Friday 24 March 2017

....And that is the problem, nobody has seen a thirdlevel church....

Picture of a Thirdlevel Church
This is the problem today, nobody has seen a church. Nobody knows what ministry is....precious few have ever been in a room with Corrie Ten Boom, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Watchman Nee, Ed Miller, Witness Lee, Mother Basile Schlink or Richard Wurmbrand.....
so everybody is blissfully unaware that there is a thirdlevel, they have only ever met first and secondlevellers.
You start to see how Jesus caused such a reaction, being the first ever thirdleveller on earth.
Even in the East they get the thirdleveller business. They call them gurus. Sadhu Sundar Singh Sadhu Sevelraj is following on.
Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, the two Chinese men clearly impart the Union message.
Flipping eckulo even Star Wars understands thirdlevellers: people who are bigger on their inside than out, like Yoda. Smith Wigglesworth used this Tardis phrase before Dr Who.
There it is for all to read
1 John 2 children young men fathers
Like a Seed,    falling ito the griound,      you shall be raised
Go the Way    to the Truth      find the Life
Abide in My Word....No really abide in my Word like disciples,      find the truth,     the truth shall set you free
Abraham (faithlife) Isaac (uncover wells - supernatural charisms) Jacob (wrestle until you get your Name change)
12 disciples were Jews of the Old Covenant, Jesus picked them and raised them in the charismatic, but after catastrophic failure they discovered their real new identity and became Life giving Fathers and apostles in Acts
Moses first level in Egyot, secondlevel with the sheep, thirdlevel in ministry
What on earth is Don K. Preston on about?It really is like the old days in 1972 trying as a 13 year old to lead a Church of Scotland minister and his wife into the baptism in the Spirit.
They were just the same as Don is, and the Pharisees and Saducees were with Jesus. If you see Spirit stuff it's obvious....but if you don't..... you really don't. Its really one of the wonders of the world. it's as bad as showing a molar that has completely grown in your mouth in a meeting to an atheist.
 " There's no proof"
You slap your head in a Homer Simpson fashion

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