Wednesday 29 November 2017

Acer Keyboard Solutions that are not obvious

If you have just bought an Acer Computer with  Windows 10, and you are having problems this may not be a Windows 10 issue.
If you Google the problem, it may appear that it is a Windows 10 issue, and you will find sites like this one:

Here are two easy solutions.

How do I take a screenshot on a new Acer keyboard, especially the small compact ones?

Dual function keys save space on the more compact keyboards, so here you press function plus Prt Scr  (Print Screen ) Buttons to get 
a screen shot. In Windows 10 you can choose
to upload these automatically into the Drive
Pictures folder AND your PCs picture folder.

My Delete button (forward delete) suddenly

only prints dots!!!

Here, after much fruitless googling, would you believe that the answer is as simple as  pressing the Num Lk (Scr Lk) Button?
Again the fullstop/period button is a dual function with the delete button

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