Saturday 29 November 2014

Thoughts on why Teenage boys don't study as hard as girls

There are two sides to why teenage boys don't study naturally as hard as girls do.
One is laziness and not getting down to the job in hand, preferring most anything else....kicking around footballs, TV,Youtubes,Computer games and immersive worlds of action and fighting....
But is that a clue to the other side?
Men NEED a CAUSE. Because having a nice house and even a nice car...or perhaps a nice wife who is impressed by the nice house and the nice car...doesn't cut it. Men NEED to gamble. They need something that could go both ways.
Pascale even wrote a Christian faith treatise on this. And that was 400 years ago!!!!
The CAUSE has to tie all the smaller things together.
Some of us have been unearthing what the occult have done.
They have one rule for them and one rule for outsiders.
The rule for them is called "The GREAT WORK". The all encompassing plan to place Lucifer on the throne of the Earth and to "liberate man" to be able to complete what that unkind god ADONAY stopped at Babel....the completion of a Tower that stretched into the sky....THE " WE HAVE DONE THIS "TOWER. And the New World Order is the combination of both aims planned and instituted largely through clandestine organisations, most of which have no clue on the lower levels of what they are really involved in.
Their rule for others is to strip any form of big picture apart from their one from all the rank and file. They have rewritten history according to the Tribe of Dan which is largely the esoteric grounding behind Greece, Rome, Constantine, Charlemagne, Napoleon down to the present day. In the last couple of years they are now bringing out books to smear the whole of Hebrew history with the "Dan occult Egyptology " brush. 5 years ago they did the same with Dan Brown's Da Vinci code and Christianity. They ascribe THEIR history like Poo-filled paintbrushes to the whole of Christianity.
The facts are not all in regarding MAN...but one thing we know is that recorded human history is only a few thousand years old. Dawkins may still say that for hundreds of thousands of years they didn't write. But recorded history is very recent. But while the Bloodlines date their families back to Babel, in the outer world our history is completely airbrushed of all but the history of the tribe of Dan.
Bill Cooper spent 20 years researching as much as he could of all the rest. Britain's largely hidden history. How closely do the world genealogies marry up? Oxford and Cambridge , being manipulated, say not at all. One man, taking the trouble to see for himself says...actually there are only a handful of names that are different in any of the world's accounts.
ALREADY boy's need to know their place in the world has been stripped from under them by a completely falsified, and not even facelifted history.
Boy's NEED the whole picture or else the relevance of the tiny day to day bits like homework just DON'T FIGURE. Boys want to carve their own destiny some place. What relevance is 2000 years of base knowledge if it cannot be added to.
What is MAN's identity?
The Occult strip mankind of their true dignity. We are glorified animals in a random world.
Psalm 139 says exactly the opposite. Jesus said all the hairs of our head are numbered....and he couldn't say more because we didn't have microscopes 2000 years ago. If He was living His earthly life as Him (as opposed to as us in the Body of Christ) He would take it all the way back to quarks.
The Politically Correct world strips us of all good bad boundaries. This is from the occult. The occult and Tao belief of good and bad on a continuum is flooding our schools. The two GOOD BAD frameworks of God barely get a look in.
Why Two? Well there are outer laws, but later people get to learn from which spirit are people moving.
This absence of clear boundary plays havoc with male frames of reference. One of the larger male qualities is keen judgment. Destroy the boundaries and you get very female men, fluffing along in a delicate flower type way, always frightened to be who they really are: grown men destined to be IN THE GATES OF SOCIETY.
Charismatic Christianity has contributed immensely. The occult rulers of this world have actively encouraged charismatic sattellite TV because it helps pay their sattellite bills and largely contributes to their cause of fluffy effeminate men who comply with their overarching "GREAT WORK" endeavours. As long as Christians are talking about the Kingdom and producing another excellent band of worker slaves who conscientiously fulfil their you think OCCULT rulers are flustered? They garner the cash results!!!!!
Boys are not aware of these complexities, they just know that something at a deep subterranean level is not connecting. Something about what they are learning just does not tie in with any strong spiritual value and quality that they feel SHOULD apply somewhere.....something that will make a difference for them.
WHY ULTIMATELY SHOULD THEY STUDY TO GET A JOB A HOUSE A CAR...the MOST BEAUTIFUL PARTNER THEY CAN ATTRACT and then give birth to another set who will be inculcated in an education system which does the very same thing , with a bit more added knowledge that has been discovered in the interim?
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