Monday 16 January 2012

Glimpses we see in Robin Harfouche's testimony

Robin Harfouche's testimony highlights some interesting points, which I will list here to underline them for you as you hear her story.

  • The importance of family lines. There is a battle for lines in families. Robin's family contains witchcraft on one side and Pentecostal Christians on the other.
  • The reference to the largest entertainment agency behind Michael Jackson, Shirley Maclaine, and so many others directly in the control of mediums and spiritists, and their "obedience to bring in the next thing", in this case the New Age message
  • Spirit Guide is 9 foot tall. Think Nephilim in Old Testament.
  • The spiritual uses natural means , in this case a "door" to try and kill Robin
  • Churches can be power centres of Christ. As soon as she entered, she was healed from top to toe.
    She was shown a vision of the end time church in 1986. She saw the closing of the gap between the heavenlies and the earthly. This is ofcourse fully borne out in Jacob's dream of the ladder stretched between the earth and the heavens with angels ascending and descending.  It is also born out  in a prototype way in the Key of David meetings people come for in Havant once a month.
  • Robin talks about creative miracles, and we see that lady with the vaporised metal block. This happened a few years ago with Peter Stott in Spain where a metal rod in someone's back vaporised and the man somersaulted to the front of the meeting - an absolute impossibility a few moments before.

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