Tuesday 7 November 2017

The three main Belief types

BBC 1960s testcard
There are three belief sets
that there is a God, an out there one.
that there is or isnt a god/|God but there is Union (Buddhist New Age)
that there is a very specific God father of Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and asks us to eat of Him and become One thing.
The only thing that that really works is thirdlevel Christianity and what definitely doesnt work is man on what he thinks is overdrive...6 the number of man become a trinity or 666.
whether the devastating story of Adam and Eve going for it...(the forbidden fruit) then be ing blasted witht the devil's own shame, then being lovingly restored by a Father who wanted fellowship back
whether it is the story of Abraham and Sarah and their crash ride with a 666 attempt at cobbling together a son of promise by a maid
whether it is the combined three stage story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob over three generations culminating at Peniel
whether its the disciples crash into apostlehood via spiritual gifts but then abandoning their very own teacher....
whether its Paul the ardent 666 agent setting out to destroy the Way, personally overseeing the death of Stephen, then falling blind struck down by the vision of the alive Jesus now King of kings and Lord of Lords
whether it's the story of man since Jesus, trying ever so hard with his Catholicism to make Jesus prophecies come to pass.....failing so miserably now everybody wants to try New Age and Luciferianism which was always the plan....thus bringing to pass an actual version of 666 as mankind run by a figure or figures that represent 666 individually.....
the story is always the same.....
going the easier quick way like Mary Magdalen
or the longwinded complete embarrassment route like current Jews and the rest of mankind....
there is only one story....
Yet will I shake the heavens and the earth as of things that can be shaken,,,,,and the only thing that can ultimately be shaken is
the Non Life of Satan and false independence.
Christ in us the sure and certain hope of Glory. The only thing that outlasts all time because it is the" I AM " life.
Carole Hersee today aged 50

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