Sunday 26 March 2017

Why even bother with a thirdlevel?

I want to drop one of the secrets of the thirdlevel. As I said earlier thirdlevel in a while can be conveniently dropped as a term. The reason we have to use it or something meaning it.... like third Feast... or Father stage or union...
Is because the three previous forms of Christianity out there, are actually not the Life of Christ.
Denominations don't generally preach John chapter 3 and press people unto a born again experience.
The second form of Christianity called evangelicalism does centre round John chapter 3, which is ofcourse good but they stop there.
The third form of Christianity recognises the baptism of the Holy Spirit and engaging with the gifts of the Spirit.
But none of these are normal life.
Norman Grubbs phrase is " out at elbows with yourself". You are trying to be " something" but it doesn't really work. That is why we have to " be divisive" as somebody said earlier today and mess everything up by saying..... look... there's more.
If zero ,first and secondlevel Christianity worked there would be no need to shake the world down.
None of the previous Christianity types do a thing about the basic problem with planet earth.
Genesis 3
I am not saying sins.
Other christianities try to tackle sins.
But Jesus said He came to lay the axe to the root. Which is the spirit of sin.
Brian Zahnd isn't quite there yet because he is still, as we were and Gene Edwards was in the 80s still using
Thirdlevel is about cutting to the chase
The Genesis 3 bottom line
It's about going inside , going into your inner room,yes,....... but not to become something....
but based on the truth of the Cross, the exchange of Romans 6. We died in Christ and we were raised new creations in Christ.
The trick of the thirdlevel is we are not really doing anything to become anything.
Oh so you just remain normal then.
Nope, not that either. Nobody is " normal" as in God normal or Jesus normal. Everybody is dysfunctional.
But we have been told to accept this because we are " human".
But the other lie we have been told is that there is no spirit and instead we are selfpowered " front of house beings"
Souls.....emotions mind and will... entirely self powered.... autonomous.
Psychology is a whole pseudoscience based around and supporting this soul powered belief.
The ultimate is Buddhism, basing itself on the same lie but " spiritualising" that lie.
We are spirit. We have a soul and a body. We are dependant on spirit .
The " reptilian " lie, the serpent nature, is that while we are focused front of house , it powers us spiritually from behind. We aren't just human autonomous beings.
Coming back under the Lordship of Christ, wanting Him to properly indwell us again, casts out this false serpent spirit at the back of everything we are.
But the lie of all other christianities is NOT that we claim our deliverance, have a born again or even Spirit filled deliverance to return to bring a new soulpowered autonomous me.... that pushes me right back where I started going wrong in the Genesis 3 false delusion again.
No.... thirdlevel Christianity is normal life as originally designed for the very reason that the entity Jesus Christ me is the empowering and the life source of the rest of my being.... mind will and emotions.
Romans 6 " reckoning" or the process of inwardly accepting this as continuous fact by cold faith....
Gives birth to a continuous knowing
A whole inner change to identity back to root source, the life of the Father in me as it was in Jesus.
We become the very same blasphemy that Nazareth thought Jesus was.
Actually Jesus wasn't the blasphemy. All the rest of the world is.
The offence of blasphemy is simply that you are committing an act of revolt in Satans lying reign on earth. If you continue quite happily saying you are an autonomous being, Satan is happy, for ,by proxy ,through you and your complicity he is reigning here on earth.
To suddenly put up your hand like Jesus in the wilderness and say
You devil are not the ruler here
God is King
God is my sole source
Then you break Satans rule over the earth here... which he regards as an act of treason,
Or as he calls it, you have committed blasphemy against God for saying you are His Life.
But we are the Life of God on this planet... we are not the life of a usurping serpent reptilian creature....
If we make that inner choice out of here....
that inner choice to leave!!!!
Being this specific again spiritually about what a human is and the God who is our Life...
Actually connects us with reality again.
My spirit connects back with creation.
I am able to engage with things as they ARE.
God the one who sustains the universe by His Word of power anyway is the reality I am clicking back into by faith.
As we do we become more and more clear about the Matrix we are leaving behind!!!!
Those new to this check out Romans 12:1-2. which really summarises this entire post and is the baseline of thirdlevel Christianity or life lived out of the Holiest Place.

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