Friday 17 November 2017

Not Kirk or the Greek goddess Cerce.....but Ekklesia

Ekklesia is a pattern, a protocol
in the Spirit...
seeing what the Father is doing Ps123
Activating the Body
And above all faith power and love.
You can have love but the afflicted leave still afflicted.
You can have power, and people leave delivered but as vulnerable as orphan sheep to get themselves tangled up in similar messes again.
You can have expectancy and faith but have no knowledge of your own personal need for power or personal relationship with Father.
Ekklesia has nearly nothing to do with church as it is.
Church as it is disobeys scripture at every level. If you are a ministry gift in ekklesia you are one of many, who love each other whole heartedly and simply don't care anymore who does what as long as people grow and the Kingdom and the Person of Christ become a little more rooted inside all the saints.

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