Thursday 6 November 2014

Evangelists Concerned about Britain Read this

John Edwards Ministers about freedom from Drug Addiction around Britain
John writes:
its raining outside, it's cold outside, not many on the streets today. but here we go again in Arklow, out to the streets to meet folk who are dying, sick, lost and depressed. Even if it were a sunny day they would be feeling that way and maybe even suicidal, So out we go in our syringe, maybe we can make a difference in just one soul, maybe we can make a difference in a hundred, in faith I believe for many, for breakthrough and for miracles, let's see what happens today. Last night I spoke to a guy he was in the rehab I testified in, he was just in a few days, he looked sad but he hung onto every word I spoke. He was absolutely soaking it up. I went over to him afterwards and asked him what was going on. I am suicidal John he said, I won't do it but the thoughts just won't stop. I prayed for him there and then, tears came into his eyes, his lip shook with emotion. He hugged me and said, "Thanks, I needed that," He is in very safe hands and he will be fine. Keep all we reach in prayer please, keep us in prayer too. If you would like to partner with us, help towards petrol, food etc you can do so from my We would appreciate it. I am speaking tonight in Aras Lorcan in Arklow if you want to come or know anyone who needs to come and hear our message. Blessings to you all and may miracles happen for you too.
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Paul Noble
4 November at 22:07 ·
I believe the majority of the church in the UK and especially what I know of here in the South of England, is lopsided in its focus. What do I mean? In Ephesians 4:11 there are 4 gifts to equip the saints: Apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors/teachers. Most of the church however only knows the influence of 1/4 ... pastors/teachers. What is missing is the apostles, the prophets and the evangelists. I believe there is a call right now from the Holy Spirit to dialogue, gather and pray to join up the dots and release the 3/4. Are you a frustrated prophet, evangelist or apostle? Contact me and lets dialogue and pray that the Holy Spirit raises up men and women again in our land to carry a revival flame.

Chris Welch What comes first the chicken or the egg? The spirit that wanted to call Barnabus Zeus still lives in all our churches which is why they are pyramid shapes. Lift up Jesus truly and there will be no room for symbiotic relationships with pastor Zeus nor Apostle Zeus.
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Chris Welch I nearly wrote this status's related in subject in some way: Look at that big evil beast of a bird swooping ever closer. It's talons are out and its eyes are filled with resolve. Who can save us? Cry the baby birds as they suddenly see its actually mummy and she is overturning the nest mercilessly so they all HAVE to fly..... Yup the thirdlevel Christians are coming for the secondlevellers to give them the same treatment that they had!!!
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Chris Welch But the nest was so cosy!!!
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Tony Hickman problem is that evangelists do not understand their call to equip! They just want to hold rallies around the world and save the lost etc. I have challanged them to come and stay for a season and equip the church but they refuse.
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Paul Noble Tony you may be right but at least they are preaching the Gospel. Maybe the church hasn't equipped the evangelist or made them feel welcome? Maybe they perceive that you want them to disciple or pastor the converts which is not their job?
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Paul Noble
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Tony Hickman I have had a few big evangelist events spanning three -four days but only preaching the gospel and praying for the sick which is great. But equipping the church - no. I understand pastoring and discipleship but your profile was about the missing gifts? I was just pointing out why this one is probably missing.
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Steven Halford Hi Tony, wish I had known you.
It is my experience that evangelists start off being very dedicated to the church (I have been in 2 churches in 18 years, my wife in 2 in 25 years) and want to equip and often do.
But they aren't promoted (in terms of given exposure), understood or supported (in terms of moral support). They stick around as long as possible, do what they can with whoever will get involved, will ask to lead evangelistic times of training etc but never really have many behind them.

In my experience the church doesn't know what to do with them in terms of the 5-fold (or in Paul's thread the 4-fold ) so they leave them alone.
It is then their job to fulfill the call of God on their lives so they end of just going and winning souls.
My personal desire is to be sent and fully supported in my call from a local church in which I believe wholeheartedly.

I see the sending happening in the denominations but not so much in the newer charismatic independent churches.
This leads to frustration and so the evangelist has no other option but to simply go.
Especially in a church where the roles of the prophets are held to such high esteem.
Paul Noble is right in that we need the whole ministry gifts given by Jesus in Eph 4 to work together, including the evangelists. It's no wonder the church in Africa grows and the church in England shrinks. The Church in the UK has shown very little desire to even have evangelists present that they are forced to the nations that welcome them.
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Steven Halford Next year we are putitng on an event to both equip and preach to the lost. Watch this space
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Tony Hickman I think what most pastors want initially is to see the church equipped to win souls where the church is planted.
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Steven Halford Yeah, but they need to be pastors and shepherd their sheep and let the evangelists preach.
Now I believe we're all called to share the good news, but I'm talking about the gift of the pastor, evangelist etc.
Many leaders don't know what they're supposed to be doing within ministry. If we knew our place and were honest about our strengths and weaknesses we would find our place and the church would be equipped.
Having been a pastor at a church I can say that the gift of the pastor is not a gift I possess. Leadership is, but in terms of the Eph 4:11 ministry gifts (some wrongfully call offices) my "gift" would be evangelism.
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Steven Halford We shold be constantly expanding, not having some saved in the beginning and pouring just into them. We win, we equip ,we win some more, we equip some more, they win, they equip etc etc.
I've seen it in the UK although for a short amount of time. Seeing it happen in a big way in Africa. But the evangelist should be apostolic with the local church in mind no matter where he/she goes. Working with the local church.
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Tony Hickman the evangelist was given to the church to equip the saints - what is your opinion about what this means?
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Steven Halford Train. Teach them how to win the lost.
Then the teacher and pastor trains people how to keep those who were once lost.
The prophet points the way forward for the church and the apostle grounds the prophets point.

For every Eph 4 ministry gift their calling is two fold. To do the work, and to equip others to do the work.
A healthy church should be raising up other apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

And also teaching those not necessarily called to be evangelists how to witness to the lost. The same way the prophet teaches us how to hear the voice of God and to prophesy as well as to raise up other prophets.
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Jonathan London The problem is that as our pastor recently said - Jesus is many peoples saviour but he needs to be our Lord and Saviour. Matthew 28:19-20 a scripture we know so well...

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

We go, we preach but it often stops there which is why many coin the expression a mile wide and an inch deep when referring to discipleship. The important bit missing is "teaching them to obey all I have commanded you." The question is, are we being obedient because God's blessing always falls on those who are obedient as clearly demonstrated throughout scripture. If we want to see revival lets fulfill the commission in full.
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Steven Halford Which is why we need the Eph 4 ministry gifts working together. To equip and to empower others to make disciples.
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Jonathan London As Evan Roberts famously said... Obedience, obedience, obedience.
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Jonathan London Was just reminded of this picture I had years ago. The two lamps look the same but look closely and one is shining.
Jonathan London's photo.
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Steven Halford Yeah, we don't need experts, we need people on fire for Jesus to simply burn and let their lights shine.
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Jonathan London WANTED - Those who are unschooled ordinary people but who have been with Jesus ; )
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Steven Halford Or those who are schooled and have been with Jesus
(basically anyone who has been with Jesus )
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David Simmonds
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Chris Welch The problem with fivefold ministry is made a lot clearer in David Swan's book...

Welcome to The Arsenal Bookstore (

Jonathan London What happens if you are a spurs fan. They aint reading that Arsenal book!
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Chris Welch Evangelists are part mysterious revelation of's an anointing that comes from God.......and part earthly pain in the neck.

So it may be said are all the other ministries....especially while we remain in the Holy Place arena of church.

Here's the good side.
There's something about an evangelist that in his anointing he can tell the element that remains in pastors of wolves in sheeps clothing. When he is in mid flow in his priestly office of welcoming new kings kids into the kingdom....he is surprisingly thirdlevel....pureminded....and very conscious of the different ways the devil tries to subvert what he is doing. For what he is doing is not human. It is supernatural. Nothing less than the anointing of God rests upon Him to empower these everyday religious or non religious NON CONVERTS into becoming supernaturally born again. He feels the Spirit actually leave him and be imparted to these people. So if any fleshy pastor then tries to add human wisdom....or emotional manipulation...or pyramid building agendas to try and suck these new persons into something other than the pure family of God....boy you are going to have ructions from an evangelist moving in the Spirit.
He is filled with the gospel of even the slightest sense of wolfishness will get the strongest verbal tongue lashings.

Here's the bad side. Somehow God goes to extra special trouble to get evangelists kind of 3rd level WITHIN their special fast as possible....BECAUSE GOD WANTS A BIG KINGDOM NOW!!!!
But once an evangelist has taken off his coat he seems one of the most backward of all Spirit filled ministries, They have little clue for either Genuine Spirit Church or the modern apostolic fake derivatives. They are unable to tell the difference...because frankly in their own lives they couldn't care less. I know tons of evangelists who the moment they are not fulfilling their divine prerogative...they are practically pulled out into the world again. I am sure a lot of this comes from their desire for reality,,,,and they can detect pastors with wolf hearts immediately....but I have noticed evangelists haven't a clue about what life is for. They honestly think that life is for getting as many scalps in the kingdom then waiting at a bus stop for Jesus to return. They have absolutely no daily clue of third level living on a daily basis nor of Galatians 2:20. In their daily lives they continue in the wolfish way of being themselves...which is probably why they see it in pastors so clearly. We have one like this on the island, come down from Bracknell.

All these problems clear up in thirdlevel's the present mish mash...half in half out Kingdom living that is such rubbish. Once people have Jesus consciousness everything but everything changes.
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Steven Halford Very good Chris. I have no idea what third level is though.
I disagree with your second to last paragraph though (starting with "here's the bad side).
I am nothing like what you discribed and the few evangelists I know are not like that either. If I was of the sort I would take offense to what you said, strongly (but I'm not the sort so I won't ).
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Chris Welch you look around you...they are there. And there are similarly off but quirky things about all the other ministries too....but as I say....once everyone's firmly parked in 1 John 2 it's not an issue.
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Steven Halford Well as an evangelist I might take you to task on what "we" are like
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Chris Welch negative aside...I believe the Holy Spirit wants to encourage evangelists today to rise up....not be bolshy and wander around as though everyone is against them....but to know everyone is against them!!!!!LOL because the world hangs together in this disguised Darkness fashion of makebelieve....and when evangelists speak the truth ofcourse things that are hidden get polarised.
We need to be born again....period. The biggest obstacle is in the TREE OF GOOD....the good atheist....the Anglican who has gone to church rigorously all their ife but never ever crossed the line into NEW LIFE.
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Steven Halford Now that I can wholeheartedly agree on
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Denis Goodwin most of the churches in our area are looking for the last of the blood moons for pete's sake!
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Steven Halford Ha ha. Although I don't believe that to be true. I know a lot of pastors in the area who don't even know what it is.
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Chris Welch One description of flesh life is Jezebel and Ahab
Namely unless Spirit ministries are regularly cutting through...all civilisation seems to settle back into women taking roles in the wrong spirit and men sitting back on the sofa like Ahab...more or less discouraged...thinking nothing will ever change....and opening another crisp packet and watching XFactor
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Steven Halford Well I know that feeling
But nothing can stop any believer witnessing whenever he/she feels like it. Evangelism is not an event, it's a lifestyle. It's not just about big meetings but the man on the street, the neighbour, the poor, the lonely, the rich etc.
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Chris Welch At the end of the day....Darkness is only a lying spirit. it contains no substance whatsoever....and and anysubstance that it does have are nicked from Reiki....or clairvoyance.....or riches....which are all nicked from us in bogus taxes anyway...the POWER tpo make wealth or do anything positive in life is actually GOD. Greed only takes from someone else what is's not a life force.
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Chris Welch I guess what I am feeling is more of the full force in which we have been ripped off totally by lies....time for the evangelsists and the church to rise up and say....what a LOAD OF CODSWALLOP
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Steven Halford Time for the church to send the evangelists. I've so resisted being a "went one". I want to be a "sent one". I guess I must fall back on God sending me, which is weird as I believe in the sending nature and power of the Holy Spirit through the Church.
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Chris Welch Well at the moment the church visible is not quite the same as the Spirit infrastructure....anyhow....when we see the field white for harvest we pray the Father to prepare workers and send them out. The word send out is dynamite. So our prayers wind you up like clockwork and then God presses the on switch........BAAAAAAANG
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Chris Welch I wouldn't wait for a modern network church to send anyone out....if they's susp[icious...because none of them live in revival anointing.....and most usually they don't but God is saying YES anywayJohn Edwards knows about this stuff....he lives as though Bradford are covering him....but in reality he's delicately preserving his Holy Spirit anointing from contamination but all the while smiling sweetly.
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Steven Halford You can't say none of them because you don't know all of them.
I know plenty of church leaders hungry for revival and anointed for what God has them to do. Maybe change your church circle of friends
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Steven Halford I love the church. Don't always agree with them and they with me but Jesus said, "The gates of hell will not prevail against them (the church)". It's an eternal church.
It's just a lot in this nation have been asleep. Time to take out the big horns and awaken the sleeping and dead
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Paul Noble Cor you've all been having a good time while I've been away
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Paul Noble I think maybe one of the problems is we think that a pastor or even pastors/elders control the church when they are actually overseers. What happens when you have an apostle in your midst or a prophet or an evangelist? I love the evangelists - go for it Steve Halford!!!
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Paul Noble I personally think there are many people sitting in the pews who actually fit the bill here and what happens is the church doesn't know how to send them out because they only what nice/kind pastors and shepherds. Then these A P E's (Apostles, prophets and evangelists get thrown out!) This has happened to me several times every time I get building and pioneering something - the pastors get twitchy rather than laying hands and sending!
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Chris Welch rather than need to see things like this...and then once you know it you can begin speaking with authority. We in britain and in the charismatic move have been part of a huge dupe. because we did not maintain Revival presence we have unwittingly succoured the contents of this very film. There are children who are now dead because we were playing games.
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Steven Halford Well I don't think I believe that. STarted watching the video and thought it was a bit far out there.
Anyway, we don't need this video to know the faults with other religions.
I like to look at it like this.
Bank tellers just a few short years ago were seldom taught how to spot counterfiet bank notes. Instead they were taught so well to know the real, and know it inside and out that when a fake bil came along they would know it instantly.
That's what we are to be like in the church. We know truth so well that when error comes along it screams out loud that it's fake.
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Chris Welch

Testimony about Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) taking...
Steven Halford Oh come on!
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Chris Welch Absolutely none of us believe what is going on. Why do you think Jesus said if the Light within you is Darkness how great is the real Darkness
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Chris Welch Time to wake up guy
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Steven Halford Satanic ritual abuse at ORU? It's a Christian university. Some of my friends graduated from there. I knew one of the presidents.
This lady is nuts.
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Chris Welch This is why we need Jesus....we really need Jesus...not in the little side alley way that you think
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Steven Halford Not sure what that means.
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Chris Welch This is all going on within.
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Steven Halford What is? Are you being cryptic?
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Chris Welch Why do you think we need the gift of the discerning of spirits? And when was the last time that was even talked about in an english network church?
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Steven Halford I preached it not too long ago in a church here in the UK
It's happening. You might want to look outside of your network if it's not happening within
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Chris Welch If you watch the video you will hear of a woman accusing the top individuals of rape and torture and's not crptic in meaning it's cryptic infact.
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Steven Halford I have no doubts regarding the masons and the infiltration of the church. I grew up in the USA and it's rampant there.
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Steven Halford Very strong in the UK too.
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Steven Halford I don't like Youtube videos telling me what to believe. Too many heresy hunters out there.
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it's a very unfriendly seeming way of doing it...but you see some of us have been conversing with you network people for 25 years and you have chosen your way of believing and sold your anointing and the Revival presence for the preciousness of your own we have found words themselves to be nearly useless. Once the initial abrasiveness of Youtube brandishment wears's one of the quickest ways of waking people up as to what is never shown on Rothschild TV.
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Steven Halford What network? I'm not a thinker, ask Paul
I like to wake people up with my own words from the mouth and heart of God.
Not arguing, I'm not good at injecting tone into my written words.
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Chris Welch Having some anointing is real enough...but in Revival presence the limitations are taken off....and as it is said of Jesus....when He saw the presence of the Lord was there to heal he prayed for all those who were sick and they were healed. It's a matter of measure. it'snot even individual's corporate levels of anointing. I am relatively aware of what we have in Britain. My role as others on the net is to bring in the thirdlevel to a church that neither knows what it is nor knows why it should bother....but then Jesus ministered in such an atmosphere that's all normal.
He was taking things from Jewish firstlevel believing into the new Spirit filled class of believing....which is the second young man stage of 1 John 2. For 40-60 years Jesus has been knocking on the Door of His Church to take it onto the thirdlevel.
Steven Halford What is the third level? The heavenly realm?
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Chris Welch The level Jesus lived at.
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Steven Halford In the Spirit? That's where I like to think I live
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Steven Halford Are you living this way Chris?
I mean in what you called "revival presence"?
When you said about "us" selling our anointing who were you talking about?
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Paul Noble I'm not sure satanic ritual abuse and masonic whatever is quite what this post is about? Keep on topic lol!
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Steven Halford Yeah for real
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Chris Welch Revival is being laid bare. This is absolutely on topic.
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Chris Welch This is where we are as two nations among many UK and USA.
The reason nobody will listen to you as you preach is because of these very things hiding and manipulating everything from how we do education, to the laws of the land to how our media is, to the reason why there is no open's all the same thing.
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Steven Halford Ritual and masonic abuse doesn't have much to do with the 4/5 fold ministry gifts in the charismatic church in the UK and the role of evangelism..
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Steven Halford People listen to me Chris. I live under an open heaven. I am in Christ and He in me. I am in the Father and He is in me. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and live the full life set out before me.
And I know a lot of people living this way.
Is there more? Sure, there's always more. Which is one of the reasons we seek him
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Chris WelchI've been brought in today to show you how irrelevant you are to the world that is out there....the whole structure is built on these things and you have no authority whatsoever...nor it seems...any care to see any just want your little ministries your way, in your type of network churches. You can see why John Edwards just goes out and does something totally separate...because he was down and out and a drug abuser and relates directly with the state of the nation.
You have to realise that the infrastructures are the very backbone of the underworld....there is NO DIFFERENCE. Through freemasonry and backdoor secret service work the endless supply of drugs is flooding in.15 hrs · Like

Steven Halford Wow. You might want to start using that gift of discerning of spirits right about now.
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Chris Welch As Brian Eno says....the interest is in the borders., the boundaries. Otherwise everyone is sealed and into what they are into and very little growth occurs. The growth is in the rattling of dead bones.
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Steven Halford I'm not sure you're making much sense Chris.
I'm sure you're a nice guy but your comments are all over the place. I don't think you're listening to what is being said. You're just talking and accusing people you don't know of things they haven't done and of things they aren't a part of.
Feeling confused by your comments.
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Chris Welch What I am not saying is trying to pat you on the back for all the people that do listen to you. Enjoy it. or Use it. But it's not getting to the root of things...which is where the real revivals operate.
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Steven Halford You said...
"The reason nobody will listen to you as you preach is because of these very things hiding and manipulating everything from how we do education, to the laws of the land to how our media is, to the reason why there is no open's all the same thing."
So I responded by saying people listen to me. Not every one. You assumed something that isn't true.
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Chris Welch The reason the people on the streets of Southampton or Portsmouth won't listen to you......and so on.
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Steven Halford Eh? How do you know they don't?
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Chris Welch Shall I tell you Stephen? Do you really want to know?
Because when Light gets switched on everyone in the Body knows about it. It flashes round the Body like wildfire. The last real Kingdom event of any size was Lakeland....and boy everyone knew about it. It was in the end abortive....but we all knew about that too. That's how I know where you are bro. The silence.
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Paul Noble Chris I don't think its helpful making judgements of Steve's "success" . I know that Steve is actually a fervent and bold evangelist and people listen to him and get saved.
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Steven Halford It's Steven with a V
I can agree with that comment.
My silence is part of my journey. I was so loud for so long that I got tired of hearing myself speak. But in every fire when the brightness dimmers the underbrush still burns, ready for the next gust of heavy wind to ignite the flames again.
The Holy Spirit is getting ready to blow on His remnant and those fires who have had nothing but water poured on them for a very long time. The fires of God burn stronger than any water poured on them by man
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Paul Noble I think sometime we go on about revival too much. Paul didn't seem to be urging the church to pray for it. If the Evangelists and Apostles were released by the church maybe we would have a revival!
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Steven Halford Every great man and woman of God has a period of being hidden. They all have their own desert moments when hunger and thirst set in. But then God sends the angels to minister to them and to help feed them, ready for the next phase of their life giving ministries.
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Steven Halford I think revival has become an idol to us. I no longer pray for it. I cry out for the church to be awakened. I live revival even if the church won't.
I wait on the Lord, not the church.
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Paul Noble Amen Steve. I think you and I are in a similar hidden place at the moment but its really important because i get a sense the Holy Spirit is about to raise up a whole lot of hidden people who have been through the wars but continue to stay on fire for the Lord whatever the cost!
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Chris Welch Sounds good doesn't it.
Now I'll tell you the truth.
And this is as a man of England...rather than Steven Halford per se.
But having chosen to be recognised here in a portion of England, and in that sense connected into it I will address you as a man of England.
The Lord has laboured here in the UK laying a foundation of the young man in Christ of 1 John 2. Through Evan Roberts...on through the greats of George Jeffries, Smith Wigglesworth and down.
By 1950 He was ready to move England on...beyond the basics of introducing the apostolic through the Apostolic Church.
He began laying the foundation of the third level.
Through regular visits from Norman Grubb, R.Edward Miller, the still current ministry of the Sisters of Mary who in England are based in Radlett, and perhaps most significant of all since it included the new Light of the whole Body of Christ was Graham Pulkingham, then Sam Fife.
And you man of England have blocked the door. For 40 years. Have said no to Jesus Christ . He would have overshadowed you man of England with the Cloud and Pillar of fire, but you said no. You wanted Him on your terms, your understanding, and you would not let that idol of your understanding fall. Jesus Christ being a gentleman has withdrawn for 40 years since His last knocking.
Nothing has essentially changed here in 40 whole years..because that is what you man of England wanted with the base of your heart. You said...Go away Jesus...that's getting too too personal. I want your revival My way now Go away.

So He has gone away.
He has withdrawn Himself.
Indeed He cannot come back until we as a nation say to someone who does not "look like it"
Blessed are you who come in the Name of the Lord.

Until that time all His secretly prepared servants which have been stacked in great abundance in the shadows here or from abroad, are put aside, and things crawl along at a snail's pace, when God had already favoured Britain according to the prayers and martyrs of the accelerating us into all three stages of growth in less than a century....but we would not....and you Stephen are one of them that would as far as you are a man of England.
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Steven Halford It's Steven with a V.
Sounds good, and you almost got it right.
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Chris Welch we can do all the dark night of the soul stuff we like...but sometimes we just need to live like in Acts and actually listen to the Word coming through members of the Body. Half of the UK religious histrionics would disappear overnight if we just took the church in Ephesians seriously.
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Steven Halford I guess you're also a man of England.
I'm a man IN England, but not of.
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Chris Welch Well you are you share the guilt.
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Steven Halford I don't share any guilt. I am of my Father in heaven where there is no guilt.
Our spiritul forefathers and those holding people back might share the guilt, but that's not me
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Chris Welch If you really believed that I'd have heard of you.
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Steven Halford Oh you've heard of me Chris
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Steven Halford Chris, did you ever go to any meetings in Lee-on-the-Solent on a Sunday night? Just curious.
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Chris Welch No i really havent...not in the sense I am meaning. I am not wanting to put you under pressure to prove anything either as I won't succomb.
I was already in my window so i know revival firsthand....but even previous revival types don't interest me. What was starting to happen in Lakeland was the first shoots of a new type. Actually Evan Roberts was the first as an individual. Lakeland was beginning to be corporate. That is a corporate version of the dynamic that Evan Roberts pioneered face down to the floor.

Now God used Hindhead tunnel to show me that He is actually tunnelling at both ends.
You referred to being caught up in the third heaven...which is one side....but without the other end of it...nothing really can be extended.
Jesus learned to live "the Father in His form" without any Holy Spirit zappy stuff for 30 years...and that is what we have been learning. So what you end up with is consciousness of Christ in everything you are and do....then onto that God can do any zappy thing He wants.
So thirdlevel church is nolonger just anointing
like the 5 wise virgins you have been down the shops to buy the equivalent of more oil....which is learning Galatians 2:20 as consciousness.
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Chris Welch

The Liberating Secret radio and television program has been airing for the last ten years. Through the years, Bill...
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Chris Welch Jesus says when you pray go into your inner room and shut your door. The only way we can ever know who we are is to have the Father personally speak that to us. But we must learn to shut that door. I'll be frank....I have personally never heard anyone in the UK who has shut that door (Frank Carson aside). Someone who has shut that door has such fire upon his or her Word you get singed even hearing it and it provokes the strongest of reactions. It's like Stephen or Paul in Acts . What happens if we don't is that we evaluate everything that God speaks with our leftbrain. It's like a circumcision knife has to cut the umbilical cord. The lefbrain screams bluemurder and threatens us with madness....but we HAVE to be able to trust God inside us if we want power...but conversely we HAVE to train our senses according to that voice....and that takes a while and also egg on our face. Typically, no network leader so far in the UK knows this stuff and you try to speak to them and you can't reach their spirit because their leftbrain is kicking in all the time. It's actually rude. But the leftbrain that hasn't learnt to be in the courts of the Lord has no idea how to behave.....and people give themselves away instantly where they are in the Lord.
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Paul Noble Just coming back to the point! Are you an apostle? Are you a prophet? Are you an evangelist? If you are then seek God as to what God maybe has for you right now because I believe this is a season of spiritual change a new day of grace.
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Chris Welch Whatever it is it will be in the context of a thirdlevel Body of Christ which doesn't look anything like what we have today. Just warning you......the secondlevel will continue much like the Jews continued, and the evangelicals have empty shells in the purposes of God, but if you want to be following the Pillarof Cloud by Day and the Pillar of Fire by night that is where you will be going. For all else, go to Macdonalds and meet with the secondlevellers there.
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Chris Welch I'm not interested in just saying stuff....but I feel to add this....and it is all entirely in the context of revival and evangelism in Britain now.
here we go.....
6 years ago I took a younger Ben to HMS Sultan's Summer Open Day. There was a display of a stripped down Warship Diesel Turbine. Can't remember how many there are on a ship.
Anyhow EACH turbine, I felt God say, mirrors how He works in revival...true revivals. And ideally He wants to get the church operating these things all over the world continually.

So each turbine has one or two ignition burners...or "fire-starters" then a cylindrical set of 12 or so continuous burners which operate for so many hours before they are taken out of service.

So imagine some idiot like St Peter or Todd Bentley brave or stupid enough to begin walking on water and starting a revival....
THEN you have 12 other ministries working together to produce the main ongoing after Acts 2...the 12 went from house to house imparting Christ in the first church.

Here's the problem since the inception of Pentecostalism in 1900.
YOU EITHER firestarter...who has touchefd the Holy of Holies and is literally on fire like Isaiah or Ezekiel sharing that fire
think Evan Roberts
George Jeffries
Smith Wigglesworth

OR for BRIEF INSTANTS you get relational men connected for the shortest periods by anointing alone
LIKE the Fort Lauderdale crowd
The people who ran Fountain Trust in the beginning
LIKE the London housechurch leaders at the very beginning who formed the crucible into which and upon which God could hang the critical anointed Bible weeks that changed the face of the British church in recent times in the 70s.

But if you only have secondlevellers you can't have BOTH and NOT AT ONCE.

Because unless you have leaders who know how to "SHUT THE DOOR TOGETHER"

you end up with individual FIRE ministries shaping nations on their own like
like TL Osborne and his wife Daisy
or Rheinhard Bonnke
or today's David Hathaway at the peak of his ministry affecting Europe and Israel

BUT as the LOndon leaders and Bradford leaders have shown adequately YOU CANNOT HAVE SECONDLEVELLERS who can walk together for longer than a few months in the FIRE of GOD...

or to put it in my Hebrews lingo

Walking according to the Melchizedek Heavenly Order...where the Heavenly concept of Priesthood marries with the earthly one.

So until we go thirdlevel
we are stuck with Elijah type single ministries that shake the nations a bit, get large numbers of people saved...but DON'T BUILD CHURCHES

OR....churches built that really never get any foundation laid much beyond Romans 3 to 5, like Joel Osteen or Joseph Prince...
certainly no foundation strong enough to carry a team of very different ministries along in the FIRE OF GOD.

So we're at a crossroads. What do people want? Or as the Spice Girls said...what do we really really want?

In 1974, I read about the third level in New Covenant magazine, the catholic charismatic magazine coming out of Ann Arbor Michigan...and i decided that was the missing element that I wasn't getting in the UK preaching. And that ONE THING have I gone for in my life, and that one thing I now have in my spirit and can impart it. Not that I won't be exploring it with I'm no particular expert.....but it has simply cost me too too much to go back now into secondlevel charismatic "circus-merrygo rounds".

Chris Welch Rich Novek just shared this "live" revelation as he was sharing on blogtalk radio

And this too helps give some more insight on the two different levels of evangelism
Yesterday while doing my show I got a fresh revelation AS it was coming out of my mouth...

Here it is just for you...I realized the first words Paul ever heard Jesus speak had to do with our union "Oneness" IN Him. "Saul, why are you persecuting ME!" But it was the early church he was persecuting not Jesus. At least from appearances. So this is confirmation of..."Whatsoever we do to the least of these we do it unto Him." Cool huh?
Rich Novek

Folks, Paul's first ever encounter with Jesus has to do with His (Jesus) own union relationship with His body. So much so He lets Paul know (Saul) He is persecuting Him! You won't find any separate or distant God there, lol!

If you have seen me you have seen the Father! If you have touched my body you have persecuted ME!

When It came out of my mouth it was like a light going off and bells ringing; from the onset Jesus wanted Paul to know REAL Spirit intimacy not dead letter religion! And what was Paul's response, "Who are you?" This is so much like the millions of Christians today who honor Him with their lips but whose hearts are far from (KNOWING) Him! They know about Him which is a far cry from knowing Him. "Depart from me I never KNEW you!"

Paraphrase: Leave my presence NOW if you have no intentions of REAL intimacy!

Jesus was only about His Father's business and His Father's business was the "Is-ness" of His Son! It hasn't changed as everything we endure by embracing the "losing to gain" life is meant to take us into a deep and abiding Oneness where we never see ourselves separated from God again!
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Chris Welch In a nutshell
Revival Part 1 in Acts 2 was
This Jesus who you crucified

But Paul was a different new thing - it was a specific Union message

Jesus says...this ME that was in the body form of Stephen that you had killed.......

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