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Real life versus Spiritual life ??????

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by Chris Welch on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 at 12:07
Remember the "too heavenly minded to be of any spiritual use" phrase?
Then we learned Christ Life is Life.
There is ONLY ONE life in the universe.

So what's going on out there in real terms?
Why is the "appearance" that spiritual life and real life are different?Daniel Yordy, Rich Novek, Fred Pruitt,Ole Henrik Skjelstad,Brian Coatney,myself and many many others you know run teaching blogs. I find it incredible that over a 1000 have not so far got rid of me on Facebook. Because the truth is,so called real life, the bill paying life, the financial remuneration side of life, with boards and trusts, and pyramids of power have in REAL terms rejected every single one of us , some for as many as 30 years or more. Yet we would declare that we are preaching the real thing. LIFE.   We might not have every bit of it in articulable form. We believe we have received the whole thing in the Person of Jesus. But as year follows year He keeps peeling off onion layers, and we "see" a completely new bit we never even imagined before, let alone "saw close-up".  In general, Jesus keeps wrecking our theology. But one thing is absoluteley clear: as trustworthy as we feel our revelation is, absolutely no system out there thinks likewise about us. So, without the added comfort of being nicely tithed to, we've had to believe for decades that this LIFE will carry us through financially. And this seems to be how the Melchizedek Order works.

So this tells us immediately "real life", a life sewn up in different forms of pyramids of supply, is somehow different from the LIFE that is central to the Universe.Jesus had no trustee board, or mission organisation that existed apart from Him after He died. Tellingly, any infrastructure that might have existed, went back to their fishing nets straight after his death.  Jesus effectively scuppered their return to "real life", by appearing in resurrection form. It kind of messed up their "real life " from thereon in. Except that "real life" is not the same as LIFE.Life, the Life that sustains the whole universe with His Word of Power, walks right into death and out the otherside, appearing coolly,normally and unflustered, then mistaken in the total non-hype of it all, for a gardner.

Which , the more you think about it, is even more cool still. LIFE, the real Soooooo's cool.I suppose, Hollywood or Clint Eastwood would have had Jesus coming silently out of the grave, with a cowboy hat and a brim covering his eyes slightly, leaning nonchalantly against the very very heavy rock, now pushed aside, with a Peter Stuvesant cigarette flicked lightly with one finger. Perhaps Jesus missed a trick there.

Or not.

Let's look at Jesus financial system.
He just brought the Word, and believed the Father to supply the necessary to keep every one fed and clothed. -And I guess, all the disciples' wives and kids fed and clothed too.
Many females in high places were donating pretty heavily. But there was no system. There was no pyramid that Jesus had bought into.

He preached about flowers. And He preached about birds of the air. Does this seem stupid?
A clue came when the Israelites demand a King, to be like other nations. God the Father, who could have gone ballistic, because above all, this request was a slap in the face to His own sovereign ability to be everything for the people of God, interestingly,He doesnt mention one bit of this....but just out of other love mentions all the things that having Kings bring.Basically you yield up huge amounts of your energy earning power to support someone that, at the end of the day, does NOTHING FOR YOU, that you as a group moving in the Melchizedek order couldn't do much cheaper for your selves.

THERE IS NO SCARCITY. Listen if God can provide manna supernaturally to supply 2 to 3 million people in a desert, what's the problem in an earth of rich supply, minerally,agriculurally, fishily or any other "ily" as long as nations are prepared to LIVE from the ONE LIFE and supply each other.The LIE of "real life" then is that THERE IS LACK, and ofcourse by believing that lie, we have now created it in real terms, because between us all we have funded Monsanto, we have funded the genome project.
I thought the genome project was about our health. Listen sunshines, since when did our health matter acutely to pyramid powers?  No, the huge sums of money made suddenly and magically available to the genome project so that it was completed in a fraction of the expected time, was about nothing more than greed and control. You see, by controlling the world's food and reproduction, you can create more scarcity, and bring in the ultimate control and the ultimate pyramid of all time. The one Daniel and St John saw....and the one that knocked them to the ground because of it's immense Luciferian power. When they saw the vision, they fell faint. Luckily...they saw the next bit too, which was the awesomely greater power of Jesus Christ lived out of human flesh bodies, in an even greater victory, which knocked them off their feet again....

But are you starting to get the picture?
Real life, control and pyramids   was never real life. The power of Rome over all Israel, and therefore over Jesus was totally real. It had an effect on the Sovereign power of the Universe in human form. But in the end. In the end. Real life was not real life, but just a projected illusion. The projected illusion of Lucifer, manifest in Roman form over the whole of the Mediterranean area.In the end, all of us writers have had to decide what is true LIFE, or this projection called "real life", that for 40-50 years were charismatic churches who rejected each of us in turn. We had to find our own supply, the Living Lord Jesus. And this has been good practice for a pyramid system that started turning very vicious around 2008. It is a lie ofcourse.It's a lie, because ever since I have been converted in 1972, God has spoken through the church that this day would come. That there was never any way that the USA in particular and the UK too, could continue with such debt. And the prophetic voices were continually drowned out by "real life" saying the opposite, until suddenly, the false sustainers of this system, decided to pull the rug in 2008. The time had come.Feminism, whatever it was about in God terms....I for one think that the Church lived like dodos for centuries, not understanding that Jean Darnall, Aimee Semple  McPhersonl,Maria Woodworth Etter,Kathryn Kuhlman,Ruth Heflin, in the Spirit were here to stay...
but in human banker Luciferian terms, feminism was never about women, it was about leveraging the last drops of money out of grossly inflated house collateral, to raise the  necessary dollars for the "black ops" star wars machinery and military and scientific equipment to be able to subjugate every last country to a new world order control system.

1800s Austrian state control, followed by Communism and fascism, were just the localised practise runs. This is the "real life" everyone has funded because they never prayed "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil" every week anymore since the Masonry designed Enlightenment project began 200 years ago.Wars and rumours of wars: wars killed millions in a sacrifice to Satan, as well as hugely funding totaliterian plans. Atom bombs describe really well the devastation in Revelation and there was a rush to bank away in the Arctic already every kind of seed, for such an eventuality.
Jonah's own prophecy shows God's heart is always for people to get right. His prophecy never got fulfilled, which freaked him out. Prophecies are warnings, but if unheeded, will really work themselves out. For there are not  three realms. The Devil. God. And some benign Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil of "educated folk in between".This Knowledge Tree is our light....which is darkness. The darkness is so great, wily and wondrous, it looks just like light to us. But it's a "huge front organisation" for Darkness. In fact it is the biggest. And Revelation describes all the things it will bring if we do not turn to God's own heart. He will DELIVER US from evil, but only if we choose NOT TO GO THE WAY OF TESTING.

We have a little idea of what that was, with Communism and Fascism. Communism to date, under Stalin and Mao, has caused the world's statiscally greatest famines ever....all in the same century. The same Father of lies is planning much greater statistics.Let's choose REAL LIFE, but this time, the REAL REAL LIFE. The one of no scarcity, like the birds overhead, and the flowers beautifully clothed. The supernaturally Word sustained life, of a relationship with God our Father.
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    • Joan Reilly
      Thank God for Real Life, Chris. We see this "real life" unfolding all around us and don't have any control over it. The past many years it was my belief that I had to do something to save our country, our family, our lives. ...participat...See more

      Wednesday at 15:55 · · 5

    • Rich Novek
      Thank you Chris! Hallelujah! Praise His Name! What a testimony of His Grace and POWER! Anyone hearing this woman, did you just hear what she said? She NOW realizes she can't save anyone, she has gone from being "doing" focused to "bein...See more

      Wednesday at 16:08 · · 3

    • Karla Rae Harper Amen. And I've known Joan when she 'knew' this and when she didn't 'know' this....Believe all would like her much more NOW!! LOL!!!
      Yesterday at 01:04 · · 4

    • Rich Novek Joan is a gem, and God used you to make her shine! Woo Hoo!
      Yesterday at 01:09 ·

    • Rich Novek We have a "Real Life" relationship with a "Real Life" God! And the Light IN us, who is also the Light is blazing and shadowless!
      Yesterday at 01:22 · · 2

    • Joan Reilly The above peeps are greatly greatly appreciated and loved. They have blessed my life in countless ways and they know it.
      Yesterday at 02:59 · · 4

    • Nancy Gilmore This is NOT a direct quote from Norman Grubb, but he said something to this effect; "God 'means' evil to be evil, and He is working THAT together for good, where there is faith." I too see this as "seeing through" to God only.
      Yesterday at 03:44 · · 4

    • Rich Novek Cool Nancy! Another Norman pearl!
      Yesterday at 04:27 · · 2

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