Saturday 25 November 2017

Your whole idea of Jesus Ministry is "mooncentric"

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; 2 and she was with child; and she *cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.

Our idea of Jesus comes entirely from “ moon culture”.
Revelation says of the Bride in Revelation 12 “ the moon is under her feet”
Moon culture is separation , is Genesis 3 duality. God out there somewhere.
So the Catholic idea of Jesus
The Protestant idea of Jesus
The modern charismatic idea of Jesus,though better.... is still coming from separation.
My idea of Jesus is coming from two things.... experience in Him living my Life and the Bible.
See, the garbage preached about particular points isn’t what is in the Bible.
What points?
Jesus actual life and actual ministry.
If you go back and actually read the Bible you won’t find any basis for the crap that is in churches.
Pentecostals believe life revolves around miracles. It doesn’t. Miracles follow after the Word and our priestly ambassadorial ministry.
Ministry doesn’t come by the left brain , it is a gift of the ascended Christ which yes uses all of us and all of our experiences. It doesn’t come from seminaries. It doesn’t give us the right to pastor churches. No man pastors churches. Jesus pastors churches through many apostles many prophets many pastors many evangelists many administrators and many teachers. Jesus can’t trust His precious Bride to one human.
Jesus didn’t do a single supernatural thing until after the baptism in the Spirit . My generation did far more than Jesus at 13. We were blessed in our time period to be in the Jesus Move.
Many kids now are used to singing in tongues at church and laying hands in the sick.
But we are coming from a sin inheritance , Jesus wasn’t . Regardless of how that sin thing works: Kay Fairchild says there is nothing there... just human tradition. I say , no, we are born in the realm dominated by the god of this world , even in the pulls on what we think is our old nature.
The Union crowd. Zerubbabel. Me. Daniel Yordy. And I believe, the Bible, teaches that this lust for “ the independent delusion spirit” IS in the heart of a child. Folly. It is a spirit. But it is a mystery of sin.
When we see the word mystery we know it can’t be defined adequately in the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That goes for all of them. The mystery of Christ in you. The mystery of the Body of Christ. The mystery of marriage between a man and a woman , Ephesians 5, or the mystery of a man and a maid, Proverbs says.
There is no mystery in lesbianism or homosexuality. The mystery is what happened when Adam was put to sleep and the woman was taken out of his side.
The mystery is what happened when Jesus was put to sleep and the Bride was taken out of Him.
The mystery is how non spatial women are when driving
And how non spatial men are when it comes to fridges, shopping and cupboards
I mean how does that even work???
In Union there is a real incompleteness being put back together again.... and this includes Jesus!!!!! Think of that?
The other large lump of poo 💩 is what churches teach about Jesus coming into ministry. Jesus didn’t launch knowing exactly what to do, He followed the Spirit.
Like us.
He was driven into the desert.
At first He refused to do anything at the Cana wedding
At first He mistook the huge following He had for genuine spiritual hunger until the Spirit showed Him the difference and He declares it in John 6.
He did not know how He should do Jewish Feasts. The Spirit showed Him in JOHN 7 that He was the Feast.
He was just too affected by the death of His cousin. The Spirit showed Him He needed a close group.... not only for them.... but it was good for Him too.
Jesus learned on the hoof. He already had the Life, now He had to learn how on earth to share it. This is our challenge as Galatians 2.20 people surrounded by churches and Christians still living in separation.

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