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The Matrix of the World - Daniel Yordy

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it . . . Genesis 1:27-28

Let us face the crucible head on. As sons of God there is no other way to face it. This earth is our inheritance; it belongs to us. Right now it is being destroyed by the folly of mankind.

God's first directive to the man of His image was to subdue the earth. "Be fruitful and multiply" cannot be seen as any outer "command," just recognition of the obvious.

Here is God's original vision of man's role: Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. Genesis 2:15

We have established that Adam was not finished; he was not yet completed as God's image.

God intended from the beginning for man to eat of the tree of life and by eating enter into an intimate and complete union with God. But God cannot command anyone to eat of Life; it is by invitation only.

Adam rejected Life because choosing Life meant an eternity of remaining weak. Adam despised weakness.

The relationship God intends between Himself and man is a relationship that requires man to be utterly weak in himself, yet having the capacity to contain all the fullness of God. At the center of that capacity to contain all the fullness of God is a shared heart of daring boldness.

Man weak - God strong - the same heart. Thus God reveals Himself through man.

Man is God revealed.

But Adam failed to become a man, thus we turn immediately from him to Jesus, the first real Man, the first One of our kind.

Jesus revealed the Father, not just to earth but to all heaven as well.

God wants many sons just like Jesus.

There is a curious belief in American Christianity. I saw it in the Christian school in which I taught for a couple of years. This belief states that, when God said, "Subdue the earth," He meant for us to use science and technology to employ the resources of the earth for man's benefit.

But when God created man, He created man as a heavenly being with a full heavenly spirit equal to man being an earthly being with a full physical body. That human spirit died in Adam and became the "old man," degenerate, hard, and beyond redemption. More than that, God clothed man with the skin of a beast, and placed a barrier between this degenerate man and the tree of Life.

God cut man off from knowing anything about spirit and the realms of heaven. Man still has a spirit and still lives in heaven as much as earth, but knows nothing of that because man is blind and ignorant.

There is nothing wrong with true science and useful technology; both are of God. But Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is the most important book on man and science in the present age. Man, still possessing God's creative nature, yet warped and darkened by his own ignorance and separation from God, creates what is fascinating to him and what he thinks gives him an advantage. Yet the creation of man comes back to haunt and destroy that man, killing everyone he loves.

Please stay with me because I am very, very interested in the manifestation of the sons of God and the birthing of the Kingdom of God in all fullness upon this earth.

Man creates; but in creating, man creates monsters that destroy.

Two monsters have arisen from man's creation upon the earth in our lifetimes. These monsters are fully created and fully loosed; they cannot be contained by man; they cannot be stopped, nor even slowed down. These two monsters will destroy all life on earth, soon. The die-off has begun; it cannot be stopped.

The two monsters are nuclear radiation and genetically engineered plants.

The Fukishima nuclear disaster means we are at the end of the age. Most everyone in the northern hemisphere has been breathing deadly nuclear particles into their lungs most every day for 13 months now. There is no plan or possibility to end that. The flow of radioactive particles, including plutonium, across the northern hemisphere has been increasing steadily. If Fukishima Building 4 collapses, and it is presently shattered and teetering, then we have entered a world never envisioned by the most horrific nightmare of human science, many believe it will end all life in the northern hemisphere.
Fukishama Disaster

Here are the present facts. Having studied Fukishima since it happened, I can attest to the reasonable accuracy of this article. 

Now, before continuing, I want to put something out here in black and white.

First, I refer back to what I have taught concerning the billions of different human personas and giftings God has given man. You are different from me and I from you, yet God reveals Himself as He is through each, no matter how different we might be. Your gift is not mine, though it belongs to me because we are one body in Christ. My gift is not yours, though it belongs to you because we are one body in Christ. I never, ever take my gift and impose it on you as some external requirement, nor vice versa. That practice is an abomination.

There are many dear saints who are not gifted by God to deal openly with human disaster. There are gifts of nurturing and kindness, gifts of optimism and cheerfulness, gifts of encouragement and lifting up.

And then there is war.

Please, do not feel one ounce of condemnation if God has not gifted you with the capacity to face the disaster and folly of man upon this earth head on. God created you just the way He wants you that He might reveal Himself through you just as you are.

In like manner, I reject all condemnation that comes against the gift God gave to me to consider the state and condition of this world out of the belly of God. God created me just the way He wants me that He might reveal Himself through me just as I am.

There are only four possible responses to the Fukishima disaster. Fixing it is not one of the four.

The first response is the most popular right now. Deny it. Smile, be happy, think positive. No problem here. This is almost entirely how the Japanese people and those living on the west coast and down through the diagonal center of North America are dealing with it at present.

The second response is the one that will become prevalent when the horror can no longer be ignored. That response is fear, panic, raving terror, and the loss of all civilizational virtues, in that order.

The third response is the "Christian" response that comes out of separated theology. That response says, "God has everything under control; it's all in His hands. Get right with God now so that you can go to heaven when you die."

Here is where I want to deal plainly. I reject absolutely all three of those responses. In reality, the third response is nearly as a-theistic as the first two. I will explain why as clearly as I can in a bit.

The fourth response is the manifestation of the sons of God. It is the only response I will consider. We have an earth to save from those who are destroying it and billions of people to set free from the bondage of corruption and there is no place for any form of a-theism in our minds or in our response.

Listen, we're dead anyway. Let's just go for broke. Let's go for all the fullness of God inside of us; let's go for rivers of living water flowing out of our bellies; let's go for casting down everything that opposes the knowledge of God.

I faced recently the insinuation that I am a deceiver leading people to destruction. I have always taken Jesus' words, "Depart from Me, I never knew you," very seriously. Partly by those words I have risen up and followed after to know Him all my days (but mostly by a deep love and desire to know God).

I certainly looked again at what I teach, vulnerable and in tears. "God," I said, "I don't know what else is true. I say only what You say in the New Covenant. If that be wrong, then I must be wrong." Then came to me this word, not as a correction, but as the challenge of my heart: "My soul has no pleasure in those who draw back." And I saw again inside of me the heart of daring boldness, the heart that takes God at His word fully and without limit, the heart of God.

By that heart, I turn and face all the folly of man and all the ruin of darkness head on.

This earth is my inheritance; the bride of Christ is facing her hour of greatest trial. I am a son of God; I will not run!

And if I do die, I will die in faith, with my boots on, sword in hand, facing my enemy. I am ready and willing and able in the day of His power.

For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. Romans 8:19-21

We cannot understand anything unless we begin, always, with purpose.

1. God, invisible and unknowable, wants to reveal Himself to His creation, to both heaven and earth. For that purpose God created man in His image and likeness. However, Adam was not complete. Before man can be the full and express image of God, he must partake of the tree of life.

2. God did not intend Adam's fall, but He, knowing Adam would reject weakness and union in favor of knowledge and separation, purposed from the beginning to place you and me under the wreckage of Adam's defeat. God subjected us to vanity.

3. Inside this matrix of a world subjected to vanity, as it exists, is the place of God's design wherein He forms the original purpose and desire of His heart - many sons, just like Jesus, who reveal the mani-faceted and corporate nature of Almighty God to all creation forever.

4. Those sons God forms under vanity come into God's full purpose by casting down the curse and all elements of darkness that hold this world under bondage. This victory begins with the full defeat of the accuser so that he no longer finds anything in them. "Christ is my life; I have no other life" is the foundation of that victory.

5. When God said, "Subdue the earth," in the beginning, He meant the river of life flowing out of our bellies originating out from the fullness of the tree of life. That is, God Himself, flowing out of us who are filled with all the fullness of God - and in complete oneness with us. God and we and we and God together making all things good. The river of life and glorious liberty are the same thing.

I look at present reality upon this earth entirely out from these five points.

Fukishima is 100% indicative of the times in which we live. Fukishima is, first, simply the physical earthly side of a spiritual heavenly reality. Everything that takes place in the earth is also happening in the heavens. Although the two sides happen simultaneously, the heavenly reality always leads.

Remember that sin and rebellion and all hostility against God begins in heaven first. We do not fight against the flesh, but against the wicked powers of heaven, as Paul said.

HOWEVER - the darkness is NOT the lead. The lead of all things happening right now IS the Daystar arising in our hearts. Understand that as you and I cast the accuser out of our heavens, we are the cause of the fullness of disaster appearing upon the earth. Everything comes to fullness at the same time. If we wish to know the fullness of God inside of us, then we must also face the fullness of that which opposes God on the outside of us.

To remove the cover that keeps Christ in us hidden from our eyesight is to shine the light fully upon the darkness. There is much in the darkness that simply does not want to be seen.

And so the invisible death flowing out from Fukishima upon all mankind right now is simply indicative of the darkness spreading out to its fullness in the heavens.

This storm of darkness is bent entirely to God's purpose inside of us.

The fullness of God in us rises up to set all creation free.

Now, please, in spite of my strong tone, I am not speaking anything other than Christ revealing Himself as He is through all of our bumbling humanity. Yet God has crafted some of us to face the Beast, and thus we find ourselves unable not to do so. Don't get me wrong, I am a silly, weak, tired, vulnerable, and often frightened man, filled with all the fullness of God, with a heart of daring boldness, and unable to do anything of myself.

Do you see how silly God is? This is His formula for the revelation of God! He's quite a remarkable fellow. Adam didn't like Him, but we do.

We are not afraid. But we do not find the Peace of God Himself by running from calamity, by hiding, by sticking our heads into the sand. On the contrary, we face the storm head on, spread our wings wide, and rise into all the revelation of the Almighty.

We are sons of God; we do not run.

After my family and I left the move communities, I was so frozen and hurting inside, so confused - trusting fully in God, yes, but just not knowing what was in or what was out. I have always caved in, backed off, kept my mouth shut, withdrawn. I have always gotten up again and headed back into the fray, only to be knocked back out again soon, stars whirling, no idea of what just happened. Yet, for some crazy reason, I always got up again.

Then God set me aside to a quiet place called Maple, Texas. If you Google it, you won't find much. The school and house where we lived are completely gone now. My wife and children spent several days in Lubbock for a ballet performance while I returned alone to our home in Maple. I carried two things with me. One was the first of John Eldredge's books that I read, of which I have shared elsewhere. The other was a DVD of The Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger.

I watched The Knight's Tale on the edge of my seat. It caught me in its story. Then the movie came to the critical scene when William hears, "Run, William, run," from all who love him. Then his immortal words:

"I am a knight; I will not run!"

Those words went through me like St. Elmo's fire, like lightning that sizzled and crackled from top to bottom over and over. I was on my face before God with great gulping tears. I, whose story seemed to me to be one who caved in, who bailed out, who ran!

Why am I sharing this? I don't know. Christ is always personal in us. My story is His revelation - as is yours.

We are sons of God; we do not run.

The answer to all the problems and horror and death in this world is right inside our bellies. As we know God, we know the river.

Fukishima forces us to look at this further reality. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima contained ten pounds of uranium. Fukishima contains 1,700 tons, including several pounds of plutonium, which is 2,000,000 times as potent as uranium. America has 75000 tons of the stuff sitting in our back yards, including hundreds of pounds of plutonium at such sites as Amarillo, Texas, and near Augusta, Georgia. Nuclear waste, as it is piling up around America's nuclear reactors, requires the constant, moment by moment intervention of three things: trained humans, electrical power, and high technology. If any one of those three is removed for just 2-3 days then those hundreds of tons of nuclear waste turn into a monster capable of eliminating all life on the planet. Those three things must be maintained for thousands of years without a break long after the nuclear power plants are no longer in use.

In other words, man has created a monster so huge, so humanly unfixable, that it is hard to conceive how it will be resolved. (When I say "humanly unfixable," there are simple, well-known things that can be done to greatly reduce the threat in America, but those things are NOT being done and have NOT been attempted for two decades. The "unfixable" part is as things are right now - should electricity cease for a few hours at any site.)

And this is only one of Frankenstein's monsters.

Now, I view the world as we find it to be entirely inside of God's intention and purpose. God crafts everything - not as a reaction to any moral rebellion, but as the matrix inside of which He is forming His sons. I wrote this elsewhere:

God is not responsible for any evil actions. He does not know them. Everything is personal. "Evil" is not a thing in itself. Individual persons, whether human or angelic both, who are morally responsible agents commit willful acts that harm others and benefit themselves. Those actions, coming out of conscious decision, are evil. The extent of the evil is the extent of the harm versus self-benefit. The moral actions of fallen angels are not one wit different from the moral actions of fallen men in definition. They may appear outwardly in differing kinds of effects, but that's all.

God did not create evil actions, they are not "the other side of God." That is Hinduism, it is gross darkness, it is not the Oneness of our Father. Rather, God bends all evil actions to result in His ultimate and intended good. God does not "use" evil actions for good, He, working together with us, bends their outcomes away from the intent of the committer and to His intent. There is no shadow of darkness in our Father, no evil intent. If evil is just a "force" or a "mind-set" then God is responsible for it and it is part of Him. Hogwash. God gave us the clear picture of a man, Adam, and an angel, Lucifer, making their own personal decisions to exalt themselves by hurting others. God knew they would do it, yes, but that does not make it His intention. God bends all that they did to His purposes, but that does not make their wickedness His purpose.

The reason I don't follow most of those who teach "oneness" is that they erase many things God says in the New Testament. I do not do that. I'm not wise enough to "re-create" my own god. 

Nevertheless, God, knowing exactly what this earth is, placed you and me into it with the full intention that here, inside this matrix, He is forming us as the revelation of Jesus Christ.

The matrix is our chrysalis; God has purposed us to cast it off. As we cast that matrix off of ourselves, the skin of the beast, so we cast the curse and all evil off this whole planet.

For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality. So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: "Death is swallowed up in victory. 1 Cor. 15:53-54

Let me return to the "Christian" response to the horrors man has created upon this earth, and to the spiritual floods of evil in the heavens that they represent. "God has everything under control; it's all in His hands. Get right with God now so that you can go to heaven when you die."

This way of thinking is gross unbelief, bordering on a-theism.

I am filled with all the fullness of God. The God who has everything under control fills me with Himself. He and I walk together as one, He inside of me and I inside of Him. I am His "hands."

It is God's full intention to meet the evil upon this planet head-on, He in me and I in Him. I can no longer see myself as separate from the Father Himself. I am not the Father; the Father is Himself, yet all the fullness of the Father fills all of me.

But radioactive particles are insidious and invisible. People, especially children, in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are still being murdered by Americans today. Hardly a day goes by when someone is not blown to bits by a mine or bomb hidden and quiet after all these years, planted by some individual person who to this day is fully responsible for the death caused by his actions - or the Agent Orange sprayed by American pilots still killing people, inflicting great cruelty and suffering upon the lives of many. Radioactive particles are like that, but much, much worse. The soil and rivers and mountain slopes of the Pacific Northwest, my homeland, are now dusted with radioactive particles that will kill people for thousands of years. Portland, Oregon is one of three American cities with the highest levels of radioactive particle contamination on the ground.

Let's get real. Fear rules all mankind today. People deny, deny, deny, only because of fear. It is those who deny reality who are ruled by fear; when they can no longer deny, they will go mad. We are filled with all the fullness of God. Love neither fears nor hides (except in God); love certainly does not hide from that which will be hurting so many, many people.

How will God in us and we in God search out and nullify the death lurking in the air and soil and oceans (Fukishima pours a constant flood of deadly radioactive particles into the Pacific Ocean) across this planet, death put there by the willful actions and folly of modern man? I do not know - except that it is by the rivers of living water flowing out of our bellies. Those rivers do not flow except out of our immediate union with and interaction with the God who fills us full. Those rivers flow out of hearts of faith.

Fukishima is not the enemy we face to defeat; death is.

Death, the world system, and fallen angels are the matrix we find ourselves in. It was God who placed all mankind under that vanity. He did so because of Adam's willful rebellion. He did so, not because He wanted to, but because God is filled with hope.

The curse is NOT God's will; the matrix of vanity is NOT God's will; Death, the world system, and the rule of fallen angels are NOT God's will.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

God's will is many sons just like Jesus coming out from under that matrix of darkness, setting all creation free into the glorious liberty, the rivers of living water flowing out of our bellies. These sons manifested in glory fills all the expectation of our Father. He expects it with all expectation, that's what "in hope" means. God expects Himself in us and through us; we expect God.

We expect God showing up out from us in every relationship with others and in every circumstance coming our way. We expect God showing up out from us in provision, in wisdom, in power. We expect God showing up out from us doing wonderful and glorious things in the lives of those around us. We expect God showing up out from us redeeming and healing and setting free.

We expect God here and now! Today is the DAY of Salvation!

I find in the "Oneness" movement and teaching and in the "Christ consciousness" "Spirit-only" streams, even in much teaching on grace, as much distraction and turning away from that pin-point, that "singularity" that will alone set creation free as there is to be found in the "word only," "back then, up there, someday," realms of traditional Christianity.

Look at the three enemies God placed before us that we might know God by defeating those enemies out from our union with God: fallen angels and their torment, the lying, thieving, murdering nature of the world system, and Death itself. The Oneness, "Christ is spirit-only, not a person" streams eliminate all three from the fabric of reality simply by imaginative human pronouncement. Sin is no longer a moral act of the will of a created person, whether human or angelic, it is now just a mental state. Change your minds and sin disappears. There are no fallen angels, no angel was ever given "free choice" by God and thus no angel ever turned their back on Him, regardless of what God says. Everything is of God including all evil. Every tormented little child, raped and brutalized, their bodies ripped apart by wicked men in order to satiate their sexual - occultic pleasure and to work their power over others, all of it is just "part of God." And death? Why, we are spiritual beings having a temporary "human" experience; death is nothing more than that wonderful release that sends us back to who we really are!

I read things from "Christ-Oneness" people that absolutely make me sick: hideous accusations against our Father. Demon spirits speak "grace" and "Christ" and "oneness," just as much as they speak "the Bible says," and law and separation from God. And many of our brethren are more than willing to let those demons speak through them.

Removing the concept of "the enemy" from our reality as believers in Jesus is one of the stupidest attacks against the word God speaks, the Lord Jesus Christ, that I have ever seen. It allows the gleeful cutters of the Word God speaks to hack out at least a third of the entire Bible - more than a third. The incredible thing is they find two or three verses here and there that they imagine gives them the license to hack and whack at Jesus, at all that God speaks. If they cut out so much of Christ, why on earth do they imagine that the two or three verses they use are of any value either?

BUT - not to worry. All things ARE in the most capable hands of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and He does all things well.

But to understand the only hope offered to all of those caught in the hopeless swamps of Spirit-only on the one hand and in the hopeless swamps of Word-only on the other, we simply go back to the patterns God gives us in the story and journey of Israel, the story of Gideon and his 300.

You and I are their hope.

Israel was overrun by enemies. More than 100,000 Midianites and their allies, savage and brutal persons, all, sat upon the land, stealing and killing at will. The children of Israel lived in fear, hiding everything they did, never knowing who would disappear next.

God found a frightened little man to lead His victorious armies against the enemies. He found you and me. God then proceeded to divide Israel into four parts. First were all those who did not come to Gideon's call - almost all of Israel. Yet 32,000 did come to Gideon. The second group numbered 22,000. These were the fearful and uncertain, the "word-only" people who never really believe that God is trustworthy, not for right now. They all went home. The third group numbered 9,700. This group was all willing to enter into God's "testing place" - the river of the Spirit. But the entirety of 9,700 got all caught up in Spirit-only, grace only, "no enemies exist here," just change the way you think!

Then, there were the 300; that's you and me. The 300 ate of the Word; the 300 drank of the Spirit; but the 300 kept their eyes focused on the whole point of everything, the battle ahead, the reality that 100,000 thieving, lying, killing bastards were inflicting endless pain on their loved ones.

People who claim there are no demons are more than willing to allow dear people to be endlessly tormented by horrors those deniers of reality cannot comprehend. Oh, it's "all in your head," just stop being so "negative" is all the help they offer, help that cannot ever do anything beyond heaping even more pain upon people's lives - because it doesn't work. The affliction of demons is broken ONLY by the blood, by the power of the Holy Ghost, and by the ministration of power coming out of the faith of the God who fills us full; it is broken only by taking all that we are and placing ourselves fully into the light of Almighty God and that only through the ATONEMENT OF JESUS.

People can deny the reality of the curse of death, of the lying, thieving, and killing committed by all human governments against their own people, especially the American government, and even the existence of the torment coming from the nastiness of fallen angels, they can deny it all they want. But they themselves WILL die, and the bastards who are inflicting endless pain on our loved ones will go on right on.


What did Gideon's 300 do?

They spoke the truth, they shined their little lights, and all the enemies of Israel ran in fear. Then, and only then, did the 9,700 come out to the killing fields. Then and only then, did the 22,000 come out to the killing fields. Then and only then did all of Israel come out to the killing fields. Then and only then was all the purpose of God fulfilled. All fallen angels, all the wickedness of this world, and DEATH itself didn't stand a chance.

God wins through us. This is the knowing of God.

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