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Have we been duped or are we just talking reality?

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Have we been duped, because we are certainly treated as such....or are we just talking reality?
Imagine me stepping off the plane at Heathrow only to find something had gone wrong and the plane had landed in 1890. "Hello Chris." "Hi." "Where've you just come from?" "Heathrow airport." "What's that? Sounds like somewhere they package and store air?" " No, I mean I've just flown in." "What, like a bird?....." And so on.
Now imagine why we have a problem explaining why there really is only One Life in the Universe to a people brought up in "split view". We were brought up in split view.
Split view ascribes viciousness,bitterness,foul hateful speech and all the rest, equal "airtime" with "being good, kind, inventive,faithful" and lumps them altogether as "human".
But what we are saying is "No. Bitterness. Hateful speech.....etc is not have to be in a completely different spirit mode to even operate these. " Jesus when He was met with "Good Teacher", wriggled out of that one immediately. "You're not slapping that "human separate self myth" on me! There is only One that's good and that is God the Father.
Now , it takes a while to train our senses in these things to be able to distinguish good from evil. To someone in "split view", that sentence means little, because it's pretty obvious what is good and what is bad, so why on earth train your senses for ages? What's that about.
What it's about is to be a "see througher" to spot Trees of Good, from Trees of Life.
Tree of Good is manufactured. I think PCdom is today's illustration par excellence which Christian and non-Christian can understand.
What is soooo good about what Andre is sharing is that Christ's Life is normal to us. In a way we're only calling it Christ's life, because the planet has been invaded. In Genesis 2 and the first bit of Genesis 3 Adam didn't need to go around saying I am living from God's life.
What else was there.
Indeed in real terms in today's universe: What else is there.
From the Caribbeans we learned the phrase : "It's really flowing man!."
(Hard concept for English people with their schedule books).
As a rule of thumb though Africans and South Americans have an innate feel for flow.As the son of two British physics teachers I had to have the Holy Spirit plunge me 3000ft under into the River of God and hold me there kicking and screaming for some time, before I even grasped that such a concept existed.
So what we are speaking is NORMAL LIFE. Non-manipulated life.
By returning to "single -eyed vision", we are declaring that that real life, has everything in it to bring forth Christ in us.
But the difference between split view life and single-eyed life is spelt out in Proverbs 3.
The phrase I am thinking of is this "If we acknowledge HIM in ALL our WAYS".
And this "acknowledging Him" is the single INTERNAL GAZE that is developed over time. the phrase "train our senses in these things to be able to distinguish good from evil. "
You see the senses are going on up above this. That's why "split view " people cannot understand us, because everything they do goes on at the level of the senses.
The ONLY people that "start" to get us are Buddhists. But as I have written elsewhere they have no inner knowledge of having "died" completely 2000 years ago, and now at our innercore we have been raised already with Christ co seated with Him in heavenly places. Buddhists cannot go there. So in a way they are running quite similar operating systems up above this level of spirit change, as us.... and what we are saying is unique, because we are talking of a total death to death that has happened for us, and we are working out from there.
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    • Chima Tasie Freeman oh good one.
      30 November 2011 at 14:15 ·

    • Chris Welch ‎:)
      30 November 2011 at 14:16 · · 1

    • Elaine Kelly Bravo.. sadly I go back and forth.. single split .. I so want to just get there and remain.
      1 December 2011 at 06:40 ·

    • Sali Storymaker Wales
      i am not sure i would knock the Buddhists if you have no personal recollections of previous life existences - Egyptians have a few major points also to consider. There are other aspects to consider, and as you rightly point out, they may not completely understand your thoughtpoints, and they may feel you also do not understand theirs... does this make them wrong? I only say this as I feel the Buddhists and Egyptians have a lot for us to take note of, and the Pagans too, and not to just dismiss everything because it does quite fit the agenda. just my thoughts.... no offence meant to any religions ... just feel n open mind still needs to be an OPEN mind, (and heart) xxx

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