Monday 23 January 2012

Goodbye Elitest Bride Rubbish

 by Chris Welch,Facebook note on Friday, 20 January 2012 at 23:19

Pieter Wessels: What is the difference between the sons of god and the bride of christ, cos there is i'm sure? 23 minutes ago ·
  Chris Welch: The way Daniel Yordy and I would talk about the Bride would be like this....and we have a reason to talk this way. You see if in the 70s and 80s you were in a set of related churches to Ed Miller, or to Sam Fife...or maybe to an extent to Jorge Pradas who learned a lot from would talk in terms of this special breed called the Bride. The problem with it is a kind of flesh elitism.

Anything we get hold of we have to get in the Spirit. If there is even a smidgen of double eye seeing (ie not the single eye Jesus is on about) we end up preaching some form of Jesus PLUS, which is works.
Or in Galations it is referred to as bewitching.

So how do we address the scriptures? Well the heart of God is a wide open embrace. It is grace. But what Daniel and I would say is that the growth of Jesus within us is a 3 stage affair as in 1 John 2:12 ff and the description we have in Revelation 12 is just a reworking of the three growth stages towards a mature man.

You see the Bride is that MANIFEST WOMAN in the earth, the Counterpart of Jesus, the first example of what this new breed "the Son of man " looks like. (He is the firstborn of many brethren...and He is not ashamed to call us brethren.) So lets look at the revelation verse "and they overcame Him through the Blood,by the Word of their testimony and by loving their lives not unto death.

The Child stage is an appreciation of the total grace of Christ through this shed Blood. The next stage is proclaiming the Word about all Jesus says about us in the new creation, until we are so settled in our believing we launch forth into the Father stage of our commissioning on earth.This is costly, but because we now KNOW who we are, we are prepared to enter into costly "laying our life down...if necessary unto many diverse ways to see our commissions come to pass."

Such a people who actually do this stuff are MANIFESTING the FULL BRIDAL Life that Jesus put inside us. About 50 years ago people talked in terms of Wurmbrand ,Nee, Corrie Ten Boom and all these types as special. But this was poppycock. They were just believers who worked with the seed Jesus had given them, since His divine seed it says in Peter,has all the divine power and grace necessary to bring this Life forth in us.

And knowing all this stuff deep in our Spirit keeps us right out of that elitest crap that Daniel and and  I suffered for nearly 20 years. We KNOW of which we speak, and we know the updates the Holy Spirit has spoken so we never have churches like that again!!!


Aussiedler77 said...

As far as I know, from the many tapes I have heard by Ed Miller and from getting to know people who were in his ministry Ed talked almost to no one about his revelations about the bride.

He got the revelations when he was visited by Jesus and until the end of hsi life he told no one about it. That's what I knew. He seemed to know who had ears for such things...

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...
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Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Ed was not fully received after 1980, so to be fair a whole load of conflicting pressures were on Ian mcCulloch,Jorge Pradas and Ed in relation to Emsworth.
That said Ed was formed in pentecostalism, Jorge and Ian in the Brethren. Although all three had moved a long way there were definitely still aspects of their input that is a long way from the simple message the Holy Spirit is bringing today through Norman Grubb and many many others, about the simple reversal of the wrong believing in genesis 3. Half the hoops we were jumping through are nolonger relevant. It is simply belief on the Seed of Christ's Life in us and the perfect assurance that He who has begun a good work will see it through in us.

One day , holding the Holy Spirit's hand I directly crossed Ed Miller after he forbade any prophecy. After correcting me, he admitted that it had been a very good Word.

Knowing God's call on my life, I knew Ed may be special, but he's not more special than the Lord Himself.

Aussiedler77 said...

who are those guys, Sam fife and Pradas? I don't find much on the internet about them, except the negative, critical stuff that I refuse to read.

I know they are not more special I know some faults that Ed Miller had, but also refuse to speak about them, because here in Germany most of the people like the bad stuff more than the good stuff.

And you are aboslutely right, this elitist thinking is very often used by the devil to feed our pride. You can easily discern this in some of the overcomer teachings, latter rain teachings, bride, etc...

The one thing I admire in Ed was that he really knew what to do in every meeting, I mean He was a very good "taxi driver". I have seen that in almost no active minister, besides Greg Violi. Thats why I pay special attention to him, but I know also, that it is impossible and very foolish to imitate that.

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Sam Fife saw and ran with the vision of the third feast, the feast of Tabernacles which is explained in the FOT series.

Jorge Pradas didn't get the third Feast, but to a large extent he got Ed Miller. Pradas really got the "vision of the Church" as in Revelation 12. It wasnt a vision actually, a prototype was raised up in the Spirit through the Bible Houses in Argentina,Barcelona,and Emsworth. Don't think Jorge quite understood how deep the problem of sin is, so he didn't quite get why Ed went as deep as he did.

So between the triumvirate you have something verging on what God is now building in the Spirit all over the world. The fourth important componant is the simplicity of Norman Grubb's message on galations 2:20.

I am kind of stuck between all 4 of them trying to get each stream to talk to each other. On their own, each stream takes ages, but the 4 componants (plus all the other of the 12 tribe streams) make for this thing Paul describes as "the whole Body building itself up in love Ephesians 2)

I am privileged to have spent my life among different sets of people who knew how to move in the Melchizedek Order in meetings. It's only since doing this blog and Facebook that I now discover how few on the Earth know how to do this.

So I actually dont agree with you. because we're all born again from on high, the BODY does know how to run meetings. We spend all our lives damming up what God has already installed in the Body by paralysing 1 John 2, the three stages of growth, and the meeting Spirit infrastructure as laid down in Ephesians 2, and 1 Corinthians 12-14. There is precious little else in the New testament, you'd have thought if we only did those things that would be an obvious thing to do. But the whole Body of Christ on the earth thinks they know better than their Lord, and does everything else BUT those things.

Ofcourse "we see an Enemy has done this", but it's kind of a negative marvel nonetheless. I mean the odds are quite staggering how we can do everything else but what is asked. It's one of the many "negative proofs" that there is a devil.

The key of David meetings here in Havant is fast approaching what Ed Miller viewed as normal. The problem in Havant is I am not really received in the Spirit and they are still playing Kindergarten games with me, like getting me to check out everything I do with them, by which time there is no anointing left, and ofcourse this is what the devil wants with sensitive 3rd level stuff. he wants it produced in a fleshly format to scare everyone off. Spirit can never be delivered in a fleshly format....any more than a woman can become pregnant outside the bedroom....or some other "intimate space".

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

BTW. You will love Rosie Esseveld's stuff I think on today's post

Aussiedler77 said...

okay, I will read it. Thank you for the information on Pradas and Fife. Guess I have something to read in the next days.

and be patient with me, I am from Germany ;-)

Chris Welch - 07000INTUNE said...

Doch nicht , Ich meinte es war was zuzuhoren. Viel leichter! Mach Spass!