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Monday, 6 March 2017

The Wailing Wall and stuffed backpockets

To watch the idiots on Facebook who regularly recite "the murder of the innocents" you would think that's what the Old Testament is about. No, the actual events are tiny slices of history planned hundreds of years ahead of time if those people don't repent from passing their children and culture in the fire and worshipping Horus. The only reason you are taught these things is because the same dynastic lines that still worship Horus and pass their families through rituals.....some to fragment their minds, some born for the purpose of sacrifice....these ones are intent on blotting out all name of God from the earth, and in revenge for.Babel ,finishing the job with a Luciferian world. And if they can't do it with human will, they will remove will and fulfil their goals in transhumanism.
The Old Testament is only about an angry God if you are steeped in these bloodlines. Such bloodlines would.have prevented anything of God being achieved on earth, so first via the Flood, second via the strongest judgments upon Canaan tides of sin , judgment and self destruction were held back long enough for God to form and nurture His Seed.
The Old Testament is the New Covenant picture played out in an Adamic setting. The New Testament is the same thing played out in a childish and young man form of the New Last Adam Seed.
The Climax of the ages is when a now mature Ephesians 4 corporate Man in Christ takes on a Canaan which is now become a Pyramid over the whole earth run by shadowy figures of a King of Tyre type.description.
But all this is not the point of this status. The point is to highlight the real nature of the Old Testament which preconfigures everything God does.
He wastes nothing but predetermined everything.
He knew Laban was going to play tricks on his key man Jacob. He used it to make a tribe of 12 sons.
He Knew about the twins Jacob and Esau. He predetermined a bigger operation that's all....and yes they kissed and made up.
He knew Israel would reject their Head and choose to be run by kings, He even told them exactly what would happen and it happened and the tribes split.
He knew Israel.would be rebellious and go into.Babylon......and He told them how long for and that if they still.didn't listen that they would be scattered to the people.
Here's the key thing of the status.....
In all previous.conflict, God brought about bigger fulfilment.......we see this with Joseph.and his brothers.....
So God got the principle of person stands INSIDE the operations of God this we call in the New Covenant intercession living or thirdlevel Father living (1 John 2) or.Romans12.1 living......or Jerusalem Gate no. 12 living which means prison gate......all the same picture in 4 forms......
I MEAN REALLY!!!!! This time St Paul shows us in the Spirit.......God only takes THE WHOLE WORLD AND STUFFS THEM INSIDE THE BAD RELATIONSHIP---.
He takes the wild olive and stuffs them in the main olive plant.
So what triggered this morning's post is the wailing.wall. See, the Israelis have their insular agenda because their eyes are still blinded....
But what is taking the time with the wailing wall and praying for the peace of Jerusalem is that unknown to them.......THE REST OF THE WORLD IS STUFFED INTO THEIR BACK POCKETS!!!!!!_

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