Monday 21 May 2012

Discerning the Body ~ 1 Corinthians 11:30

One of the ways Emsworth church managed to reduce the effects of principalities forming in their church was by being obedient to God's choosing many elders who were so temperamentally opposed to each other yet had to find consensus in the Spirit.They were still a pyramid operation under Ian MacCulloch, but his normal pyramid blindspots (every individual will have blindspots)were mitigated against by all these other different strands of perceiving things.

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    • Chris Welch Even online here, people have started to separate off from each other by belief. When we do that we are committing the sin of 1 Corinthians 12...because you are not a hand, I have no need of you etc. God is in each one. In some way He has created an intermeshing blueprint....if "our blueprint" doesn't sit happily with everybody else' we just get rid of each other? Or do we press more into God? For this reason some are sick and many even have died for they do not rightly discern/ make out (think foggy day) the Body of Christ. 
      1 Corinthians 11:30
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    • Chris Welch What happens if I receive a revelation that the larger community do not share? Do we form another "ekklesia...a called out church"? Perhaps we do? Or perhaps there's a midway phase like Moses...where we have the vision but we're not fit for man or beast yet, cos we're too busy murdering we have to do "time" in a wilderness. Or share that time with like minded perceivers....until such time as we have the whole blueprint.
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    • Chris Welch Traditionally we bamboozle students in theological seminaries with all the main forms of deception that have developed over 2 millennia. Umm excuse that would mean people like Peter Wagner would be leading the Body of Christ today? You say"He is Chris" I say, well he may be a professor...who even moves in the gifts...but he hasn't aclue about thirdlevel Christianity or how to get people there, even though his shelves will be lines with 3rd level leaders over the ages. Nope.....the ability to lead the Body of Christ doesn't come in seminary at all. Leaders have gone up the mountain to get the heavenly blueprint.
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