Sunday 2 November 2014

Why two parables are so accurate

Chris Welch Facebook Status today:Related to a recent status lets remember 2 key parables about how the Kingdom would be. Now think in terms.of DNA or inner tendency. Too often we get too outer....and we condemn the wrong thing. So for example Jesus told the parable of.the Kingdom field and an enemy coming by night so the Pure seed is now contaminated. Galatians is great for explaining this inwardly. So all structures of the Kingdom are liable to this rogue seed. Structures that have been around longest like the Catholic church are some of the most horrifically affected. Mature Christians at the time the Catholic church formed literally ran as fast as they could out into the desert because they instantly new how infected it already was. They are now revered as Desert Fathers. Dawkins completely forgets this do all atheists. They totally naively buy into the Enemy in the parable's lie.....his very aim was always to destroy the credibility of the Seed by referring to the whole state of the field. What Jesus said has happened. But what Jesus added has also happened. The sons of.the Kingdom are now twice as shrewd because of living by hook by jowel alongside these rogues. The second parable says that people are taken on as workers in God's vineyard in different shifts. And if the newest hired get as much money as those working the longest....well tough....the initial contracts weren't broken. The Ezek.47 river gets deeper not shallower the further it flows.out from the Throne. So here's the thing....someone like Morris Cerullo who has toiled all His life bringing millions to Jesus since the fifties....still might be preaching some measure of 50s message....whereas the new hirelings and no.small amount are coming out of the deepest Darkness of the 13 Bloodlines themselves....are coming with the full thirdlevel message of 1 John 2....they are seeing the whole thing from day one....whereas Morris Cerullo may preach some thirdlevel.stuff....but most of it is Pentecostal and very much twolevel. If Morris complains and says to Jesus....I've worked my butt off for nearly 70 years and you are giving these new ones more than I am preaching....Jesus will just smile.sweetly and say....well.Morris I did warn everybody along long time ago.

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