Wednesday 23 May 2012

Havant Church and the charismatic gospel of separation

Standing in church in front of an OHP I am looking at the charismatic gospel of separation..." that You would take my place,that You would bear my cross,You would lay down your life that I may be set free Jesus I sing for all that you have done for me." Well for a start this doesn't begin to say what Jesus has done for me.
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    • Chris Welch
      The point of the Cross is that I Was there in Him, died completely and was raised in Him....totally fused to Him. Right here in this very song lurks the principality that rules over all mankind that says that a separate Jesus dies for me so that I can, like Barabbas carry on living in the same Genesis 3 separation lie and leave this service and continue to cause torment everywhere I go. Who would ever think the Devil would dare to lurk right in the middle of Havant Church like this?

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