Sunday 5 March 2017

The Quantum Portals of Power

I have asked this in the Demi Lune coffee house in Amersham in 73. It appears regularly on Facebook from my friends. How do we get to do the things we read about in the Bible? And......this is actually related though initially you don't realise. How come there was such persecution in the New Testament but there isn't in the West today?
There are.many portals of power and Presence in the Bible.
In a nutshell,
the Kingdom is built in the second mile and paid for by widows,
and those ministers called forth are in first love commandments one and two ,
at times in their life when hormones mean they should normally be squandering them on their own whims.
In other words, the real Kingdom has always been a miracle.
God has and does still leave the 99 to find the one.
If by attending to the Holy Spirit you can get inside that process, acting as a lightning rod between the Kingdom, and that one or those ones that aren't the 99 .....that's where the awesome power is. That's where the portal is.
Or the portal is opened by love. Great love. Faith works by love.
Or the portal is.opened by prayer and fasting.
Or even more coldly " by the Word of faith".
The baldly stated, but believed against the odds Word.of.Faith. Norman Grubb and people like.George Mueller regularly experienced this.
In the charismatic world these declarations come at the end of incredible.experiences in the Presence of the Lord together or individually, so the evangelical.method which is really quite cold but purposeful comes as a shock.
The portal is opened by collective agreement where humans are actually exercising their legal dominion rights in the Holy Spirit t o legislate over this planet.
The portal is opened by gifts of the Spirit....tongues. prophecy. Visions .Dreams. ACTING ON THEM. Gifts of discernment which bind the strong man.
Finally...because I am not writing a book here and I want to reach the second question as well in a moment..... this last portal was discovered by Ed Miller, but nearly nobody contemporary knows about it......the Kingdom of.heavenly power is opened by Spirit season.
Yesterday a religious man was trying to sell us Lent. Well I guess in a fair wind, with the right people and expectancy involved Lent could mean something. It does.for.Morris Cerullo. But generally,'s stupid game play to avoid the reality of ever connecting with the Living God.
No the portal of heaven depends on the descriptions given in John 3 about being born again, about the Spirit as the wind that only those born of the Spirit can perceive.....and the portal is opened not by NATURAL SEASON but by Spirit season. Spiritually discerned.
The Jewish Feasts can be observed in the rather quaint way the first generation of."manifest sons " believers do( Dr Stanley Jones).....but really the feasts are going on continually in the Spirit in geographical locations all over the world....according to new influx of people, their growth and multiplication times, and their spiritual attendance to the spiritual realities behind the Jerusalem Gates. In other words, if you do.a.cycle of Jerusalem Gates and Jewish Feasts in the spiritual realms you will.come to Gate 9 and 11....portals of influx and and doubleAnointing.....and also the Feast of Ingathering. This is just Holy Spirit hard fact. Holy Spirit science.
So why does the gospel message no longer evoke the same.persecution? Well it's not the same gospel message. The one you hear in the West are oftentimes the very same words.....but you are hearing only a leftbrain version, the outer shell.
You are not hearing the inward Spirit version.
Even in Jesus day Jesus silenced demons shouting out that He was the Son of God. Wow. Surely they were doing the work of evangelism for.Him???? No....they were speaking through humans leftbrain to inure them to the genuine Spirit in which Jesus spoke. They were the outer condom to prevent the real.seed making it to the hearers.
They're like religious instruction in schools which is the Jesuit doctrines of.demons.which act as the same condom so whenever Elaine Glover goes out on the streets preaching the demons stop up the ears of every English person listening.
The truth is this......Even in the West as soon as you begin uncovering how Darkness works, like Fritz Springmeier and John.Todd Collins you are slapped into jail just like the apostles.
Or if you begin speaking the Biblical gospel under the anointing of the Holy Spirit then you shake the powers that control everything and even in England everything starts to retaliate. The leftbrain version which is purely informational never shakes anything in the Spirit, but is now very much part and parcel of the Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil.

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