Thursday 3 May 2012

Moving into a New Mansion - Ole Henrik Skjelstad

When God called Abram to Canaan He commanded Abram to leave behind his country, people and relatives. Come empty handed when you enter the kingdom of God and don’t bring with you your human beliefs and convictions. As we all so well know we bring with us our Lots into our new life. It seems inevitable. However, there comes a day when the Lord separates us from this consciousness (the old man) that we have brought with us into our personal Canaan just like Abraham’s and Lot’s ways parted. There will be strife between the two consciousnesses (the herdsmen) until they are separated by the Spirit. The Bible relates that Lot and his family settled in Sodom and Gomorrah.
It was God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It wasn’t a work of man. What He actually destroyed was a state of consciousness, that is, the two-power, good and evil and sin-conscious consciousness. The righteous, that is, Lot and his family are by the Spirit shown a better land (consciousness), that is, the land of faith where Abraham dwells. However, for reasons that we know little about not everyone takes it or takes the leap as represented by Lot’s wife. The rigidity of living by the letter is cleverly visualized by the Spirit in how she turned into a pillar of salt. Sodom and Gomorrah is further the city or land or consciousness of appearances where we believe and live by what we see with our five natural senses
The world is violently and aggressively pressing in on us from many sides wanting to enter our house (consciousness) to make it pregnant with its ideas and beliefs. It is the Spirit who locks the door so that no one can enter, and it is He who protects our minds from being defiled by the world. Next He woos us to leave this house because it will be destroyed. He has a far grander and glorious mansion in mind for us.
The angel that appeared to Lot entreated him to go to the mountains, that is, to an elevated consciousness. But, Lot settled for a city (Zoar) which name means small. The Spirit caused so much turmoil in Lot that he more or less was forced to scale the mountains. Zoar is nothing else but our own separated consciousness, and alone with a God apart from us we perceive ourselves as small, insignificant and powerless. The Christ consciousness is freely given us and the desire to scale the mountain and possess it is an inner drive engineered by the Spirit awaiting our faith response and recognition.
The abundance we find in the consciousness (land) of Abraham is the domain of the spirit/Spirit. It is the land of spirits made perfect and where we know it is so. It is the land in which we recognize that everything is done, and by our words call the things that are not as if they were. It is the land where we learn how God fulfill His promises and our personal Isaac is conceived, and we learn that God is our life, our patience, our faith and the doer as us.
To a God who is too pure to behold iniquity the Sodom and Gomorrah consciousness must by a mighty sweep of the Spirit be extinguished as if it never existed. “Behold, the former things are gone!” Enter the new land and possess it and watch how the Lord fights for you.
The Father’s overarching desire to be the Son manifested in flesh means that He also beholds the world through our eyes. He therefore continually tempts us upwards to see as He sees. When Jesus says that we are to worship in truth and spirit it is because the Father beholds His creation in truth and spirit only, and thus He sees only one power, only one tree and sin is as far from His consciousness as east is away from west.

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