Monday 13 March 2017

Kim Ilene Shares some discernment about the Shack

Kim Ilene
"#The_Shack" COULD be a useful teaching tool if one were using it to teach what Christianity is NOT, but unfortunately all Christians see is that it "teaches forgiveness," without asking WHY it teaches forgiveness. They don't see the Catholic(universal)/Androgynous Black Madonna (satanic), the New Age Issa Messiah (satanic) & the Hindu Shiva (satanic). They don't understand that Mormons & New Agers - & especially New Agers! - believe in "spirit babies" who existed before they were born & "chose" the life they were going to live fully KNOWING all that was going to occur during their life span - that's why they believe they can't get mad at perverts, murderers, etc., because they chose their lives, too. They believe that pretty much everything that happens in this life is irrelevant except learning to love & learning to love means learning to forgive. Similarly, Hindus are cool with the movie, because they, too, can recognize the reincarnational elements. Most everyone fails to recognize that the entire plot of the movie was laid out by the dad in the beginning: A little virgin princess had to die sacrificially to save the father. And THAT is, in fact, precisely what happened. His own daughter had to die, because her sacrificial death ultimately "saved" him. This is the very sick heart of paganism: Child sacrifice. I will say it again: It's NOT Jesus' death on the cross that saved the man, it was his own daughter. Pagans everywhere, New Agers, etc. have no problem with this "gospel," because it meshes very well with what they already believe. So you have Saruyu - who represents Shiva, the Hindu destroyer God/God of death & destruction - leads the man on an archetypal "hero's journey" (which, in this case, turns out to be a fantastic inner journey into the subconscious) by means of wandering into an overgrown/jungly labyrinth (because you wouldn't want the Christians to recognize it for what it is) - at the center of which he eventually buries his own child (bizarre, since he had earlier seen her alive in heaven) & there is much ado & fawning over a moth covered (inlaid wood) coffin (that was lovingly made by Jesus) - buried in a "ceremony" eerily similar to satanic child sacrifice in a circular wooded area... But let's go back to the labyrinth imagery for a second. The labyrinth originated in Greco-Roman culture - every year 7 girls &; 7 boys had to be sent into the center of the labyrinth to appease the insatiable rage of the Minotaur monster who lived in there... Is it ironic that the man had to "sacrifice" (give up) his insatiable rage & desire to kill the pedophile monster by burying his child in the middle of this labyrinth? And then, of course, once he buried his "seed" (his child) a beautiful dualistic tree of Good & Evil sprang up in its place with satanic snake swirls bursting out all over the place & a Monarch butterfly playfully tweaked the man's nose. (Monarch butterflies are used to symbolize child sex toys.) Again, New Agers & paganists of all kinds will immediately recognize the symbolic imagery as it zooms right over naive Christians' heads. The entire movie was a pagan child sacrifice reenactment... & nobody noticed.

Chris Welch approaches from a different angle

A reply to those saying that the Shack doesn't represent God as the Judge of the whole earth properly and matters of sin judgment and hell.
I don't wish to remove anything from God being God and He is the Greatest Judge. But we are not now living during Jesus time. We are living in the time Jesus prophesied....the time when the Kingdom appears overrun by bad seed sown by an enemy by night.
So while you wish to carry on as if nothing has happened, actually the world is now deliberately traumatised by anything to do with the Kingdom. And deliberately so. Satan meant it that way. So whereas Jesus is still preaching in a time when God is perceived as an honest balanced Judge, Satan has stuck a great big sign in the middle of the Farmers field with a monstrous trauma inducing head of THOR and called this the Christian God.
Now be my guest all you old guys living in pews in churches trying to pretend we are in the same even handed world of Anne of Green Gables or during Jesus time when church was still a virgin concept.....but nobody on earth is listening to you and your generation. They simply couldn't care less about anything you represent.....your churches.... your prqctices....your way of running Christs church for Him....
they have voted with their feet.
As the Shack says to's useless God appearing anything like He is, because Mack was transposing his entire trauma onto the face of God the Father.
You can speak about judgment til you are blue in the face....
what you will find is exactly the same response as if you were talking to a newly converted family member of the thirteen major Illuminati dynasties........complete and utter trauma
an inabilkity to think straight about anything for long
fragmented personalities
lots of complete delusion regarding reality and ofcourse God.
Now be my guest. Carry on traumatising people. But I would suggest that long before you can get anywhere near influencing people,
you have to do a lot of waiting
a lot of doodling in the sand
and at the end when it is quiet,
smile at the adulteress with empowering eyes and say
Neither do I condemn you but go and sin no more.

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