Tuesday 8 May 2012

....speaks of God (now) Come Home

Christianity is about Presence and Consciousness. Both are Agape Love since God oozes the stuff.

 Ask most people "outside" leftbrain locked Western civilization, and they know that who you "call on" will come to you. 

This principle is behind Shamanism,African Tribes rituals,Indian religions....but also Christianity...if you "call upon the Lord" He will "come" with salvation, and Presence.

But consciousness is God's real aim.

This is the tabernacle picture then of us, represented by the "Ark of the Covenant" with Law and Manna inside it. 

And with Presence over the top of it.
This is not afar off. 
This is the meaning of the torn veil.

 At the moment it is starting to be a notion among believers, attended by God's freeing Word....But I'm telling you like a "cloud" the size of a man's hand, this "notion" will soon be a rainstorm to beat every single revival in history...since it speaks of permanent Union,God with His people, God come home.

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