Wednesday 15 March 2017

Signs that you are Detoxing from Religion

If you detox from denominational,evangelical and charismatic churches what will you find?
Well, yes, the phrase "gather together more as you see the Day drawing near" will be a tough one.
and "Where two or three gather in My Name there I will be in the midst" gonna be tougher.
Remember guys....some of us were around for the switchover from first to secondlevel in the 70s. Huh? We're already professionals at this Hebrews 13.13 Game that is the 12th gate of Jerusalem ....the Prison Gate...
But it's the ONLY WAY to insist upon the world church that they relate purely with the Throne Room.
The Evangelicals didn' we left when we were baptised in the Spirit.
But the shock to our entire generation was that the so called Spirit filled don't relate with the Throne Room purely either.(Read Entering the Holy of Holies by David Swan)…/9839985361.htm
They relate with ministry gifts like Bill Johnson's Bethel
They relate with Big Auditoriums and BIG charismatic personalities like Benny Hinn and Morris Cerullo.
No the first thing detox will teach you is an ALL OF LIFE CHRISTIANITY. YOU WON'T EVEN BE ALLOWED THE "HIGHS OF WORSHIP". You will either have to draw from those wells yourself at home....or dive off head first into the total different form of Consciousness that is
Galatians 2.20
that is Proverbs 3.....acknowledge Him in all your ways and then learn the delight of Him making straight your paths....
Michael W Smith Living and Learning (by chance on right now)
You will never use ridiculous charismatic language anymore unless it is precisely what you want to say in the Spirit, and doubtless that will also have some twist that will offend a charismatic.
You will ONLY DO that which the Spirit directs you to do and blow the human pressure they try and exert on you
You will do very little....concerning yourself whole heartedly with the ONE THINGS God gets you to concentrate on.
Psalm a weaned child you won't consider high and mighty things that are total fantasy...
that doesn't mean what you will be involved in wont be at times totally just means you're not like that crazy frikkin child anymore in the Spirit that is always putting its hands out to prevent what God is really engineering from impinging on your previous cute life.....
It's Romans 12.1 now, it's not your life anymore...
and anyway as the whole of the universe begin to engage around you....or Christ as you rather, you are more than excited to be at the centre of God's will anyway.
Humans surrounding you will almost continually find some fault with what you do, how you speak,your timing, your ideas.....
we see this in John 7
we see this in King David's brothers when David rounded the corner with some cheeses and fixed his eyes on Goliath
if you are in the "300" your eyes fixed on the banks on the other side of the river are going to infuriate people. "They are just leaves blowing in the trees for heaven's sake....get a grip man....just bend down on your knees and get your mouth in the water like a normal person"
But you can't cos you are in the 300.
Or like John 4, the others will come back from the shops and walk right over the ministry that has just led a foreign woman and her village to the Lord.....because you missed the shopping agenda for the day and it's your fault , right?
You won't relate to the Pyramid heads that everybody else relates with. You will feel keenly the spider's webs that radiate in different ways from all people that are still stuck in Genesis 3 without knowing it.
Like King David, at times you will relate more with outsiders than you do God's people. But while doing so, you will only be further confirmed that the world system is ludicrous, a system that MUST solid as it pretends to be.
You will soon have little patience for even charismatics and their slimy ways, and false consciousness and separation seeing. The whole disgusting scene will be anathema to you just as the Pharisees and Sadducees were to Jesus in almost everything they did and said.
Why are all these things so?
Simply because God's Word is true
Jeremiah 31 The New Covenant really is a Holy Spirit engraving tool writing its way deep into your heart making it now impossible to live the Genesis 3 life
Galatians 2.20 does really mean every single thing that it says on the tinlid....Jesus Christ is walking as you
Ephesians 6 describes our feet.....our walking it having been SHOD with the gospel of peace...
Because we live the life of detox....
we really compare spiritual with spiritual
and we really have trained our senses in righteousness (HIS BY THE WAY) to discern the base/root/foundation/agenda difference between the spirit of good and the spirit of evil
that founds everything.
And as the "300" we learn the trick of the trade of having our lives on show as dung ready to be walked underfoot, while in reality the Kingdom Ladder is being fixed ever more firmly at its base to the earth.
Is it worth it?

See also Frank Viola's Book
Pagan Christianity

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