Tuesday 18 November 2014

Simply....Matthew Chapter 12

Matthew 12.............Chris Welch Facebook
The then official God kiddies...the Pharisees saw the new kids on the block picking grain out of hunger on the Sabbath. No matter that they'd been too busy in the gospel....that thing the Pharisees themselves should have been preaching but didn't!!!
Jesus more or less marched straight into the nearest synagogue...in Holy Spirit combat garb...and deliberately healed somebody on the Sabbath.
Hmmm two can play at this catching each other out game!!!
He'd already announced He was the Sabbath. "Now" He said...."look if your animal needs help you will give it to him on the Sabbath....and humans are even more precious." And then He healed a guy in front of everybody on the Sabbath.

You will find with demon spirits....and it's just the same on Facebook today, when a demon challenges you according to some leftbrain item or other.....as soon as you answer back even more reasonably....suddenly he is not playing with you anymore. They just want to kill you.
So then Jesus casts a demon out.
The religious demons in the Pharisees then accuse Jesus of having demons...."it's by Beelzebub He casts them out" they say.
"Well that makes no sense at all" says Jesus...how's Beelzebub's kingdom going to stand if he casts out his very own demons?
"OK...say I do cast them out by Beelzebul....so who do you cast them out by? "

Ofcourse the fact that they aren't able to cast anything out, acts to serve as a judge in a court effectively proving by which spirit they are driven....namely Beelzebub.
So He then really drives His point about religion home." If you are good...then live by the One who is good. If bad....then openly state you are doing so....but all this pretense of living from a good tree, then producinbg bad fruit....it's ridiculous!"

The religious spirit has got hold of them now....."OK Jesus PROVE yourself with a sign!"
"For the such as you, there is no sign!"

When a spirit is cast out and then returns to its house, finding it with no replacement owner....but empty and swept, it comes back with 7 more demons.
 "Nice empty squat lads....wanna come and join me?"
The last condition of the house is far worse.

What the Jews experienced...the Church now experiences.
If we don't press right in to the New Covenant relationship promised in Jeremiah 31, our end condition is to be filled with more demons than we began with. If the only level of God stuff we were into was only a feeble feeble outward appearance of service....we are still in works....we are now in a place of extreme danger.

The Tribe of Dan became the central agency by which Satan could operate his main plans in the earth...down through Templars...Freemasonry....extreme forms of witchcraft. When the rest of the Jews rejected Jesus, they themselves entered this place of danger. Now Christians who never ever believed for a complete changeover at the Cross are being sucked into the One world machinery of Luciferianism

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