme end of the Tree of can think like the religious man in John Chapter 3 that you have more or less got it made. Then Jesus comes up and says things like...the Tree of Good is not where it's at....your LIGHT must be heavenly LIGHT and to even see it you have to be reborn and relearn everything you ever knew again in that NEW LIGHT.(John 3)
Lucifer really has only one shot at stealing rule from mankind, the rightful rulers of earth. If he tried ruling through Communism and Fascism, he might be successful for a while...but as it's Darkness it's a bit of a giveaway. So his one shot is to come as if he was Light. As if he was authority. As if he was knowledgeable. Then once our LIGHT system is infiltrated, he rips the rulership right out of our hands.
Genesis 3 sees him come as an authoritative advisor.
If I am right, the devil never actually lies. In English it is translated as a lie: you shall surely not die?
But if I am correct in the Spirit....and the devil loves legalities....he only laughs at the whole idea making Adam and Eve look stupid. Because Adam DID die and the devil knew perfectly that he would.....and if he said an outright lie he could be accused, so he insinuated with a question and a guffaw, making it Adam's decision.
"You don't believe that do you?"
" ofcourse not"
Wrong deed.
" You're now dead Adam." Shame. Fear. "Quick....God's coming. Hide."
The Catholic church is totally infiltrated with the Light bringer
Then the Templars...those brave knights of old were infiltrated by Luciferians. So bad actually, the Pope ordered them all exterminated, and they fled to Scotland and formed many many of the Scottish occult dynasties. The hidden confusing side of Scottish/ English history which Sharma and Starkey only seem to know very how much Bloodline families have directed both countries in ruinous ways. Looking like LIGHT...they are always Darkness. Their greatest coup is to erase their presence from the history books, through one of the ruling houses, who by owning most of our information systems, keeps it erased.
Here's a wonderful thing....TRUE LIGHT exposes FAKE LIGHT. Very easily.
Here's another thing. Even though Westerners are brought up unlike Easterners.....they STILL HAVE the gadgets to do with INNER LIGHT they just don't know it.Or they call it a stomachache. or a headache..... or they feel queasy.
So Lucfierians disguised as LIGHT...that is, among our Judges, our politicians, our industry leaders.....(see Jon Ronson's book on Psychopathic CEOs) can pass laws or push for laws.....and even if they are passed....we can tell inwardly which spirit they come from. If we still continue living in our leftbrains in the West, we will then praise abortion, living together, euthanasia, kids learning about how to use a condom at 7....any of these things if people provide enough good BBC airtime and documentaries....
but inwardly , even the most LIGHT BLIND have twinges.
So the pattern is to look authoritative.
To LAUGH at the "old things" and "old ways"
And one of these systems is by "inuring". "By leftbrain pigeonholing". By Classification.
Jesus shut up a lot of demons when He was walking down the street. Because they were doing their "inuring" and "pigeonholing" work.
They would shout out "Behold the Son of God", and before He'd even begun to speak.

It's something like the extremes of a flasher versus romantic joining of hearts.
surreal flasher example

How can you get over what is happening?
It's something like the extremes of a flasher versus romantic joining of hearts.
Too much disclosure too soon wrecks any chance of the actual holy Romantic stuff connected with true relating ever happening. And in demon's case....they do the flashing for you. That is they make out that Jesus is the flasher. That at least is the destructive spirit behind them yelling out through troubled people...."behold Jesus the son of God"....especially if done in a jeery way.
Something milder occurs...well only slightly milder occurs in Religious instruction in schools. It's like a leftbrain rape of knowledge that should come by loving tender revelation through the heart by actually knowing Jesus. The teachers themselves don't know or they would never be part of it, but this is actually the Luciferian programme behind RE in school. And by shutting down every possiblity of the real Presence of God
banning Christian meetings/gatherings
banning preaching and certainly Holy Spirit preaching
a child can now only glean anything of Christianity at all from leftbrain inurement, from similar in the Simpsons or South Park, from the odd morguelike family funeral, from embarrassed leftbrain teachers holding the last vestiges of Christian assembly. Luciferians dressed as Light and our own authoritative structures have virtually shut down Christianity from everything but the older dying age group's BBC Songs of Praise.....and you know what....not knowing anything about how the Blood Dynasties operate....Fritz Springmeier's work is unknown in Britain....Christians have sat there and let them do it. Let's have a secular culture.
But 50% -70% believe in some kind of how is that secular? Why should 50% of nonbelievers tell us how we are going to live. Is that democracy?
If I want to pray with others at school, work, or elsewhere, then I am jolly well going to do it. if you don't wish to, that also is your prerogative...but you are not going to dictate to me how you think I should practice my religion. I already step over backwards for your inferior beliefs that everything should run from a tiny slender front leftbrain cortex called rational thought. The whole brain is rational, it just has its own rules its own inner rationalities for each wombats....Don't try to impose your stupid archaic views of how the brain works on my more enlightened position!
Love, apart from as some intellectual ideal, certainly isn't leftbrain.
Music has laws and that's in the rightbrain.
Spatial recognition has its laws and that is rightbrain
Whether christian or not healing prayers or reiki is rightbrain
Very little apart from step by step assessment of logical parameters and then talking about those parameters actually gets done in the leftbrain, yet this is the whole of the dictated order that is imposed through school and on into the" money is the bottom line" workplace and tax collection machine.
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John Fina Paul Excellent points. The wombat part was my favorite
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Joan Reilly You've thought this through very thoroughly haven't you. Love this..."his one shot is to come as if he was Light, authority, knowledge. Then once our Light system is infiltrated, he rips the rulership right out of our hands". Tragic!
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Samantha Paradinha yeah
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