Sunday 1 January 2012

A Prayer of "separation religion" and my comment

 I was brought up making up prayers like below for the first 12 years of my life in a Methodist Church.Then I met God for myself. My comment below.  Chris Welch on Velveteen Rabbi.

Reverend Howard Thurman: "Through the Coming Year"
Grant that I may pass through
the coming year with a faithful heart.
There will be much to test me and
make weak my strength before the year ends.
In my confusion I shall often say the word that is not true and do the thing of which I am ashamed.
There will be errors in the mind
and great inaccuracies of judgment...
In seeking the light,
I shall again and again find myself
walking in the darkness.
I shall mistake my light for Your light
and I shall drink from the responsibility of the choice I make.
Nevertheless, grant that I may pass through the coming year with a faithful heart.
May I never give the approval of my heart to error, to falseness, to vanity, to sin.
Though my days be marked
with failures, stumblings, fallings,
let my spirit be free
so that You may take it
and redeem my moments
in all the ways my needs reveal.
Give me the quiet assurance
of Your Love and Presence.
Grant that I may pass through
the coming year with a faithful heart.

When we are in "separation" we pray such prayers. As a child we never would.
This comes from the knowing, self-conscious prayer of someone living from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,
trying to cover all bases, knowing he/she will sin again just the same as last year.
This is the desperate separation of one whose heart and dreams have been shattered by the death of Disney, Fairyland,and Santa
and therefore God,
or if in a TS Eliot Wasteland, there may be a God
it is a God of Genesis 3 separation, that I may still be allowed to be my own god.

So coming from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil
from a hard-wired leftbrain sandwiched between all it can touch, see,hear,feel and taste
and no more...
every statement has to be balanced in Taoist Illuminati precision
lest I fall off the log that is in my own eye
"I shall again and again find myself in walking in the darkness
Give me the love and assurance of your love and Presence....and a faithful heart
while I carry on making the same ballsup I have every year...yadah yadah yadah."

How great to know the "wall of hostility is broken down"
"the veil of the Temple is torn"
"I have a firm anchor which has reached into the Holy of Holies"
"That Christ opened that way for me, and for everyone that He be manifest as the All in All"
Adam and the Fall was scarce a hop skip and a jump.
The Caballist Jews hidden in the crowd strategically on the day of Jesus trial
to manipulate the Luciferian words out of basically a puzzled and confused people
who just the week before had shouted "Hosanna to the King of the Jews" on a donkey.
These same Jews now manipulated by warlocks to speak the curse that the world would then
haunt them with for two millennia
Crucify Him. May His blood be upon our peopleunto every generation".
And like cchastened Freemasons, who against their initial will, find this
humanitarian club not to be exactly what first appeared, who then roll up trouser leg
and make witchcraft oaths over themselves and their family, with which they are haunted
then for generations.....

All the same stuff
All the same lies
from the same father of lies of Genesis 3.
So Adam and the Fall was a hop skip and a jump.
The Jews being tricked into a phony trial
a mere hop skip and a jump

For the end game was spoken by Jesus on the Cross to all
"Father I forgive them...."
and "Today you will be with me in Paradise."

No. We dont pray the "separation prayers" of ecclesiastical gentlemen who are all
still stuck in Genesis 3 like the Jews

We pray in Union according to the Union message of John chapter 17
of Jews and Goyim in the know
and leave the One World Order to do its worst
until everyone exhausted, finally realises
Genesis 3 is past its sell by date. It went out of Walmart 2000 years ago
and shouldn't have even been included as a prayer on your blog.

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