Tuesday 15 May 2012

Von Anderseck v. Charisma magazine

I mentioned to Daniel again about Jill Janiec's apostle Eric Von Anderseck. As it happens he has gone high profile deliberately going head to head with Charisma magaizine's Lee Grady. I submit it here because apostleship IS REAL...and I think that gift is amongst us here....so we'd better get from heaven how it operates...
because I think Charisma are dropping it like a hot cake, and Anderseck is putting forward a slightly improved version of the form Daniel and I knew....but what disturbs me is Von Anderseck is his own voice...quite solitary.It could be argued that St Paul was a bit.
Mind you as Paul and I were sharing yesterday, St Paul did have up to date information....HE ONLY KNEW THE DIVINE JESUS....so in a real sense he wasnt hampered by seeing any Jesus according to the flesh....and there did seem to be something a bit transitional even about the first 12 apostles. Some of their Jewish background was at times a bit too foreground.

It's obviously come to the fore for a purpose, just as the question of a real devil has squeezed more definition from us recently.

An apostle goes into a room of Christian stones and has the grace gift to form local churches out of them....though I do not define that as an administrative gift to plonk loads of Christians weekly into a hired school hall....which, let's face it...is so much what recent apostles have been doing.

I think Sam Fife and Jorge Pradas and I an McCulloch (Daniel and I were in with these guys) were forerunners. Because [people were being built together on Christ's Word....and believing that Word into existence.

I do really like the personal clarification that came through Norman and our dear Nancy. It is the cornerstone of revelation that Peter had about Jesus...that is now transferred to what we believe about ourselves. This Christ that has come again in the flesh, and continues to come.

Daniel could encapsulate Sam better...but Jorge, like Sam, was realy getting hold of Revelation 12, the Bride and the Manchild. Whereas Ian was getting the subject of the Glory...which in essence is the same, since it refers to EVERYTHING within the Holy of Holies. In short this 3rd level area, this area beyond a torn veil speaks of transferred Glory....made manifest here on Earth.

So 30 years before Havant was holding its "Glory" conferences,in 1984, Ian was directed to hold one in Emsworth. he'd spent amonth seeking God alone in a caravan on the Winsley property...and to begin with we were a bit disappointed with what he came up with. But that's because we weren't spiritually discerning the enormity of the revelation. Billy Brim held similar conferences about this time and after. Ruth Heflin ministered on this fulltime out of Jerusalem.
It wasnt a subject for"this year's agenda"...it really has been the opening of a heavenly door into the church over this last span of 30-50 years.

And it may be easy for Francois and the two Andre's to skip in and say, well ofcourse,Jesus has torn the veil you know. At one level the move we were in really already knew this...how could you not when you read Ephesians and Colossians?

But no. This is something on a church scale...this is effectively moving the Bride way beyond charismatic function....to believing on a Jesus Christ that IS THEM...knowing NO SEPARATION. That's why i'm just a bit puzzled with Anderseck is if he is that genuine, should not a whole co breed of co knowers be now surrounding him?

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Daniel Yordy said...

Chris, your thoughts and questions here are right on. True, that is, fully functioning apostolic ministry is, first, filled with the passion of Jesus for His entire Bride, and second, never ever capitalized in any way.

However, apostolic, as it has been, is in-part. The fullness of God's sons now will be an apostolic company, yes, but in fullness. That fullness means a continual passion of reaching out and drawing in all who are in any way called to the fullness. In fact, apostolic, really, means the one who holds the door open so all can go rushing into the full expression of Christ's authority. The apostolic in this hour will be busy connecting with people and drawing them in.

Which is what you are doing, Chris. Yet you are not doing that as some great "authority" as most people falsely imagine the apostolic to be, but as a silly, bumbling man who loves Jesus. Which is what apostolic is.