Tuesday 1 May 2012

I go to prepare a Place For You

From a private conversation on Facebook. A Greater Vision of the Temple.

"I go to prepare a place for you."
 Sometimes the "how" of God's build project seems random.This has a good and a bad aspect.From a leftbraiin understanding point of view it often leaves us frustrated. See,in the West we are used to courses. But the positive is that it shows God is the Builder not us. Unless the Lord builds the house those who labour do so in vain.
Take the Bible. 66 random seeming books with some sort of progression to do with salvation. Abraham,it says,saw the city that was to come. David did likwise ps 48 the joy of the whole Earth....and think of the excitement because he of all people was seeing an early manifestation built before his very eyes, with awesome worship down here in a time space world. But ofcourse Jesus in a way throws a spanner in the works talking about His own body.. Tear this Temple down and I will build it again in 3 days. The City, you see it turns out is at first inward before it was ever to be ouutward. Union. God in His own Tabernacle of flesh. You and me. Now this would have been difficult to explain in detail straight off to Abraham who saw some sort of glorious outer form for which he was prepared to sojourn all the days of his life without ever seeing anything with his eyes. So you see God has been building perfectly logically with human material from the start...it's Only to the carnal mind it appears random and disjointed. Now move from the random seeming 66 books of the Word to our own lives. Here a Word, there a revelation...but the Builder of all things is God. He even calls what we call rubbish and waste, building. God impressed on my heart again that even that portion of Galations bewitching all of us go through....this too is Him building. How so Chris? He is giving us a healthy taste of religious hell so that we will be quick to discern the voice of the genuine Beloved. If we were building our Christian life we'd do things so differently...but HE IS building the genuine Christ into us. This is the seeming random way in which He does it...which turns out not to be random at all...just as the Bible from Eden right through to Revelation 21 is not random...but in fact...to use the old photographical language....the "developing and fixing" in the Dark Room of God's first image He had inside Him of a Temple made not with hands...of Himself within flesh, within Man.

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