Wednesday 19 November 2014

Helpful or actually pretty useless?

Discussing the following phrase:
At one level this is helpful as an overall principle.
But like an oasis the nearer you get to it the more it evaporates. So actually it's pretty useless. It's like some of the Gene Edwards books that drove us absolutely nuts in the end.
You won't find this phrase anywhere in the New Testament. It is charismatic speak. Or in Gene Edwards or Watchman Nee's case....poor articulation coming out of a guy who HAS had the touch of the Spirit deep on their lives.
The only thing in the Bible is a done deal.
The other rather surprising thing is as we pass through the veil (of flesh/of control/ of our fleshlife we have a real big shock.
It's like the River in Ezekiel.
The River is written from the point of view of a fallen man putting his tootsies, then his kneesies, then his middle into the River...

If it was written from a THRONE point of view all you'd see were tootsies, then kneesies then half a man or woman.
YOU SEE there is only One Life in the Universe. The Independent Self as such doesn't have an existence any more than Darkness has an existence at night. Just light a match and watch what a whole Universe of Darkness does to it. Errrrrr....nothing.
So flesh cannot say to itself...hmmm I think I'll die to myself today.
It's a delusion. It's a "double vision"....where Jesus says you must have a single eye. To see God only.
So the trick of prayer....or anything exactly opposite to what we think would be the answer.
Let's take prayer...
The gentile or Anglican to heap up prayers
Catholic use beads and Hail Marys
With say tons of Krishnas
With charismatics you heap up praying in tongues and hope after a certain amount of minutes you break through.
But the real thing as Jesus says is to Go into your Inner room
shut your leftbrain and surface senses door
and meet with your Father in secret....
YOU HAVE TO FIND what Francois DuToit and Andre Rabe call the AUTHENTIC YOU....formed (Psalm 139) yes in the womb, but also brought forth from eternity past in the Bosom of the Father. Francois calls it the LOGOS or central THOUGHT of the Father...but he's incredibly leftbrain and thinks in terms of LOGIC.
Luckily you are also the Apple of His eye...and this is God's central Vison...which is rightbrain....and He loves you with all His heart...which is where you were conceived in His yearning for you.
So waiting upon the Lord is FINDING what already IS....from Eternity past.
The Cross is REAL. because the Devil's power is real. In the sense that it is God's life turned in on himself, the devil, self for self. There was no part of our inner core that didn't need to die. Like a fly in the couldn't repackage and sell it in Harrods. It had to be cast out. So saying that flesh life is not real....does not mean it doesn't have an existence.....
It's more like self-consciousness
Let's look at this.
Part of growing up is going through that horrible teenage self-consciousness thing.
The self-consciousness doesn't really have any definite form or's like a shortcircuit more than a definite thing.
Part of confidence as an adult is being able to be REALLY ME in public....without all the naff self-consciousness and coyness seizing everything up.
As we set the mind on the Spirit we are looking and beholding the GENUINE PERSON OF GOD....and the GENUINE PERSON of US IN GOD. As we take steps to ACT OUT from this genuine Person...this is what living in the Spirit is.
The peace the Holy Spirit gives us at new birth is our umpire.
When we don't have peace about something we don't do it. As unborn again people we were only vaguely aware of what our innards were people circumcised in the heart...we are now more raw....and the more we set our minds on the Spirit the more acutely sensitive we are to what the Holy Spirit is really doing through us and what He is not.
The practice runs were charismatic meetings.
Satan's entire realm consists upon being able to coerce and organise people to do what God is not really doing. As soon as everybody on the planet lived by faith and chose faith and not sin....his entire operation would dry up in one day. WHATSOEVER IS NOT OF FAITH IS SIN.

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Anonymous said...

Paul says that faith, hope and charity/grace of which the greatest is charity/grace. So if we do things of faith and it has not been up graded to hope and then grace, then we have not put away child-ish/man things. I do like the way you bring forth the left brain, right brain issue, and have wondered if one was male and the other female and thus perfect peace is the union of them.