Thursday 19 January 2012

Letter to Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Arthur and Denise,
I've just come out of  a hernia op after tossing pianos for 30 years. Interestingly I was born in Ghana to British
science teacher parents with a pyloric stenosis, a block in my stomach. I now have a scar from my birth running into
another scar where they did the hernia. I am a human zip.
Why is this all relevant? Well a subtle change has to occur concerning the Cross and the Church.
Watch this. In Revelation it says how the Word is sweet to the taste, but in the stomach it is exceedingly bitter.
As a broad generalisation the Church for 2000 years has taken the "sweet pill" of the cross, the forgiveness, the amazing free grace
of Christ ....but as it was ingested, this Word was never carried through all the digestion system. There has been a blockage.
The church has had a pyloric stenosis....and who knows...even a hernia.
Our perception of the Cross has been the blood of Christ. But ask anyone during a communion what on earth
the bread is about, and you'll find everyone's eyebrows become furrowed? Or at best some well instructed Bible lover
will return a reply which is straight off the top of his head. Straight out of his thinking, but absolutely no revelation at all.
As a general rule, nobody  "gets" Galations 2:20. The I have been crucified with Christ bit.
Even on TBN you should be fine talking about the forgiveness through the Blood of Christ, but go any further and you'll get problems.
I have confidence in you guys, that you have taken the Cross further. That it is not merely a forgiveness emblem to you.
Jesus took every single one of us, every last trace of the whole Adamic order into death in His Body. We were all there.
We talk of God's love, but actually Jesus set His face. He was ruthless. He so hated Arthur Denise and Chris that, without asking
us beforehand, before we ever knew anything about it, He pulled all of us into His Body death with Him and took us all to the Eternal municipal
waste dump, and incase there were any signs of life and struggle, kept us in His death for 3 whole days. He finished us completely.
Then the Father made a sign to the Holy Spirit to come and give life to His mortal Body. Only, Jesus caught us up in Him as well.
And the Greek for "hidden with Christ in God" is "interleaved" like the Viennetta ice creams Denise will know. We are so interleaved with Christ
nobody has a clue where He starts and we finish. And this is the meaning behind John 17. This is the Body death of the Communion.
This is the anchor we have in Hebrews which means we're gonna make it as Christians.
Except nobody knows.Somehow Arthur you knew. Cant understand how on earth you picked that up in the States?
 They know about the forgiveness bit and like a sweet morsel of food they ingest that bit, but virtually the whole church leaves it at that. That is all they know. Somehow Arthur, you picked up it was more than that. You see unless the Word passes
right through us,and is fully ingested, the world never sees Christ in Arthur and Denise form walking around. All they see is sinner Arthur and Denise continuallyasking forgiveness from one Sunday to the next. And this is why it is so hard to get more evangelists. Because, as marvellous as it is to be forgiven, you are still the same sinners, even though born again, and you feel fraudulent going around telling people about a salvation that only half works. So this is why Rheinhard Bonnke, Morris Cerullo and yourselves waste so much energy trying to raise
up evangelists. it's exhausting.
Jesus has a better plan. Kill them all and raise them on the 3rd day!  How ruthless!
Yes, but how effective!. And 3000 were added the first day.
But Arthur wasnt working up a sweat trying to raise more evangelists! Nope. On the day of Acts Arthur was nowhere to be seen
but somehow God still managed it!
Understand I have the highest respect for you guys, but I'm just trying to sharpen you as you go round with the most lethal
of all weapons....the Cross.
Chris Welch

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