Thursday 30 November 2017

Meghan Markle's Forehead, and why Britain Breaks God's Heart

Britain breaks God's heart continually. We disobey Proverbs 3 all our lives by trusting in our own insight. We throw ourselves into nothing. We are as far from St Peter as Australians are from us. Choosing this cautious, bury our talent in the ground walk......
we barely took up Magna Carta. The world ascribes it to us, but as David Starkey's book shows, it barely barely got anywhere.
The second proof your honour, is the way we run democracy. We have left Royalty, while preserving it, and preserving the unmerited "to the manor born aristocracy".
In a Christian country it does slow down antichristian efforts and perhaps that is why God allows it, but it's nowhere near democracy. It's another British half hearted decision.
Communism banned Christianity. Britain neither accepts Christianity, nor bans it.
Any church who is Biblical in any way whatsoever, historical Britain bans from immediate access,and prevents their members from entrance to the main universities,putting their churches 100 yards minimum off the main thoroughfare. You may remember that is why those who are not freemasons left Britain for America in the first place. (The freemasons were the other contingent)
Britain tars everything "Biblical" with the phrase Non Conformist. (Biblical adult baptism,Biblical plurality of eldership,Biblical  baptism in the Spirit, Biblical evangelism). Anglicanism isnt really a Biblical sect, but a subsection of the last dying sobs of the Roman Empire, and its sudden uptake of Christianity in its pagan mix of rite and Christian philosophy, called Catholicism around 250 AD.
But one thing or the other, again Britain doesn't make stands. It lives from cautious insight and hedging bets, which is as far from real faith as infant baptism is from the Bible version.
Next, Europe.
Only 4 percent more voted to leave Europe. This shows again, not having a whole hearted approach to living, people barely investigated Europe's freemasonic cunning plans, and so hardly merit the fruit of making the right decision, at least while Europe is a non representative, Brussels -led Luciferian enterprise bringing in the dreams of Alice Bailey and David Springer. But Brexit people wont know that because that isnt why they left.
Really Britain deserves to go down the plughole with the rest of Europe and experience things full on. This way they are barely ready for the enormous efforts at rebuilding our productivity and survival techniques.
You can't get anything more British, intellectual, and cautious than tapping Meghan Markle's forehead with a drop of water and calling that Christian baptism. No, that is Anglicans being whole hearted.

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