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Unless things change they remain the same

Tin Tabernacle Thorney Island Emsworth opened by Smith Wigglesworth

Facebook by Chris Welch on Thursday, 19 January 2012 at 12:14
Unless things change they remain the same: Graham Kemp
Graham said this in an Emsworth meeting in the days we used to meet across the road from its present Winsley and farm land, in the very Tin Tabernacle on the very spot Smith Wigglesworth was when he opened it.

As a left-brain statement it must rank up there with the most stupidly self-evident statements of all time.
But Graham was a kind of pragmatic spiritual man whose other great statement was walking in the Spirit is like shoving your head in a pencil sharpener.

In the Spirit "Unless things change they remain the same" is a power punching statement.
Rohan Barton felt one day to take some people with him to Nurnberg, the home of Hitler's rallies.
He actually stayed  in rooms owned by people who were there when Hitler did the rallies. And he was conscious that the demon spirits were still lurking around these people. Unchecked. Unrepented of. Just under the surface.

And either at this time or another he had a revelation, like an open vision in which he saw the same demons just changing garb. One minute wearing Nazi uniforms. Another dressed as 60s hippies with long hair.And so on right through time.

Daniel 8: 23 is good in the AMPLIFIED  23And at the latter end of their kingdom, when the transgressors [the apostate Jews] have reached the fullness [of their wickedness, taxing the limits of God's mercy], a king of fierce countenance and understanding dark trickery and craftiness shall stand up.
and verse 23 and 24 in the KJV is also interesting
 23And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.
 24And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.
Remember the phrase in Revelation : Those who say they are Jews but are notThere are several points highlighted to unpack. But before doing so, put all that on the table first and then stand back further.While you have the Grant Jeffreys the BarrySmiths,Perry Stone,John Hagee,Chuck Missler taking a good look out there with keen eyes and stabbing at possible meanings in scriptures and possible trends by which psalm 2 continues to manifest in greater and greater fulness
"the kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord
and His Anointed.
let us tear their fetters apart, and cast away their cords from us."

What we are saying is from the inside out. we are saying we have hunted high and low, first as non-Christians and then as Spiritfilled Christians right through to a bitter conclusion at the end of our Romans chapter 7 experience. And what we have come to is this:
There is only ONE LIFE in the Universe and it is God's Life.
Any life that is manifest by the devil, or humanity that havent yet realised is a kind of twisted form of God's original life bent back in on itself as "self for self" living. The Self Preservation Society to quote the song in "The Italian Job".
By the way, did any of you recognise the structure of things in that ?  The Noel Coward  UK Elite Banker model controlling everything hidden by layers of camouflage, in this case an HMP Prison?So as I said,leave the sons of Issachar stuff on the table a moment and consider this:
Day One : Jews
Day Two: Church
Day Three : the highways and byways, the gutters and the hedgerows. Compel them all to come in!

Think Jacob and Esau.
As some of you know I am reading Lance Lambert's "Jacob I have loved".
At one level Jacob means the house of Israel.
At another level Jacob means "the younger of the 2 houses" of Jews, and the Church. We have in some way "nicked" the blessing of Christ's salvation, the expected Messiah, off our elder brother, who didnt really care about the Messiah and were instrumental, as any flesh infested human who completely misses Christ in human form, in His death. The Church continues to miss Christ. Incarnated Christ forms as they emerge each generation, always look too fleshly, too derived to their spiritual forebears.The fact that  spiritual forebears have believed this substance into being for centuries does not seem to tip any humans off, when they live according to the flesh.

Aha! you say Aha!
I'm grabbing the theme Chris.
Yes. So one whole generation of Esaus under the name of Jews, missed Jesus completely, and the gospel got put on ice in the Jewish world, while the Gentiles were getting the message....and totally undeservingly.
But , you say, you're going further than that Chris aren't you?
Yes I reply.
If things dont change they remain the same
The Church in the whole world now, made up mostly of Gentiles, have pursued Christ in a similar lacklustre way to the Jews. They went a stage further and actually ascribed forgiveness to the cross, but there they sit munching their cucumber sandwiches and running their bingo drives, totally oblivious to the rest of the Book of Romans.

So in Jewish terms :
  • Christians have "got" the revelation of  the God of Abraham....forgiveness that comes by faith
  • Christians (some of them) have enjoyed the revelation of the God of Isaac, which is  "the wells of salvation", the acts and experiences of the Holy Spirit anointing upon flesh
  • But Christians have no clue about anything more than this. That God is the God of Jacob, which is the crux of the whole point of why God put man on earth, Christians have absolutely no revelation of whatsoever, and anyway their cucumber sandwiches taste nice , and hey, we'ver just won another round of bingo.
So the same Esau, Jacob transition is happening right now.
The people the full blessing should have gone to , namely Christians , are being bypassed
for the "Fulness of the Gentiles"
the riff raff
the people who couldnt really care less
the people who shouldnt be allowed anywhere near God at all
the totally and absolutely undeserving
the ones who dont even have Christian forebears......
"that every mouth be unstopped"
Jews mouths
Christian mouths
and more than anything  flagrant sinners mouths who have thought for untold millennia that they were excluded from the grace and promises of God
but never were
it was all a shoddy lie sown in a garden by the same serpent who manipulates Rothschild and all his pyramid layers today. And if Mossad read this, and want to pass it back to him, even Rothschild can be saved, if he's prepared to go through the eye of a needle.

The Jews and particularly Caballist Jews look at the promise of God and make it theirs. But according to the flesh.
Christians look at the half fulfilled grace in their lives and clutch the rest according to flesh in their own lives.

But the history of the world has only ever been about  One man. The worm Jacob. Flesh. Thqt God wants that he go into the ground, die, and be raised in the image of the ONLY MAN. Jesus Christ.
Why Jacob. because God chose to love Jacob. Not for any intrinsic reason at all...
well only one intrinsic reason... God's" intrinsic to Him" reason

In loop after loop of history, it's the same Esau, Jacob cycle.
The only thing that increases with the GRACE outpoured, is the Rise of Evil into one HUGE AXIS, which like a black hole will suck anything attached to you that is of the same substance into it and like Judas experienced , pull you into it as well.

So as Jesus said, Brothers shall rise up against brothers. People shall kill you and think they are doing God's will.
Because as history comes to its conclusion there is a great revealing, and apocalypse. The cloth is coming off. There is the revealing of the Man without Sin. Jesus Christ in His Body.
And there is the Revealing of the man of Sin.
Who according to the original Daniel chapters above
seems to be run with "apostate Jews" at the head. Caballist jews who have sold their hearts to follow who they believe is a worthy leader....Lucifer.
Theirs is a kingdom that rises in silence and stealth. It is here now, but nobody realises. Daniel describes it as clay mixed awkwardly with iron. Buried in the soft cuddly clay of "just me humans", of well-organised apparently well-meaning pyramids and organisations of business, politics ,state and church
is the Iron that will drag everyone to their ruin, mercilessly
suddenly pulling rugs out from beneath them as they did in the 2008 recession.

In KJV and Darby editions they higjhlight the hebrew meaning of practce, of trial and error.
Since Charlemagne himself trying to revive the Roman Empire, through Napoleon, through the police state controlled Austria of the mid nineteenth century, Caballists have been practicing. What began in a clumsy visible way, right through Communism and Fascism, and described in detail in the purportedly fake Protocls of the Elders of Zion,
is now being reproduced in a quiet stealth way, with kid gloves on,
gentle coercian
the soft friendly looking humanity of the clay
with the secret iron embedded between the 10 toes.

The very same people who ran the KGB, made a switch to Israel to set up Mossad.
The very same people who ran Nazi Germany, switched to South and North America where they run the CIA programmes that have caused the rest of the Earth to call America the Great Satan.

The Feds and the CIA are themselves clay organisations with lots of friendly bits, it is not until you peer closely that you see the iron underneath.It was the CIA who rendered loads of North Vietnamese homeless, who in their desperation to survive and eat, armed and robbed, and who the CIA then named as the Vietcong, and stirred America to fight for freedom from the Communists. And who benefits from the weapons? The bankers. And the loss of innocent lives on all sides? Lucifer loving Caballists who want to create holocausts of humans for their beloved prince.For more glimpses into the frightening world of the CIA, rent the film "Shutter Island" with Leonard DiCaprio.So "understand dark sentences" is all about mind control and programming whole nations through TV, film, news media, education, much of which is all listed in the Protocols of Zion.
"destroy wonderfully" is both magnitude and scale, as well as depth,layers and complexity of conspiracy. Blavatsky and many others behind the original United Nations programme, as well as Albert Pike who wrote about  three world wars were mediums receiving their in put from what Darkness calls Grand Masters. Demon powers and princes for millennia over the nations of the world,and with whom the Archangel fought for 21 days just to get his message through to Daniel.
These are not human conspiracies. This "man of sin" is not ruling and rising according to natural power, although the outer appearance is of clay.  24And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power

The revealing of sin in full force is the backdrop of a 3rd level Church raised up as a Son of Man, suddenly and quickly across the earth. Every bit of this was prefigured in Gideon's 300 men, who were chosen using the same Spirit filter system that is in use in our day. Except, for "striking the pots", we are talking like St Paul who was the great forerunner, of one who knew the buffetings of the flesh, releasing the glory and power of the manifest Son of God within him.

You see, for millennia, things have remained exactly the same. The Ancient Doors of psalm 24 have just sat there in opposition to the Kingdom of God being manifest openly in God's Earth.

What we are saying is, finally
Be ye lifted O Ancient Doors
Let the King of Glory Enter In.
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    • Cathy Rheeder Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank God u have done all the reading chris! Wow no one shares like this! Makes one think! Thanx so much for sharing chris.must read it a few times,theres decades of study in here!
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    • Joan Reilly
      Thank you for posting this for me, Chris. I don't understand everything you have written here and if you noticed, I sometimes don't respond to the answers you give to the questions I ask. I'll tell you now, it's because I'm left speechles...See more

      Thursday at 15:25 · · 4

    • Rich Novek
      Amen brother! There is lots going on in the unseen, an unfolding, a revealing is about to happen, and why? Because there is a company of believers who have gone to hell and back, emptied of everything having to do with loving the world an...See more

      Thursday at 16:27 · · 6

    • Chris Welch
      The thing that makes nosense about the "Different gospel", or "the separation here, God somewhere in the universe out there" is that Israel, on the one hand, the Antichrist and last days things including the Book of Revelation a...See more

      Thursday at 22:22 · · 3

    • Cindi Estep I'm in it but not of it......I Love Living where I do but I have come out of the fog.....and Now I See!
      Friday at 10:35 · · 1

    • Teresa Dennis hmmm...really enjoyed this read...thanks :)
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