Monday 13 March 2017

Clergy Protocol. This MUST BE OBEYED

I am a member of the clergy. I proudly stomp on Christ's message and instead practice the message handed to me in seminary. I proudly accept the certificate given to me after some theological study which preside over a local.congregation as a single father figure in a pyramid. I honour the tradition of the fathers to support myself with the bastardisation of the Old Covenant tithe scheme. I take on the responsibility of preaching about an aspect of.morality each week like.a.synagogue rabbi and to never share.about the Holy Spirit I proudly.deny access to God in the form of the Holy Spirit and rebel absolutely against all the apostolic.instructions in Corinthians and to how church services. Instead it was taught me in flagrant disregard for John chapter 4, by running and maintaining a building at exhorbitant cost, filled.with people baptised as infants and robbed from any conscious and experiential commitment to their own personal.death and resurrection in Christ,.and I maintain the regular sea.of.faces in that duplicity in the unsaid sense of duty to church and a distant God, such that they feel a sense.of.satisfaction, and I am.maintained in a job.
I spit on Christ's command to and warmly accept that you shall I have not studied all this time to be called.anything less in the community.
I have great difficulty with words in the Bible like.Grace, and Holy Spirit and New.Covenant because I have no.experiential knowledge of them and I.spit on Christ whenever John 3 because I have no intention in becoming like the Methodist John Wesley.....and that includes if I am a Methodist minister. Although there are many things I cannot tally in my life, broadly happy and willingly accept this post.for.the duration career. I don't expect anything particularly memorable to.happen during my posts,.and indeed the shock would.probably upset me.But as long as I don't call these things too specifically to.mind happy to.continue the many ways I.insist on speaking against Christ and His ways but always outwardly acknowledged His service and morality.

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