Friday 3 November 2017

The Parable of Lake Windermere

This is a real prophetic picture to do with my friends John and Cathy Kitetu from Kenya. It isn't a perfect analogy because it is about fog and the first two levels of Christianity : evangelicalism and the charismatic /Pentecostal realm.
The fog would have to cover the middle band only somehow to be the best analogy.
I'll cover the meaning first as a "heads up".
These immature realms of Christianity CAN SEE the distant prophetic hills of Jesus coming back....if anything they bring it forward. But thirdlevel Christianity has had the log taken out of the eye and can see the whole thing, minus fog.
So, anyhoo, I was tuning for a couple who have both now died. They had me restore their Steinway Grand. They also had closed their private family run school on Windermere and converted it into holiday flats and I was able to hire it off them twice. The first time I stayed with English friends and we spent the week there enjoying the Lake and surroundings, but it was foggy all week long.
The next time I went I took John and Cathy Kitetu, and this could also be prophetic about the role of Africa in the third level. There WAS NO FOG. I had spent the entire first week on Windermere NOT KNOWING A THING ABOUT THOSE BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAINS.
This morning I was reading David Hathaway the evangelist's letter about plans with Israel. David , John Hagee and Morris Cerullo all have an "endtime eschatology" that is entirely built around getting people saved and filled with the Spirit with a mish mash of "grace and works following". Really it is their middle distance that is completely foggy. They put their name to "Not by Might , nor by power but by My Spirit", but as David says , his main drive with Israel is to see them converted before the Lord comes back, and by hook or by crook all these ministries like Ugly Sisters are going to "line not themselves as in the tale, but Cinderella Israel for the Prince".
This is demeaning for Jews (Semites) and downright anathema for Luciferian Jews like Rothschild.
But this is all you can see if you have fog all over your landscape.
The secondlevel gospel goes like this
If you abide for two or three sermons on the evangelical annd charismatic Word you shall know the truth that you are a sinner, and you will come to the altar rail andeither be saved or saved and filled with the Spirit and have spiritual life, which you will then spend the rest of your life struggling to make work in the real world.
Jesus gospel is MUCH MUCH better and to get a fuller picture we will use three pictures that Jesus used....
yes He did say "abide" My Word....but He meant a time period long enough for the Holy Spirit to lead you into the truth about Himself in you, and the truth about what the independent self really is.....and you experience this in real time in His Light.....not as a silly seminary doctrine of the leftbrain.
So in the disciples terms it was being willingly and non stop involved in the ministry of Jesus for 3 and half years, day and night , week in , week out. Then suffering the gruelling indignities of the devil saying to you, as he carted off the have just completely wasted 3 and half years on completely bogus teaching from a completely bogus teacher. A TOTAL GRUELLING surround sound life experience that cannot be mimicked in a monastery or a seminary.
If you abide in My Word (generally and also the rhema spoken over your own life) then you are truly my disciples and you shall know the truth about God, about the world the flesh and the devil, and that very truth shall set you free.
You must GO THE WAY......which leads seamlessly to the TRUTH which releases the LIFE through your spirit to every part of your being
Number 3...Jesus said
Unless a seed fall into the ground and die, it abides alone
But if it falls into the ground and dies it will bring forth a fruitbearing plant, first the shoots, then the stalk, then the fruit some 30 fold some 60 fold some 100fold.
The evangelical and charismatic gospel as lived DO NOT ALLOW FOR THE MIDDLE SPACE VISION of a multitude of people experiencing death firsthand in the ground then being raised as an insane number of resurrected and massively flourishing plants.....such that churches look absolutely nothing like they do at present, containing only basically repented individuals with some filling of the Spirit and initial use of Holy Spirit gifts.....
Paul is very very very clear in Romans about Israel.....
They are going to become insanely jealous of the church.
This scenario like my second Windermere trip changes everything about Christianity on this planet...yet it IS the gospel Jesus preached.....but NOT the one currently preached properly on Sattellite TV by people that have been through it first hand. They may preach the verses....but they themselves have no real clue as to their meaning.
It's like being taught French or German by teachers that have never ever been there.
Any talk about Israel being made jealous has absolutely nothing to do with the halfbuilt jerry built towers that Jesus described, (Luke 14:25-30)and that make up all the churches lining our high streets everywhere.....not attracting people to God....actually terrifying people instead !!!!!!

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